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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Middle East Build-up

From Iraq to Syria from Diego Garcia to Iran and from Turkey to Israel, a nasty picture is emerging.  One by one, events are taking place that seem destined for an inevitable confrontation in the Middle East.

Since 2003, when no WMD were found in Iraq, there has always been speculation that they'd been sent to Syria.  Now it seems there are satellite photos which support that assertion.

Turkey also seems to be positioning itself with PM Erdogan making all kinds of war-like noises. Not only is he preparing another flotilla to challenge Israel's blockade, to be escorted by armed Turkish warships, but he's apparently said he himself might be on board.
The prime minister's office in Ankara is forking out millions of dollars to the IHH (Insani Yardim Vakfi), the Istanbul-based terrorist group linked to al Qaeda and Hamas, with orders to purchase 8-10 large ships for a formidable fleet to challenge the Israeli Navy and its enforcement of the 20-mile blockade of the Gaza Strip.
The PM has also
... shored up his intelligence ranks ahead of his planned showdown with Israel, replacing professional directors for the first time in modern Turkish history with civilians, radical Muslims close to him personally.
Erdogan has also built up Turkey's forces in Northern Cyprus but was apparently warned off from accompanying the last Gaza flotilla by Obama and Sarkozy.  Perhaps he sees himself as another  Ataturk, father of his people?  Something's definitely going on with him but there are better, more peaceful ways he can get his name into the history books.

Two footnotes: Turkey still carries out human rights violations against the Kurds and Cameron's Conservatives still want Turkey in the EU.

UPDATE:  With thanks to Ian  in the comments, for the latest news:  Iran is also offering to provide military escorts
"Iran's Revolutionary Guards naval forces are fully prepared to escort the peace and freedom convoys to Gaza with all their powers and capabilities," Ali Shirazi, Khamenei's representative inside the Revolutionary Guards, was quoted as saying by the semi-official Mehr news agency.


  1. Build up in Northern Cyprus may well be to do with the simmering row that Turkey has with Greece over Cyprus - having been there it is continuing to 'bubble'..

    "Turkey still carries out human rights violations against the Kurds and Cameron's Conservatives still want Turkey in the EU." - but Cameron's a politician so what can you expect?

  2. Yes, Mr W, I was going to add a comment that Cyprus and Greece should keep a watchful eye on it. It's hard to tell what's motivating Erdogan at the moment.

  3. The latest twist in this is reported by MSNBC

    Iran's navy offers to escort Gaza ships

    Not quite sure how Iran would get its ships to the Med, but perhaps the presence of Revolutionary Naval personnel on the next 'peace' vessel would be enough to cause the storm that some appear to want in the Mid East.

  4. it's heating up hun..God bless free nations everywhere!

  5. Thanks for that Ian, I've added it as an update. Someone is stirring things up again with all the threads being pulled together. You're right about it being enough provocation to station troops on the flotillas - it would be unrealistic for the Revolutionary Guard to sail around the Gulf of Aden.

  6. It's not looking good, Angel - I feel like such a Jeremiah. Israel is taking a lot of stick at the moment and no-one seems to want to admit that there is wrong on both sides. It's been one war after another - we've got some lousy World Leaders.

  7. AshtrayheadJune 06, 2010


  8. Thanks Ashtrayhead, so they've dropped water and energy projects but are keeping some 'low-key' defence projects going. Strange to note that Turkey uses Israeli military eqpt against the Kurds - the only people who ever profit are the arms manufacturers.


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