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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bill Shaw Acquitted

Ex-RMP Major Shaw has been acquitted of all charges and should be released from Pul-i-Charki Jail, which houses Taliban fighters, jihadists and murderers,  within the week.

Gul Mohammad, judge at the Kabul Anti-Corruption Appellate Court, only said there was insuffiegave [sic] no immediate reason for overturning the sentence as he read a brief statement to the court.  Maiwand Limar, a colleague of Mr Shaw, saw his sentence cut from two years to eight months. 
Congratulations to all concerned; let's be glad it wasn't left up to the FCO to negotiate on his behalf.


  1. Isn't that terrible? Imagine, an Englishman in the same prison as these awful foreign people. They are people aren't they?

    Shouldn't be allowed. Should be a law against it! That's what I say in any case!

  2. He was found innocent, Tris and there was a price on his head amongst the inmates. Perhaps we'd all do better to look at what 'corruption' and 'jihadist' means vis a vis UK and

    Shaw's trial was also the first in this anti-corruption Court - set up and funded by your taxes and mine.

  3. Right... and I was saying that he shouldn't be in prison with foreigners. There should be a prison for Englishmen....especially innocent ones. What's wrong with that exactly?

  4. Ooh, thank goodness for that. I hope he gets home safely - and soon.

  5. Oh I do hope the FCO have to take much of the cuts coming down the line GV. It's the most inefficient department in government and there are quite a few!

  6. AnonymousJuly 08, 2010

    Show trial. Stalin would have loved it. Or Mao the wean s........


  7. I see you've cracked it, Incoming!!!!!!! Yes, his was the first trial in the court that was funded by the British taxpayer so you make a good point.


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