"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Independence for Scotland

Crosspost from Subrosa

There have been several posts here about independence for Scotland but I would like to draw your attention to a few blogs which are currently holding interesting debates -NewsnetScotland, BellaCaledonia and Scotland Unspun.

At last it seems the SNP are awaking to the fact that an election is only 9 months away and Alex Salmond has decided to put independence top of the SNP campaign agenda. Not before time. They need to get ahead instead of allowing Labour to set the course. Often in the past Alex Salmond's party has been caught trying to deny Labour's accusations but to little effect. They've allowed Labour to 'get in first' and spent campaigns attempting to play catch up.

One lie churned out by unionists won't be heard during the next months - "We can't rely on North Sea gas much longer". How often has that been said in the past years by those who want to enhance the myth that England subsidises us? Although this is the second giant find in just a week there is talk, in oil circles, that more are expected. Surely Scotland isn't going to let our oil go to London without insisting we get our share of the spoils. As Alex Porter writes, we need to emulate Norway, not Australia.

I have hopes of an election campaign focused upon independence, oil and the fact the Westminster coalition has no mandate to govern in Scotland. The 'respect' agenda lasted all of around 48 hours so we've nothing to lose. Let's go for it.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunday Reflection

Sunday Round-up

Boris Johnson is apparently threatening to quit as London Mayor if cuts to London's transport budget go ahead.  No link - it's in the Sunday Times.
A senior Labour source said: “After Condi Rice met Gordon for the first time she complained to the White House about the way he behaved. No 10 suddenly starting getting these messages from the White House that there were grave doubts about the desirability of Gordon taking over. It wasn’t just the White House either, it was other people based in the US, business leaders, people like that."
The culling of the SAS  It is understood that the cut was decided several months ago, by the former government, and is not part of the current defence review, which in itself could result in further cutbacks.  "I'd be astonished if Liam Fox  is even aware of this, " said an 'insider'.
EU FBI-style police force here within 10yrs  Tory MP and security expert Patrick Mercer last night agreed with the need for a unified force.  “If that means a loss of sovereignty, then so be it because in this case I do think it’s a good thing.”
NHS secret cancer pay-outs An investigation has uncovered critical errors  and secret payments of thousands of pounds to patients who were harmed as a result of incorrect diagnoses.
Asil Nadir: opportunist  Donations to the Tories are in the spotlight again.
The sparring Milibands: here and here
New rules for travellers' sites  The Labour government ploughed £97million into a programme begun in 2008 in a bid to increase the number of gypsy sites. It set councils targets, often forcing them to build on green field sites or compulsorily purchase land in the teeth of local opposition.
It's just not cricket:  It's alleged that some members of the Pakistani team were involved in cheating during the Lord’s Test.  The NotW claims it gave £150,000 to a middleman who promised to arrange for Pakistani players to bowl “no balls” during the match.
Parental consent not needed:  Family rights campaigners have called for a change in the law after it was revealed that girls as young as 12 can be given the cervical cancer vaccine without their parents’ consent.  Doctors and nurses have been told they are under no legal obligation to seek the permission of the parent or guardian.
The secret service must not be so...er...secret [Demos] warns of the dangers posed by conspiracy theories – from hindering counter-terrorism work by reducing public trust in the Government, to encouraging new alliances between extremists based on such theories – and recommends the Government fight back by infiltrating internet sites to dispute these theories.
EU says fake goods are fine  Looky-looky: a report disputes claims that the counterfeiting of luxury brands is funding terrorism and organised crime and argues there is little public appetite for tough law enforcement measures as consumers enjoy the bargains offered by the illegal trade, which has been estimated to be worth £1.3 billion in the UK.
The BBC is on a warning  The culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has warned the BBC that it faces making deeper cuts and refused to rule out a reduction the licence fee.  Same story, different perspective here.
The Blairs house-hunt in Barbados "He told me he is a great admirer of our state education system and he would have liked his [four] children to have gone to school in Barbados," said one islander... The Blairs are also said to like the weather, the beaches, the low crime rate, the stylish restaurants and the laid-back lifestyle of the island in which celebrities are generally left alone by the local population.

An amazing life  An obituary to Hope Bourne.
Losing the battle for the hedgerows

Belgian GP: 1962

Saturday, 28 August 2010

A Bit Of Everything

I'm not sure how much credence I can give to this report in the DT. Anyone who's been following the news about the UAF and the EDL will know that the UAF has *always* initiated the violence and have had more protesters arrested and charged than the EDL.

