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Monday, 7 June 2010

Undercover Social Worker

I highlighted this article and programme in yesterday's Sunday Round-up: Child's death would not matter says Social Services Manager.

The most serious findings show:

* social workers prepared to allow a child to sleep on a park bench;
* inexperienced staff assigned to complex jobs; and
* an admission from a social workers that child protection is "piss poor".

In the most alarming insight, a manager in the department advises that it is important to close cases quickly so that social services will not be blamed if a child subsequently dies.

Dispatches: Undercover Social Worker @ 8.00 this evening on Ch.4, if you can bear it.


  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2010

    At last someone is blowing the lid off practice.

    As a social worker - though not in this area of practice - I am eager to see how deep the investigation goes.

  2. GV, Ahem - 20.00 hours actually per the newspaper.

  3. We can expect years of discovery of the real blight that Labour has placed irrevocably on our Country.

  4. Previous Dispatches programmes have usually been good, Anon, so let's hope something follows from this one. The problem is that you just know the attitude won't be confined to Surrey and the service needs root & branch restructuring.

    Thank you for being so eagle-eyed Mr W - I've amended it :-)

    Yes, you're right OR. We can see and feel the effects of their policies but one by one they have to be taken apart and rebuilt.

  5. GV, I watch you closely lass - well obviously your blog, that is!

  6. It's sometimes a good thing we don't have webcams Mr W!

  7. A spokesman for Surrey county council said: "Child protection is our top priority and we will examine the findings of this programme carefully." Roughly translated = blah blah nothing will get done blah.
    Oh bollocks we will have to sack some numptys and we will not be able to blame it on public sector cuts blah blah.

  8. Did you watch the prog. Sgt P? They were overloaded with form-filling and managers seemed to have given up. Some Social workers were in tears at their inability to do their jobs properly but others couldn't care less. One fat slob sat eating an enormous bag of crisps while saying she didn't like making visits - all v. depressing.

  9. The mentality of "not my fault" is endemic throughout public services; it is why decision making is so poor, if forced to make one, ere on the side of caution, probably best to say No and it is why there are so many "joint committees" from Highways to Child Protection as this makes it more difficult to blame a single Agency even more so a particular inividual.

    Don't watch telly, was Dispatches any good?

  10. I think you've described the joys of multi-agency working to a 't', Banned - it makes it very hard to hold any one person accountable and organisational structure is messy.

    Yes, I saw it - see above about the tears, the crisps and the lack of commitment. Dispatches usually throws up a gem now and again.

  11. Watched it GV and like you no doubt am thoroughly disgusted and dismayed.

  12. Yes, Mr W - my heart goes out to the poor lad who, fortunately, went back to his grandfather's home. Nothing much seems to have been made of it in today's msm but I hope the govt take note.

  13. Have commented further GV:


    See what you think............

  14. There's so much for the govt to target when it comes to saving money - teaching (female) jobseekers how to walk in high heels is definitely one of them, MrW.

    Socialist principles are no principles at all - they're upside down and twisted and that's why societal structure and its institutions are twisted too.


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