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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

PMQs: Summary

Speaker Bercow has come a long way.

It was interesting to hear the Labour faction whingeing about Cameron not answering questions and Bercow himself admonishing him.  I don't recall anyone taking Brown to task for the same thing; in fact I don't recall Brown answering one question in a straightforward way.  He's still missing from the House, by the way.  I suppose he's still doing the rounds of the local Kirkaldy schools, frightening the children by reading selected extracts from his forthcoming novel.

Bercow also remonstrated with Nick Boles, Con, Grantham & Stamford, who asked an obviously planted question connected to Mandelson's book.  Again, this is something I don't recall him doing when Labour MPs did the same.  I'm all for getting rid of them (unlikely given that they're scripted by the Whips Office) but Bercow must be even-handed and his attitude today just reinforces the belief that he has a Labour bias.

Topics touched on today included our Armed Forces, Northern Ireland, NHS cancer treatment, schools (watch out for Balls' expression about 16 mins in as Cameron has a dig at him - he didn't like it at all) the deficit, the effect of the Strategic Defence Review on Scotland, housing benefit/asylum seekers, the role of charities in the 'Big Society', public sector pensions.

The most interesting question from my point of view came from Mad Nads (Nadine Dorries, Con,  Mid-Beds) who asked whether, in view of the expected 25-40% cuts in departmental budgets, the UK's contribution to the EU would also be cut.  Cameron didn't answer.

It was generally quite low-key and the only question I have is, "Why did Harman decline to ask her 6th question?"

Videos to follow.

UPDATE:  Sorry, I can only find the first ten minutes uploaded to YouTube - the video-makers seem to have lost interest lately.  If I stumble across any others I'll post them:

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