It won't do any good. Millions of Brits aren't going to join the EDL while they're portrayed as 'the baddies' and the UAF 'the goodies'; some of the nastiest fascists I've had the misfortune to read have written for UAF blogs. No opposition movement will be effective until millions of Brits are marching on Whitehall.

Yet another 'sleb' has been awarded a privacy injunction by the High Court. On one hand, I don't give a sh"t what they get up to but, on the other, I do mind that our libel laws are being misused and privacy laws tightened as a result. The next thing you know it will be against the law for the press to disclose details of MPs' expenses. Continental Europe, of course, has quite draconian privacy and libel laws - perhaps it's just more 'harmonisation'.

After Crispin Blunt's revelation that he's "been living a lie" after twenty years of marriage and two children we now have a Cabinet Minister threating legal action against the msm if they re-print accusations. Hmm... it can only be William Hague.

Paul Kenny, Gen.Sec of the GMB has said it will withdraw funding from the Labour Party if either David Milliband or Ed Balls is elected Party Leader. Good.

The comments to this article worry me. I'm not a believer in capital punishment - I don't believe in an eye for an eye or blood money (that's the Shari'a way). What we need is something we don't have and haven't had for the past thirty years: an effective judicial system with appropriate punishment - life must mean life. There mustn't be shorter sentences for pleading guilty in a police station, no time off for good behaviour, no automatic shortening of sentences by a half - just get rid of the common purpose/third way claptrap. The comments are a prime example of the pendulum swinging and unless Cameron pays attention it will get worse.

I think I've already played Ralph Reader's Gang Show singing 'We're Riding Along on the Crest of a Wave' but I can't find 'Here we are, here we are, here we are again' on YouTube.  I suppose they just don't have my sense of humour - it's probably just as well but I do like a bit of satirical visual or audio humour to go with the posts if poss so this will have to do instead.  Come on, workers! The government needs you - we're all in this together:

I'm going back to my flooded kitchen and splattering tap now.  Why is it that when things go wrong they go wrong at the same time?  This morning the coffee maker overflowed on to the floor; the dishwasher packed up (it's now in the middle of the floor with a monkey wrench, a bucket and several old towels)  and I had to take a pair of pliers and white vinegar to the cold tap.   I've cut back the perennials around the arch again because the gardener seems to think he needn't bother with me - note to self: don't be so pleasant & give extra cash in future.  I've de-potted plants and distributed them amongst my neighbours and hacked back the hibiscus; I've shredded documents, flossed the cats and fandangled the ferrets.  Perhaps it's time I thought about getting a man in.

Or perhaps not.

Friday, 27 August 2010

What Has Europe etc...?

Surprise, surprise, there's some disquiet within the EU at the moment; I don't know how these muppets ever thought such a project would work. For muppets read delusional and traitorous b@st@rds.

Poland isn't happy; the Czech Republic isn't happy; neither is Hungary nor Slovakia. And those are just the governments. Germany is squabbling with France over Sarkozy's proposal to create a designated EU humanitarian relief fund (The European Union Natural Disaster Rapid Relief Fund - EUNDRRF. Is anyone managing to keep track of all these abbreviations?)

I think the only government not making waves at the moment is our own - perhaps Cameron, like Blair, sees himself as a future President. Let's see what he does with the EU's proposal to raise the British contribution to their budget to £10.3bn by 2013.

EU Foreign Minister, Cathy Ashton, is to speak on behalf of the EU at the UN. Apparently Cameron won a 'concession' here - she'll only be allowed to speak in the General Council and not the Security Council. It always goes the same way - give a centimetre and they take a kilometre.

Speaking of kilometres, road pricing across Europe, "for the sake of the environment", seems to be on the cards but that shouldn't come as a surprise given the number of surveillance cameras already lining our roads.

I think I've already mentioned Italy's proposal to extend expulsion (aka deportation) to EU nationals as well as the Roma in France but it's worth repeating if only to draw attention to the way politicians play with words.

Scotland and Norway aren't too happy either. They're threatening Iceland with legal action over mackerel fishing rights.

It pays to riot in the EU says Evans-Pritchard and I think he has a point. Ireland, which abided by the rules, is paying more for its borrowings than Greece, which did not.

Thanks to Open Europe for this link. Five activists from the group Désobéissance Civile Belgique occupied a crane in the centre of Brussels to protest against the Lisbon Treaty, which they said "rejects the European member states and has been ratified without consulting the citizens". They attached a banner to the crane criticising the "antidemocratic movement" of the EU. They also argued that no referendum has been held on the euro and that EU President Herman Van Rompuy was elected without elections. Good for them - that's five more up a crane in Brussels than there are in Great Britain.

