"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Monday, 21 June 2010


WARNING:  "Do not vote Conservative or George Osborne will steal your children and eat them," says ex-Chancellor Darling.

After a few days doing other things (really enjoyable - apart from a film which had my hormones weeping buckets) I was hoping to find something positive to comment on - but there's nothing. I thought the negativity might be down to my own frame of mind, my perspective, but the world has continued to turn over the weekend and the same sh!t (please excuse my French) has been thrown up yet again.

I'm not going to mention Chris Huhne (oops!) because I've never liked him so anything I write, such as what a hypocritical, bullying and arrogant waste of space he is, will be biased.

I'm not going to blog about how some sections of the media, the unions and political opposition have already judged tomorrow's Budget and decided that it is bad, bad, bad and that George Osborne is going to screw your granddad's pension and then your granny (before she's shipped off to the care home gulag to be fed on thin gruel twice a day, if she's lucky). Well, they say, we all know this is nothing to do with debt and deficit; it's just because the Tories are ideologically driven to sh@ft anyone who didn't go to Eton, what-ho! Well done to Sky News for following the Labour line.

I think old Pavlos Joseph is a bit of a numpty - so he would have had much in common with the England Squad and shouldn't have been arrested. On second thoughts ...

It was Cameron's 'Big Society' and his 'Diamond Dividend' that really got to me. The Diamond Dividend is a project whereby the Queen is being urged to lend her support to a think-tank project designed to encourage everyone every wage earner to tithe 1% of their earnings to charity on a regular basis. This is Cameron's Nudge philosophy courtesy of Res Publica's Phillip Blonde, the 'red Tory' praised by the left-wing Labourite Jon Cruddas.

I think most people give what they can already; the British people are amongst the most generous in terms of donations and voluntary work. Cameron says that we don't give as much as the US - perhaps that's because they're a low taxation nation and so have more disposable income. We're taxed up to the hilt and then some so, sorry Cammers, it's a bit rich to take half our yearly earnings in tax, cut back public services and then expect us to also donate more to charities to fill that gap. It's a non-runner.

In 'the age of austerity' (his phrase, not mine) he'd do well to remember two old-fashioned phrases: (1) look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves, and (2) charity begins at home. There is another phrase that we might all need this time next year: please sir, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, may we have some more?  And, I don't mean advisers and quangos.

On to another wtf-f-f moment: this is something Cameron really must sort out without delay to remove this insult to everything British from the streets and into jail (or, Heaven forbid, a few deportation orders):

It's no good blaming the EDL and arresting them while leaving the violent jihadists shouting hatred on the streets. Cameron must also look to the 166 Deobandi schools in England - they're moulding the future leaders, according to newspaper articles. The fact that these 'future leaders' believe in Sha'ria law must be a cause for concern to us all.

That the UAF (btw, love that chant guys, but it will never catch on in Britain), the Muslims against the Crusades, the EDL and a tolerant Muslim organisation (ex-Muslim?) are coming together more frequently is a sure sign that something has gone very wrong with the country.  The fact that members of the EDL were the only ones to be arrested is even worse and it will only attract more supporters.

As for the strapline on the video: "Islamic demo for Sharia law in UK sparks nationalist counter-protest", I'd have thought that was a given reaction. The police said the EDL protest didn't have permission and wasn't 'licensed' - well, Mr Met Police, the English don't 'need' a licence or permission to demonstrate so ** :-) We'll demonstrate how and where we want and in whatever way we see fit.

Cameron calling on us to show more support for our Armed Forces shows a lack of understanding of the dichotomy between supporting the war (aka the govt)  and supporting our troops.  It's a philosophical question and I look forward to hearing it debated in both Houses rather than demanded of the electorate.


  1. There's nothing more despicable in this Country than the Odious U.A.F.

    All they stand for and desire, is the utter destruction of this Country and heritage, seeking to impose not just one, but two vile ideologies, upon us all, (one with alleged religious connotations) both of which belong in the rancid dustbin of history. Many people aren't over enamoured with the E.D.L., seeking to brandish their numbers as little else than football hooligans, smarting for a ruck.

    Yet tell me, who else in Britain is standing up against this Islamo/Communist trash, that nobody votes for, and nobody cares about, but are allowed to merrily carry on poisoning the streets of Britain with their abhorrent message?

    Rant over.

  2. Thanks for the video D&C, if everything was peaceful on the streets then UAF would have to find another hobby - it's in their interests to propagate lies and stir up tension. Someone's benefiting from the trouble and it isn't 'ordinary' people, no matter what their religion.

    I see Galloway was his usual moderate self: "If you dare touch a hair on the beard of a muslim man in Tower Hamlets you will have to fight your way through 10,000 dead bodies first."

    'Who else will stand against the islamo/communist trash?' That's a role for the government but they've yet to step forward.


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