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Monday, 7 June 2010

What Has Europe Done For Us?

No veto for national parliaments over activation of eurozone rescue fund
The 16 Eurozone finance ministers are meeting today to finalise the details of the rescue mechanism and to create the 'special purpose vehicle' of €440bn in loans and loan guarantees for any countries in financial difficulties.

Under the plans, national Parliaments will have no veto over future activation of the mechanism, despite strong demands from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Finland.  It's also been agreed that the fund will lend money at the prevailing market rate.  Loans will be guaranteed by the whole eurozone bloc, despite Germany favouring making each country responsible for its own share of money lent.

Meanwhile, EP Vice-President Silvana Koch-Mehrin seems to have woken up and has criticised the calls by van Rompuy for a "strong economic government in the EU", saying :  "This would mean that other EU member states would essentially get more influence on the economic and social policies of Germany." 

In response to the fall in the euro over the weekend following unguarded remarks by the Hungarian and  French PMs, the President of the Eurogroup (the 16 Finance Ministers of the eurozone) Jean-Claude Juncker said he wasn't worried about the fall in the value:  "I was surprised by the speed of the fall, but I'm not worried about its current level...We haven't learned enough about collective management of the common currency.  Too many countries amongst the 16 members behave like national economies, but national economies no longer exist; we are in an economy crowned by the common currency".

These grey men in their expensive suits can't seem to acknowledge that they're struggling to revive an economic concept which is intrinsically faulty.  My grandmother would say they're throwing good money after bad.  As reported in various newspapers over the weekend, the euro seems doomed to collapse.  My question is:  What will tptb conjure up to replace it?  They won't let it go willingly and they'll hold fast to their false ideology of a politically and economically united Europe Union.

Many MEPs don't even seem to know what it is they're signing these days because directives are referred to by number (so much easier for administration purposes).  There's been a call to extend logging and retention of internet searches through all search engines, not only Google, and some MEPs are now suggesting they didn't realise the breach of privacy implications. Only another 45 signatures are needed for the ruling to be enacted.
The EU motion follows moves by the Home Office last year to use telecoms firms such as Orange and BT to build a database of everyone's phone calls and emails. Dubbed the 'snoopers charter', the £2bn Internet Modernisation Programme was kicked into the long grass by Labour after anger from civil liberty campaigners.
The coalition document released by the new Government last month was particularly vague about the programme and pledged only to 'end the storage of internet and email records without good reason'.
And it comes after Google admitted earlier this year that its Streetview cars had been inadvertently logging information about people’s online activity.

If you still use Google, try Ixquick or Scroogle instead.


  1. What has Europe done for us?

    Nothing beneficial. It seems like it's sole purpose was to create a totalitarian socialist superstate where we got poorer and the elite got richer. The poorer countries gained in wealth and the richer countries were made to suffer by subsidising them. A policy it's obviously still intent upon!

    It has insulted the British People and destroyed our economy!

    It's harmed the UK.

  2. That's the idea behind the title of the posts - it's done a lot of damage. I can't see us leaving any time soon, Sue, the whole thing would have to implode first. The politicians must see what it's doing to the country.

  3. There's a good chance of this going through, GV - not least because Cameron was vague about it. If he hopes to renegotiate our relationship with the EU, he'll need ammo. The question is, what principles is he prepared to jettison?

    Farage said last year that even with a team of MEPs spending all hours goiong through the reams of legislative documentation, there was no way they could adequately scrutinise it all, let alone mount a serious assault on the worst of it.

    Much of gets through, I believe, precisely because there's so much of it.

    Perhaps the Commission and the corporations which write the bills have cottoned on to that.

  4. They probably have Fausty. Koch-Mehren seems to have proved the point as well - many of them just didn't know what they were signing regarding extending the logging & retention of data to other search engines.

    They knew exactly what they were signing with the 'no national veto' on pre-vetting budgetary requirements though. Most of the changes to QMV enabled by Lisbon haven't been tested yet - more 'fun' to come!

  5. Isn't that what used to be called being 'jointly and severally liable'?

  6. That's a phrase I haven't heard in a while! If only it applied legally to all politicians we'd certainly have more accountability to the electorate.


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