Open Europe also reports that the EU wants to set up a database to fight "radicalisation", noting that it should target not just terrorists, but also the far left, the far right, and anti-globalisation activistsavatars: Animated Images: 
Middle Finger

My eye and Betty Martin  "EU citizens favour stronger European economic governance. 75% of Europeans are in favour of giving the EU a stronger role in the co-ordination of member states' economic and budgetary policies."

The German Constitutional Court has strengthened the ECJ and Lisbon Treaty.   "EU decisions may only be checked if European institutions seriously overstep their powers" .  I wonder what 'Common Purpose' is in German?

This looks promising:  86m euros and 750 'citizens'  could "launch a devastating cyber attack on the EU."   It's time to raid the piggy-bank, folks.

Other Sources:
New Europe
EU Observer
Open Europe

Thursday, 26 August 2010

It's Official

England is the most over-crowded country in the EU. I tend to think that when things like this hit the msm news it's because they're incontrovertible and avoiding mentioning isssues like this would cast doubt on the integrity and veracity of the media (*cough*).

England now has a density of 402.1 people per sq.km while lucky old Scotland has only 67.
(click to enlarge)


Also: Immigration increased by 20% in 2009
The figures are for the last full year of the Labour Government and raise serious questions over the effectiveness of its flagship points based system that was introduced to curb immigration. 
It also means more than three million foreign nationals were added to the British population under Labour's watch since 1997. 
Separate figures showed student visas have increased by a third renewing fears the route is being exploited as a loophole for both legal and illegal immigration.
The number of migrants allowed to the stay permanently also increased by a third while grants of asylum (4,190) hit their highest level for seven years, according to figures from the Home Office and Office for National Statistics (ONS).
And: Figures also revealed 25% of UK births in 2009 were to mothers born outside the UK
Today's ONS statistics show a 37% rise in immigrants granted settlement in the UK between June 2009 and June 2010. And the number of visas issued to students increased 35% to more than 362,000.

The Meatrix

H/t: Freewoman of England

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Post Of The Day

I like this for two reasons. I like it because (a) unlike a sizeable proportion of the electorate Barking Spider hasn't forgotten or forgiven what the last thirteen years have done to this country and (b) it's true.

I was wondering earlier how people can forget so quickly that Blair/Brown/Mandelson et al are to blame for the mess we find ourselves in so I'm happy to see that the blogosphere is still angry.  So many blogs have closed down since May but they're still needed - my blog roll is a mess of 'gone-aways' and 'be-back-soons'.  (I've had to take off three or four in the past two days, including Scunnert, Red Squirrel and Man of the Woods who all left without a note).

Saying that the previous govt was a load of evil cr*p doesn't mean that the LibServatives are any better but, on the bright side and if the electorate continue to be so forgiving, they still have another twelve years and two hundred days to prove they're rubbish and mess up our lives even further. Personally, I'll give it anything between six and twelve months.  I'm afraid I've never been convinced and I'm already disaffected.

Condell: Choosing To Be Offended

He says it all really:

We all have our own ways of dealing with people who offend us and the way we deal with it depends on the depth of our offence. I tend to register offence caused to me by raising an eyebrow, or maybe two, eyes wide open, dropped lower jaw and the word, "What?" But I have to admit, it doesn't happen often - each to his own and all that.

Like beauty and racism, offence is in the eye of the beholder and that's why it's impossible to legislate for hurt sensibilities. It's a truly dystopian concept that can only come from an authoritarian regime. I'm looking forward, and quite excited, to be coming home to England but I'm not looking forward to having to police my words and jokes. I'm misunderstood enough as it is :-)

Worth Looking Into

Following a post I did back in May about the debt-based money system I've received a follow-up email that I thought might interest you.
Dear Goodnight,

You recently signed up at Bank of England Act.co.uk to receive news on our campaign to fix the debt-based money system. We're just putting the last few things in place ready for our campaign. The last few weeks have been hectic, with meetings with MPs, think tanks, and some fairly heavy-weight business people, and it's safe to say that more and more influential organisations are starting to realise that allowing commercial banks to create the nation's money supply as debt is not a 'good thing'. Things are really falling into place.

In the meantime, I think this campaign is worth supporting:   End Legal Loan Sharking

The End Legal Loan Sharking campaign, supported by a wide range of MPs, is calling on the PM to make moves to place lending caps on the loan sharks, who prey on the desperate and charge annual interest rates up to 2,500%.

