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Friday, 30 July 2010

Guest Post: Demos

I rarely do guest posts but I thought I'd air this one from Dazed & Confused who's gone to the trouble of providing the links about Demos and Common Purpose.  I've thrown in a few asterisks but otherwise left it untouched.

I'd just like to add that no 'think-tank' is truly independent and many have far too much influence on government policy - in fact  governments seem to listen to think-tanks (and their quango spin-offs) far more readily than they listen to the voters.  It's unhealthy and anti-democratic.

Following one of the pic links below I came across this: Bubb's Blog. What the heck is the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations? It's another damned organisation that needs to see some kindling and a flaming torch.

Here's D&C's post:
"Demos, by their admission are the Open Left The f*cking Fabian Left who were founded amongst others, by an old friend of ours, that progressively democratic Comrade: Julia_Middleton As seen from Wikepedia:

 "She helped in the founding of DEMOS, an independent think tank, and Impetus Trust, developing venture philanthropy in the UK".[12]

So with that in mind, perhaps the writing has always been on the wall, concerning the tw@t Cameron and his buffoon of a sidekick Osborne, when they actively payed homage to this Fabian movement itself, and perhaps in reality submitting to their will, in launching their Progressive Conservative mantra, from deep in the heart of alleged enemy territory.

So much so, that the vile Fabians themselves recognised that fact by giving us the impression that we were now in the era of "redtoryvsbluelabour" and blathered on about Progressive Conservatism from the confides of Comrade Middleton's very own website.

Osborne too gets favourable coverage for no other reason that I can ascertain, that we may have changed government, but the same f*ckers are controlling everything from the top, and will continue to do so, until Britain is handed over to the all inclusive E.U. Superstate, in the not too distant future.

I would say it was a pact with the far left devil, but I don't really believe that to be true. Cameron came from nowhere to be installed as Tory leader almost overnight, beating at the time, a "shoe in" right wing Tory, David Davis by the proverbial landslide. Achieved after overtly favourable coverage, and by above all others at the time, the odious BBC.

I never understood why, as to me, the vile f*cker comes across as a pre programmed robot, who is fed his lines by those working in the background of his head....

What wonderful pictures for the Socialist Far left to parade here in Internet land: ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR - FIVE - SIX"


  1. Thanks D&C - I've already blogged on that and published the link :-)


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