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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday Round-up

From the Sunday Times - behind the registration wall:
Four meat suppliers, including two whose abattoirs cater to leading retailers, could face prosecution after hidden cameras revealed slaughtermen apparently inflicting “appalling” abuse on animals. Film from one abattoir shows a slaughterman inflicting repeated electric shocks on the ears, snouts and bodies of terrified pigs. In another abattoir, which has supplied Sainsbury’s, slaughtermen were filmed misusing a bolt gun, leaving cattle wounded but potentially conscious.
In a third, a pig that is meant to have been stunned is shown wriggling free of the overhead conveyor belt carrying it to have its throat cut — and then falling head first to the floor several feet below. 
Animal Aid
Warning: You'll need a strong stomach to watch the following clip:

Giant GM Salmon on the way:
A salmon designed to grow at twice the normal rate is on the brink of becoming the first genetically modified (GM) animal approved for human consumption.
The fish — named AquAdvantage salmon — contains additional genetic material to boost the production of a growth hormone. It can be farmed and ready for market in 18 months instead of the usual three years.
From the other Sundays:
No talks on the Falklands: A source close to Mr Cameron said: "He will be robust. He will make the point again that our position on the sovereignty of the Falklands has not changed and will not change."
Britain's new foreign policy:  [Hague] signals his intention to change decades of British overseas policy which has seen it split the world up into three dominant “blocs” – the United States, the European Union and the Middle East... Britain must forge a “distinctive” new global identity which focuses as much on emerging nations such as India, Brazil, Chile and the Gulf states.
DfID diverts aid to UK unions & projects since 2003 the DfID has spent millions on projects including £3.6m to the TUC; more than £1m to teach nursery & primary school children in the UK about 'the dangers' of unequal global development; £600k to an ethnic minority think tank which hasn't  published a report for almost three years; £300k to the National Union of Teachers to 'enable them to become global agents of change'.
Half of Libdem voters 'ready to defect': The poll of almost 2,500 people, financed by Ed Miliband's campaign for the Labour leadership, found 26% of people "somewhat" less likely to vote Lib Dem because of the VAT U-turn and 22% much less likely.
Speaker causes constitutional rift:  Bercow was so determined to win the power struggle that he has cut the ties between Parliament and the Abbey, where state ­funerals, weddings and coronations take place – effectively splitting the Chaplain’s ­historic role in two.
Karzai under pressure: One of the country's foremost experts warned that Afghanistan is edging towards the "horrendous" scenario of civil war and that its population increasingly believes international forces are losing the battle with the Taliban.
'Widders' for the Vatican? The post, which comes with an official residence in Rome, was created after the Reformation, yet was not given ambassadorial status until 1982.
ACPO's £500k Champagne gala:  As police forces across the country face the threat of budget cuts and job losses, ‘not-for-profit’ ACPO stands to make about £200,000 from the event at Manchester Central Hall – adding to the £395,000 ‘surplus’ it made from similar events in 2008 and 2009.
RBS execs at Wimbledon: ‘We thought hard before we renewed this contract in the light of our position and the substantial cuts we have made to our hospitality budgets. However, we are still a bank with customers to talk to and events such as this provides the opportunity for us to spend time with key clients.’
Pressure on Netanyahu to push for release Gilad Shalit: An opinion poll published on Friday showed that almost 75% of Israelis support the release of Palestinian prisoners serving sentences for militant attacks in return for Shalit's freedom.
Smokers support smoking ban: Half of all smokers now support the smoke-free law, and nearly one in four strongly supports it. Opposition among smokers appears to be ebbing away with only one smoker in six strongly opposing the ban.
English tests for immigrants 'watered down': Former Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said: ‘This ruling means that a British man who marries, say, a ­Brazilian girl who can’t speak English will not be able to bring her into this ­country. But an Afghan who gets here on the back of a lorry and successfully claims asylum can bring his Afghan wife, children and grandparents in – even if they don’t speak English.
Diane Abbott & Andrew Neil: Labour leadership contender Diane Abbott was seething after being branded a ‘racist’ and an expenses cheat by political pundit Andrew Neil.
For those who missed it, here's the video - hilarious.  Michael Portillo seemed to enjoy it too:

And, finally, In search of the real Philip Larkin


  1. GV re: English tests watered down etc. Last Sun I was having some BOWTIME with a couple of chums one of whom is trying to get a Peruvian chap into the UK and the other knows of an Aus chap also trying to get in.

    Without drawing any further conclusions I noted that the whole process is designed to allow only those with charity backed lawyers, a la Boothe's chambers, into the country. That immediately excludes all whites.

    BTW I'm trying to persuade one of my BOWTIME chums to start her own blog, which will be dynamite for those who know what I was getting at in Cafe Kultur. If she goes for it she, you, SR and Fausty could form the A-Team of UK bloggers. Which of you is BA? I'm not going to even go there! A man's got to know his limitations.:-)

  2. Like most things politicians say, it sounds ok superficially but when it comes down to it, they either make things worse or spend a lot of money to little effect.

    corruption, cover-up, turning a blind eye, immigration, rico and getting filthy rich

  3. poor animals , i could not watch the video too heartbreaking. the only solution is to reduce or stop eating meat. not enough supervision of the slaughterperson , supermarkets should be held accountable, but nothing will be done until profits are hit.if they do this to animals they can do it to people,

  4. Hello Adelaide Girl - you're right, the deliberate cruelty inflicted was heart-breaking. I wonder about the psychological make-up of some of those who do the job - they would have been at home in the Spanish Inquisition. The logical option is to become a vegetarian.


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