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Thursday, 24 June 2010

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It seems that those of us who've been smelling a rat in the cobbled-together devolution deals and the sidelining of England into 'regions' are getting closer to the truth.  Congrats to English Parliament online for unearthing this:

Minutes of Cabinet sub-committee on Devolution to Scotland, Wales and the Regions are withheld

In December 2009 the Government vetoed public access to the minutes of the Cabinet sub-committee on Devolution to Scotland, Wales and the Regions (DSWR), as reported on this site.

Yesterday the publication of these minutes was again blocked on the grounds that their release would undermine "Cabinet collective decision-making".

The response from the Information Commissioner's Office (attached below) also suggests that release of these minutes would jeopardise relations between the UK Government and their Scottish and Welsh counterparts, and would therefore undermine the UK Government.
We also consider that the exemption in s28 is engaged because it is information held by the United Kingdom government on matters which concern the Scottish Administration and the Welsh Assembly Government, the disclosure of which would, or would be likely to, prejudice relations between those devolved administrations and the United Kingdom government. The documents you have requested contain discussions between then Ministers, including individual and divergent views, and the disclosure of these minutes would prejudice the UK government's current dealings with those administrations.

We acknowledge, as I explain above, the public interest in the development of policy on devolution. However, in addition to the public interest arguments in favour of protecting the convention of Cabinet collective decision-making, there is a public interest in ensuring effective administration in Scotland and Wales. The issues discussed in the minutes are of current importance; are of particular interest to the Scottish Administration and Welsh assembly Government; and contain discussions between Ministers about those issues, the disclosure of which could adversely affect the government of the United Kingdom's current dealings with those administrations. The release of material that would damage those relationships could not be considered to be in the public interest. We therefore conclude that the public interest in withholding the information outweighs the public interest in disclosure.

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  1. They can go and polish their regionals.

    I trade freely.

  2. Lets not forget that Dave PROMISED to abolish the English Regions but he's a liar since, as I've said before, he can't because they are not our Regions they are Europes Regions, Europe Pays Bas which have been developing malignly for thirty or more years (starting off as the Government Office Of The Northwst/East Midlands etc.).
    They are the prime conduit for getting some of our money back from the evil EU, which is why their horrid logo appears on so many infrastructure projects, but Dave won't want to emphasise that which is probably why he is hiding those minutes.

    Greetings from Region 4.

  3. Cameron can't seem to make up his mind about the RDAs - first he says he'll abolish them, then he says they'll be restructured, then he says they'll be abolished again. I can't believe he's only just discovering that they're EU constructs - he must know that the EU won't allow their abolition so he'll probably re-jig and re-name them in some way and hope we'll be fooled.

    I'd like to see the Minutes that EPO unearthed to see if they throw light on the detail of the haggling and horse-trading that will have taken place as England was traded in.


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