Of course, the people who fall victim to these loan sharks end up in that situation because all money is currently created as debt by private banks. Under the current system, in order for there to be money in the economy, we have to have an equal (or greater) amount of debt. In order for there to be £100 in your bank account, somebody else MUST have £100 of debt.

Consequently, allowing high-street banks to create money as debt means we're in a game where we are scrambling over each other to stay out of debt. To get your head above the water, someone else has to sink below. Naturally it tends to be the poor or disadvantaged who don't play the game well enough and end up sinking under the debt.

So, loan sharking or 'predatory lending' is an activity that naturally grows out of our debt based money system. Chipping this part of the debt-based money system will get us one step closer to dealing with the heart of the issue - the fact that private banks have been allowed to take over the creation of money for their own profit (and at our expense).

Please give the campaign your support:

Sign the petition at End Legal Loan Sharking

Ben Dyson
On behalf of the team at the Proposed Bank of England Act and Call4Reform
107 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB
The only problem I can see with this is that it's being organised by left-wing think tank Compass! Still, we're fast reaching the stage where left and right have no political meaning and even the left are bound to hit on a good idea once in a while.

Sounds Promising

The Law Commission has just published a report recommending the repeal of "at least" 1500 of Labour's laws.  They also recommend that no further crimes should go on to the statute book without Parliamentary scrutiny.
Most of the new offences were slipped into law on the say-so of quangocrats without being debated in Parliament, it found...
...Since Tony Blair came to power in 1997, the commission said, more than 3,000 such crimes had been created.

New crimes brought in since 1989 fill three volumes of the criminal law record, Halsbury's Statutes of England and Wales, taking up 3,746 pages.
All the crimes established in the 637 years between 1351 and 1988 fill only one volume.
It's too early for celebrations - there's no word yet from the government about what it intends to do about this. The report confirms what many of us have been complaining about, that quangocrats and lobbyists make the rules and our waste-of-space MPs don't do their proper job of representing us.   Shame on anyone who voted for a sitting MP without properly vetting their expenses and voting record first.


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Credit Where It's Due

Many thanks to fellow bloggers for posting here while I've been so pressed for time.  It's great to have a different perspective on matters and I appreciate their input.

Barking Spider
Captain Ranty:Freeman
Dazed & Confused
Grumpy Old Twat

If you missed what they've written just click the labels below.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Post Of The Day

Captain Ranty
These f*cking animals are peppered throughout our government, our courts, our police, and our legal establishments. They think that they are untouchable. They think that they are beyond the law's reach. Much of the evidence goes back 30 years or more. These sick bastards are still free. The police turn a blind eye.
Go and read more. Click the link and check out the labels below.

Aimed At Virgins...

...by a suppressed libido but it's also a timely reminder to the rest of us:

I love the paintings of Waterhouse

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles to-day
To-morrow will be dying.

The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
The higher he's a-getting,
The sooner will his race be run,
And nearer he's to setting.

Robert Herrick (1591- 1674) - first two verses only.
More Herrick poetry

On the one hand we have youngsters who have no concept of the word 'virgin' and on the other we have people who remember what words like 'gentleman's agreement', integrity, honesty and law-abiding mean. There's an enormous gulf between government and the people now and between the people themselves. I'm not even going to stray into the realms of policing in this post.

State education has taught our children things we didn't want them to know and omitted the things they should know. It's a mess, and that's why no current politician or quango will ever be able to make it better. It's also why the older generation should group together and 'gather rosebuds' before it's too late and remind younger generations of what they have lost. It's time to remind the government that we won't put up with this loss of civil liberties any more. If it's left to the Old'Uns - well, it won't be the first time. It's just a different kind of fight this time round.

Most importantly, we should try to show the young what we had and what they're missing.

PS: For any younger readers:
VIRGIN, noun, a person, especially a woman, who has never had sexual intercourse. Adj 1 never having had sexual intercourse; chaste. 2 in its original state; never having been used.
ETYMOLOGY: 13c: from Latin virgo, maiden.

