"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday Round-up

There's no shortage of news today:

Bill Shaw reunited with his family  [Karzai's] initiative coincided with the British Government publicly ordering him to take a stronger stance on corruption, and Mr Shaw, from Leeds, appears to have become a victim of the political posturing.
Leaked communique - Forces out by 2014   President Hamid Karzai will announce the timetable for a "conditions-based and phased transition" at the International Conference on Afghanistan to be held in Kabul on Tuesday.
Overseas aid to be diverted to Afghanistan  Detailed plans to boost aid funding to Afghanistan by 40% as part of a re-ordering of global priorities will be outlined tomorrow by the international development secretary, Andrew Mitchell.
Leave your job or we will cut off your head   One female teacher at a girls' school in a southern Afghan province received a letter saying: "We warn you to leave your job as a teacher as soon as possible otherwise we will cut off the heads of your children and will set fire to your daughter."
David Kelly's dental records 'stolen'  “Quite clearly his dental records were removed around the time of his death and then put back later. Who took them and why were they taken? The police obviously took this ­seriously but they did not get to the bottom of what had actually occurred.”
Blair could be called by US Senate   (Also Mandelson).  Megrahi, Blair, BP & Gaddafi. The then prime minister, Gordon Brown, denied giving any assurances to Libya's leaders that the bomber would be freed in exchange for oil contracts.
Blair's £6m pa security bill  With police forces facing drastic cutbacks, neighbours living near Mr Blair’s £4million town house in Connaught Square, London, are astonished at the array of firepower being used to protect him.
MoD Procurement in the firing line   General Sir David Richards said the Ministry of Defence should not ‘prop up ailing industries’ with lucrative orders for overpriced tanks and helicopters.
FoI request reveals brutal restraining measures   The disclosure of the prison service manual follows a five-year freedom of information battle. The manual was condemned last night by campaigners as "state authorisation of institutionalised child abuse".
Child abduction conspirator new child protection advisor to GMC   The GMC refused to explain its decision to The IoS but its chief executive, Niall Dickson, told the BMJ that Mrs Mellor was included in order to give the group credibility and that it was important to hear all perspectives.
1000% profit for drug firm   One of the medicines under the spotlight after a huge unexplained price increase is hydrocortisone tablets – a daily lifesaver for thousands of kidney patients. In June 2008, the cost to the NHS of a packet of 10mg pills was £5. Today, the NHS is paying £44.40 for the same course.
Paying illegals to leave before they arrive   Foreigners attempting to cross the English Channel at the French port of Calais are offered free flights and awarded up to £3,500 to help start businesses back home.
Dormant bank accounts targeted   Govt plans to raid bank accounts that have been "dormant" for up to 15 years and redistribute the money to fund enterprises that would otherwise struggle to secure funding amid the Government's austerity programme.
Byford's £400k pa pension   Byford’s pension pot, which the BBC values at £3.4 million, is one of the largest ever seen in the public sector. It exceeds the £1.75 million funds amassed by previous prime ministers.
Treasury tells IDS to think again   Ian Duncan Smith's plans for a welfare revolution have run into trouble after the Treasury rejected a series of proposals put forward by his department.


UK burka ban ruled out
EIB loans to water companies set to rise
Soldier who beheaded Taliban fighter ordered back home
Somali's landlord is foreign national with off-shore a/c but severely disabled have benefits cut
Cameron tells b/benchers to attend more debates
Rioting in France
Shameful treatment of the spy who helped us

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