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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Vaz Should Go

Keith Vaz with another one of his pals who isn't really a pal - Ali Dizaei, on the left.

 Surely, Keith Vaz (Labour, Leicester East) has no option now but to stand down and seek re-election by his constituents? 

Rumours of the MP wading in sleaze have been flying for almost as long as I can remember and now the Daily Mail has more information after a further investigation into his connections with corrupt solicitor, Shahrokh Mireskandari.

Vaz is seeking re-election as the influential Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee today, playing a key role in law and order issues.  He's hardly a suitable candidate.
Eighteen months ago, the Daily Mail first revealed how Mireskandari, former lawyer and best man for disgraced Met Commander Ali Dizaei - now serving a four-year jail sentence for police corruption - was a crook with bogus legal qualifications. We also revealed how Mireskandari had cultivated Mr Vaz and his wife with lavish hospitality and entertainment, treating them to regular seats in his executive boxes at Wembley and the 02 Arena. He even treated the MP's wife to a ticket for the gala opening night of the Bolshoi Ballet's season at the London Coliseum.
Our investigation also disclosed how, following the largesse, Mr Vaz tried to head off a possible investigation into Iranian-born Mireskandari by the legal watchdog, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, before intervening in a court case that threatened the lawyer's career.
Keith Vaz - arrogant, pompous and with a sense of entitlement - is subject to the law, just like the rest of us but on past performance there's little chance he'll act with honour and stand down.  In another day and age, an MP facing such allegations would resign at the first hint of impropriety, but not now.

Details of his flipping and expenses are here.

UPDATE: Vaz re-elected


  1. GV I think it was Galbraith that brought the word Meritocracy into currency. They are the enemy of us all, lap dogs of the Foundations and skivvies to intergenerational wealth. They'll be got rid of soon enough. Still makes you want to puke though everytime one of them heaves into view.

  2. Vaz is so slippery he can't be caught and held fast - he always gets away with it, Incoming. When he is finally kicked out he'll retire with numerous 'consultancies' and a fat cheque that he doesn't deserve. Sanctimonious g!t. Excuse my French.


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