Not-so Mini Round-up

It's another long one I'm afraid. Here are just a few of the things that have caught my eye lately:

'The European Parliament defending you'. Oh boy! Where to start? 6m euros spent on what are euphemistically called "communication objects" with EU branding and new logo - that's pens, keyfobs, pencils, mugs etc to you and me. I ask you - who are the real mugs here?
We're all in it together unless we're politicians and quangocrats.  "Eurocrats are due to get a salary boost of more than 5 per cent thanks to three pay rises in the pipeline."
It's too late.  The people have been vigilant but politicians don't care and have no intention of listening  - there's only one way this can end now.
Greece is given 2nd EU bailout  Chris Pryce of Fitch Ratings said Greece is teetering on the edge of junk status but can still claw its way back.  "Everybody is away on holiday. When they get back they will have to face their miserable new world going into the autumn, and then we will see."  Any guesses as to what we'll see?  How about barricades, petrol bombs and riots?
EU to decide on what constitutes a Cornish Pasty  Just as it decided on Yorkshire Puddings, Melton Mowbray Pies, Parma Ham and so on.  Is the UKIP MEP quoted below actually doing anything constructive about it or is he just giving soundbites to the cameras?
William Dartmouth, UKIP MEP for the South West Region said: “It just goes to prove that anyone who tries to micro-manage the rich heritage of this country is simply asking for trouble. Distant Eurocrats will never understand the quirky intricacies of life in the UK, the local language and customs that have grown up over centuries.  The case of the phantom turnip is only the latest in a long line of food-related chaos inflicted on us by Europe. It’s time they learnt their lesson and gave us all a break.”
The EU General Court (it appears to be a lower court of the ECJ) has given the go-ahead for seal slaughter to continue.  Don't buy the products and the fancy brooches if you don't like the decision.

Pro-EU Tories stitch us up again
"The appointments mean that both have agreed to be part of David Cameron’s medium-sized tent initiative. Blair and Brown made much of their big tents. ... with Brown even going so far as to announce ... that his administration would be a “government of all the talents.” Sadly, that description turned out not to be strictly accurate when he omitted to include any experts in controlling public spending.

Cameron’s tent is much more medium sized. He hires Labour modernizers such as Alan Milburn (to help with a social mobility drive) and the first rate Frank Field (welfare). But for his tent to be truly a big tent he would need to include some conservatives, or conservatives who are not Europhiles such as Lord Heseltine and Lord Brittan."
British subjects 'exported' for trial   Even Blunkett, the scourge of Sheffield, has said that the EAW, which he introduced, has had unforseen consequences.  More cases here.  Does anyone know the latest on Andrew Symeou?

A quick addendum here:  I've heard so many people say that if someone has committed a crime then they should be tried and imprisoned in the country where the offence occurred.  The whole point is that this is all pre-trial.  No-one has been found guilty of any offence.  This is how our law is being eroded by our membership of the EU and how innocent until proven guilty is becoming a thing of the past.  Greece is bad enough but once Turkey is admitted to the EU I think we can all forget about Habeus Corpus!

If you haven't done so already, bookmark Douglas Carswell's blog - he's like a raw Dan Hannan and he's the one who prompted Speaker Martin's downfall.  I'm wavering on Hannan - I haven't seen the proof of his particular pudding yet and it's way overdue.  It's time Messrs Carswell, Redwood, Davies and Cash made their presence felt on the front benches.  The way this government is going seems pretty obvious  and the people must have someone to speak for them in Parliament.

I still read Hannan but take issue with him that "the EU is being made redundant by technological change."  If only it were that easy.

Two more on the EU: Ashton's minions paid more than Hague and Eurocrats' pensions need more money 

 A video that made me smile:

On the other hand, who else would have reported this?
Or these: 
Lifer let out for shopping & lunch
Parking at work?  Thank you very much, Sir
'And it's absolutely true 'cos I heard it on the radio news'.

And then you get the articles other newspapers won't touch and some that raise a smile:
DEMOS says immigration cost Labour the election
"We're alive" but not for long unless people pull their finger out
BritChav may herald a new law
Tony loves George.  True.
What can you say?
BritChav doesn't rule the waves
From the Telegraph:
Theft of straw could mean higher food prices
The generosity of the British public shames governments
African albinos in the news
Renewed outbreak: more English Elms threatened
Top Gear hype: does anyone really care?
Does anyone else think Keanu Reeves can't act for toffee?  There's something about this pic of Jolie that reminds me of him.
From The Guardian:
Please don't inflict it on us  Let's see how the Olympics goes down first before we bid for any more world events.  We've already been read the last rites but winning the right to host the football World Cup in 2018 could be the final nail.
Army bomb disposal expert wins against the MoD
The Church of England has a Senior Spokesman on Communications

What Has Europe Done For Us?

