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Friday, 11 June 2010

A Man Who Likes The Sound Of His Own Voice

Simon Hughes, recently elected Deputy Leader of the LibDems as a replacement for Vince Cable, has said that the LibDems and Conservatives will "go our different ways" if student debt is allowed to rise.

He's such a lefty muppet. He's never been in favour of the coalition and here is, just a few days in, already posturing and making empty threats. He talks about the "distinct policies" of the LibDems, conveniently forgetting that the Conservative Party also had distinct policies before the election - distinct policies which have had to be set aside in the hope of a smooth running coalition government which, at the least, is setting out to reverse the worst of Labour's excesses, particularly on civil liberties and the economy.

Simon Hughes should sit down and shut up.

PS The link is to the new Times free trial website which will shortly be going behind a paywall. No payment or subscription is required at the moment.


  1. GV the purpose of this so called coalition is to fracture the Conservatives completely. The election, hahahahahaa, of the new Labour leader will do for them. D Lilliputian has been marked for years now how else do you explain the rise and rise of an incompetent banana slinging moron. Sorry getting off track. The "sudden" new arival "unexpectedly" of 100s of fresh MPs in this parliament will I'll wager have a hard core of seasoned CP graduates all complaint and waiting for the sugnal. Each one wil have been intensively mentored and is just bedding in right now and getting the position prepared for the signal.

    And the signal? Watch the degeneration into design chaos as the 20-30% cut in budgets really translates into 50% cuts in what is delivered to the subjects of her majesty, the rest being siphoned of in PFI contracts and debt servicing.

    Than the new exotic beasts of the rabid parliament will surface.

  2. The sound of his own voice is pretty much all he does, he has to keep talking and talking to try and justify his presence.

  3. Unfortunately, Incoming, I've seen enough over the years to know that all isn't well. The attack on a previously cohesive society, the economy and Sterling, and our Parliament itself leaves me very cynical about behind the scene manoeuvres.

    I haven't seen anything from Cameron in all these years, for me to place great faith in him - I'm hoping to be proved wrong but the coalition muddies the waters.

    No-one would probably know it from my posts but I'm trying to be positive and look for the best. However, having said that, I've just seen a headline about the EU and Spanish debt which curled my toes.

    "Design chaos" is a pattern I can see but don't want to believe and any "exotic rabid beasts" in Parliament will have people out on the streets.

  4. Hello NF, you're right - the smug Mr Hughes was elected as a warning from the LibDems to the Cons not to push it. I don't think Cameron would though - centrist consensual coalition politics are here for a while. The Conservatives in Opposition were very consensual with Brown and Blair - which is why Cons. grassroots preferred a tougher leader. I think Hughes is just marking his territory but it's not helpful.


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