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Monday, 7 June 2010

Three Go To Europe

It's a busy time for Cameron, Hague & Clegg as they do the rounds in Brussels, Paris, Madrid and Rome this week.

Top of the agenda for Cameron will be his meeting with EP President van Rompuy who has asked to see Britain's budget before it's presented to our own Parliament.  Cameron's response to this vetting process will give us a clearer indication of his attitude towards the EU.  It would be better for Cameron on the domestic front not to be seen to roll over on this one, despite Clegg's best efforts to reassure his EU colleagues.
Mr Van Rompuy is arguing that the EU must analyse national budgets more closely before they are adopted to stop Greek levels of spending and head off a future crisis.

The EU President may ask Mr Cameron whether Britain is prepared to pay more towards a bailout or loan guarantee for eurozone countries, amid fears that British banks could face ruin if Spain were to suffer the same collapse of market confidence that hit Greece. 


  1. That's like a mate asking to see your bank account before you buy him a drink. Pompous cu**t.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Problem is GV, would pre-sight of our budget be considered a 'significant' loss of power?

    It seems Hague has inserted the word, which changes things dramatically! See:

  4. Didn't I see, on the news, this pompous wee man shaking hands with Cameron outside No 10 this morning?

    Maybe not. It was quite early and I don't waken until around midday. :)

  5. I'm glad you remembered your asterisks, OR! It will be interesting to see how this turns out - Cameron seems to be strong enough at the moment.

  6. Hello Mr W. I'm not so bothered about wording really. It's what they do that counts. We've learnt over the years that politicians are perfectly capable of looking into your eyes and denying their own actions. We'll see what happens, but already the EU leaders are very excited to have Clegg on board.

  7. Oh, SR... if you did then my headline isn't so funny :-( I suppose I could tag Osborne in there somewhere which would make it 'three go to Europe' again. He seems to holding his own against the G20 at the moment.


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