Green MEP Ulrike Lunacek wants to lower the threshold for citizens' initiatives. She is 'demanding' a review of initiatives if "at least 7 people from 3 different member states" support it. She goes on to say that the current threshold of 300,000 signatures is a "mockery" and insists the instrument should not become a tool for governments and lobbyists. Right, and pigs are flying overhead.  You can read more about the Austrian loony chick here.

Europe is missing out on a potentially large number of high-skilled workers by provisionally not allowing the spouses of migrant workers to join their partners and also seek employment in the EU according to Kathleen van der Wilk-Carlton, a board member at the Permits Foundation.  Another snappy quango name.

Standards of justice vary greatly from one EU state to another and fundamental rights don't receive the same respect in every member state. Unfortunately, this reality has largely been ignored in the push for ever greater mutual recognition and cross-border cooperation. Defence rights have been sidelined, not strengthened, in the name of greater cooperation.  However, new legislation is being brought in by the EU to give basic defence rights far more priority in the criminal justice agenda.  Whoopi-doo.

Italy has said it intends to expel citizens from other EU states if they are not able to support themselves, in a move apparently inspired by France's current crackdown on Roma.  Interior Minister Roberto Maroni told daily newspaper Corriere della Sera on Saturday (21 August) that Sarkozy - whose recent actions include closing down Roma camps and deporting around 200 Roma to date - is "right."   Somehow, I don't know why, I can't see it catching on in Britain.

The Irish government must change the way it handles the public finances and accept greater EU surveillance of its policies in order for Ireland to be a successful member of the euro zone.  A study by the Irish National Economic and Social Council warns that "Ireland's approach to fiscal policy, prices, costs and financial regulation were not sufficiently adapted to the disciplines of the single currency".

Moody's could downgrade the credit ratings of the UK, USA, France & Germany according to El Pais.  I think that's what you call a turn up for the books.

"Making sure that our flag shines when we are abroad helping people in need is something that I find incredibly important".  So speaks the EU Aid Commissioner (who-he?) on revealing that the EU has given 70m euros to alleviate the distress in Pakistan.  The Commissioner's statement tells me that he/she thinks it isn't the doing that's important but the seen to be doing.  I wonder if Pakistan will be fined for not flying the EU flag on EU aid.

Citzalia under fire.  I'll forgive them for leaving Calling England off the list of critical blogs.

De Standaard has critised EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton's statement congratulating Rwanda for its last presidential elections, noting that "the EU didn't send any observers to Rwanda, but seems in hindsight perfectly capable apparently to evaluate the election".

Open Europe
EU Observer: EAW
EU Observer: Italy
The Irish Times

I'll be back later with a 'Laughing Your Socks Off' spot.  Make sure you've locked away the whisky and the revolver.

A Quick Catch-up

I'm sorry for the lapse in posting, it will probably continue like this for another 2/3weeks.  In fact I'm thinking of shutting the blog down temporarily, giving it a holiday for a while - viewing figures have plummeted anyway so I don't think it would inconvenience too many people.

This is from Open Europe:
FAZ reports that an internal Commission paper is outlining plans for a new EU tax on all types of natural resources, to create incentives for businesses to use them more efficiently. The tax would include both renewable resources such as wood, as well as minerals and fossil fuels. The paper argues that increased efficiency would make countries more competitive internationally, stating that an increase in efficiency of 20% would lead to additional economic growth of 1%.

The paper does not state explicitly whether the tax receipts should be used to directly fund the EU budget, as was proposed last week, and sources from the Commission said that a decision on the resource tax has not yet been made. In combination, the Commission is also considering gradually banning the import of inefficiently produced products into the EU to protect European industry from disadvantages in international competition.
I really don't understand why we're so accepting of the current political situation; increasingly I feel like a serf in the Middle Ages having to doff my cap, mind my Ps and Qs and be grateful for a tied cottage while the uber-lord runs away with my pigs.  But it isn't just the EU: it's Cameron & Co, the msm, and the local authorities too.  I'll do a proper catch-up later.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Brutal - Barbaric - Sickening - Primeval.......

Islam....."The Religion Of Peace" for the twenty first Century of which we live.

Lynch mob including Pakistani police officers, slay two innocent brothers

From the daily mail:

Friday, 20 August 2010

We, The Forgetful

I don't know if the subject of collective amnesia has been addressed before, so, with your indulgence, I thought I'd have a crack at it.

For a change, this post isn't inspired by an epiphany or a litre of merlot. It is more a unification of my thoughts and deeds over the last 12-16 months.

First, a wee tale. As regular afficianados of this blog will know, I recently visited my old pater in Manchester. What I didn't mention was "The Exchange". This event takes place, usually at the beginning of each visit, (sometimes at the end), but we both acknowledge that the visit isn't official until the ceremony has taken place. At a certain point either he will get up from his chair and head upstairs and struggle back down again with a couple of cardboard boxes. Or, I will nip out to the car and re-enter the house with a couple of cardboard boxes. These boxes, a source of great irritation to both my old ma, and my good lady wife significant other, are full of books. We each end up with fifty or sixty books. Of the four of us, at least two people are happy with the trade. Anyhoo, in this years selection was a book I would never have bought but on reflection, would have if I had seen it. It is called "An Utterly Exasperated History Of Modern Britain or 60 Years Of Making The Same Stupid Mistakes As Always" and it was written by John O'Farrell. Catchy title, eh? The point of this pointless wee tale was just to say that this book contains some serious cock-ups and its' only saving grace is that Mr O'Farrell wrote the book with comedy in mind. It also serves as a reminder of just how much we got wrong.

We got it wrong only because we did nothing when we had the opportunity. We got it wrong because we allowed the "great and the good" to make decisions that weren't theirs to make.

And I got to thinking that we have the wherewithal to stop these idiots. We have the power, and we don't need Lord Greyskull to allow us access to this power. Like the Tinman, we had the brains all along. Like the Lion, we had the courage all along. And, like the Scarecrow, we have never lacked heart.

We just forgot.

Yes, we were encouraged to forget. We were watching the magician instead of the top-hat. What is worse is that many of knew that we should not let the magician distract or misdirect us, but we did anyway. Right after the trick was done, we were routed elsewhere. We were given yet another distraction. The "magicians"-and it matters not who they are, or what name we give them-are skillful. They are adept at this sort of thing. They have been weaving this magic for centuries. And it worked. We were misdirected. We were distracted. We were led astray.

Of late, it has all gone a bit Pete Tong. Some of us started watching the top-hat and stopped eyeballing Mysto the Marvellous instead. Turns out he is a devious bastard. Him, and all his stage-hands. They collude, they conspire, they plot and they plan, hoping against hope that they will fool us all again. They rely on our collective amnesia. They depend on our forgetfulness. We rarely let them down.

Notwithstanding all the trickery, we also forget because it is convenient to do so. It is easy to forget our inalienable rights, which are mostly buried in the annals of history and were the culmination of centuries of very real battles, and reach instead for some very tangible, very touchable and very obtainable benefits.

Rights are a Rolls-Royce. Benefits are a 30 year old rusty Lada.

My choice is clear and unequivocal. I'll take the Roller. Every single time.

Just lately I have been remembering. I remember now that they work for us. I remember now that we cannot give them any more power than we possess ourselves. I remember that I do not need a license for perfectly lawful activities. I remember that statutes are not laws. I remember that statutes need my consent. I also remember that laws do not. I remember that constables are there to protect me, and that they are there to uphold the law, not statutes. I remember that we own everything. I remember that they, the five year custodians, own nothing. I remember that I am sovereign. I remember that I lent my sovereignty to the monarch. I remember that she is in power because I allow it.

Mostly, I remember that I am human. That makes me special. That makes me unique. That makes me powerful. This terrifies them. And rightly so.

All around the world the forgetful are remembering.

Millions of people are curing their own amnesia.

Is it not time that we, the forgetful here in the dis-United Kingdom, started remembering too?


The Muslim Council Of Great Britain

For years funded extravagantly at the tax payers expense by New Labour, as some sort of pet Islamic project, those peaceful soldiers of Allah at the Muslim Council of Great Britain, seem now to be embarking on a far more sinister tone. A month or two back those searching their websites for stories, were met with the charming sight of being referred too as an "Anonymous coward."

Since that point, things have now seemingly deteriorated all the more, as we now learn that M.C.G.B. has now become an outright "Attack page", and we're instructed that accessing the website may "harm our computers" the reasons given by google are that "malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent".

A governmental "Charity" for Allah's sake,
oh gullible Dhimmi's of once Christian England?......

How many times are we to be taken for idiots by our "Liberal elite", in their attempts to appease radical entities, such as the "Muslim Council of Great Britain"?

When is enough actually enough?

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The First Of Many

Edward Meakins' story will be repeated up and down  the land but 'congratulations' to heartless Barnet Council for being the first to show us how the government's new rules on council housing will be applied.
An 83-year-old pensioner who has lived in the same council house for 74 years is being evicted after the death of his sister left him living alone.A Barnet Council spokesman said: 'We sympathise with Mr Meakins’ position, and we appreciate that the prospect of leaving the family home after so many years must be very difficult for him.
'However, Mr Meakins is living in a three-bedroom council house, which are in very short supply in Barnet.
'We have to balance our sympathy for his position against the needs of the large number of people on the borough’s housing register who are desperate for a good quality family home.
'We will continue to offer Mr Meakins all the support we can in finding suitable alternative accommodation.'
Cold comfort.

Wachet Auf

Andrew Litton conducts the RPO:

Absolutely beautiful.

While you're listening to the music, mull over this, this and this.

Oh, Dear, Dear, Dear

Look on the bright side - I could have called this post 'WTF?'

The eurozone is still in denial.  Spain will be reliant on handouts from the European Central Bank for years to come and Spanish borrowing has risen from roughly 8bn euros per quarter in 1999 to almost 140bn euros pq today.

When news is reported by the msm you know it's tail-end Charlie news:  Spain's worst recession in sixty years

The average unemployment rate in Spain is 20% but it's higher in the 18-24yr old group (another 'harmonised' target). I have one question for Cameron: why have you barred eurosceptic MPs from front-bench Cabinet positions?

The Message Remains The Same

A year ago today I produced and posted a video, to express how I felt about the pointless war in Afghanistan following the 200th death of one of our armed forces. A year on and nothing has changed .... apart from the ever increasing loss of life which, as of today now stands at 331.

Three hundred and thirty one.

Not to mention 100's more whose lives have been irrepairably changed due to physical and/or mental injuries, causing them and their loved ones endless years of suffering.

And for what.

As I said .... the message remains the same. When is it going to stop.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Ramadan Re-mix

Following D&C's earlier post  and mine last Friday, here's GOT's banned video which is now on Daily Motion:

A Message For Ramadan
From GrumpyOldTwat - Werthers Originals all round

Americans have the same idea. H/t to one of Gotty's commenters for this:


How's this for double standards then?

I noticed that Yesterday, G.O.T. has a video banned for a little harmless mockery.....

I mean....How dare he?

Mocking Islam and Blue Labour Dhimmi's like that?

Yet as with the video above, Calling for the Caliphate within the U.K. is now deemed fully acceptable?....

Don't you just love a level playing field?

Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Merry Way

If MPs can treat our democracy so lightly and stroll carelessly over the democratic process, I see no reason why I shouldn't follow suit:

Dire States

Simon Hughes (Bermondsey & Old Southwark) is busy positioning himself for the leadership of the LibDems when the Party crashes and burns under Clegg and the coalition. I'm assuming, of course, that the coalition will be allowed to 'crash & burn' and that Hughes, as newly-elected deputy leader, will be allowed to re-form the traditionally left of New Labour LibDems - perhaps that's two assumptions too far.

We've been reduced from three Parties to one and look at the state we're in: everyone still agrees with each other - even Labour approves of some of the measures the coalition is taking and the govt is adopting some measures the last government introduced. Alan Milburn, staunch Blairite, is now being touted as coming back to government in an unelected role as Tsar for the Socially Immobile or somesuch stupid title. In Parliament, nobody disagrees. The only people who disagree are the frozen-out MPs on the fringes and the people themselves.  As we've already seen, the govt asks for our opinions and suggestions but ignores them.

Caroline Lucas (Green, Brighton) has much in common with Hughes and if Clegg had remained true to LibDem principles (!) I think she'd have been a LibDem Councillor. As it is she's just another Statist mouthpiece in the House of Commons spouting what the young have already been educated to believe in - she and Hughes would make a fine pair.  She's doing her best is Caroline but her last performance in the House was awful - starting, stuttering, tailing away mid-sentence, going back to the beginning, apologising and finally being rescued by the Conservative Minister.

People say, "Well, you got what you voted for"  and in a way that's true but it's only because no-one trusted Cameron's Conservatives enough to vote whole-heartedly for them, hence they fell short of the majority needed to govern alone.  Even Labour voters didn't want Labour back in government yet now they're talking of a 'revival', of being back in government at the next election.  I don't know who's delusional here but I hope it's not me.

The media played its part - 'the people want this, the people want that' when there was no evidence whatsoever that 'the people' wanted anything of the sort. All we wanted was a strong government capable of turning round Labour's thirteen years of decay and betrayal*.

We haven't got it.  What we've got is a stitch-up and, effectively, a one-Party state.  As for Hughes?  He missed the boat years ago: he hasn't been good enough in the past and he isn't good enough now.

* Btw - The Act of Treason hasn't been abolished - only the penalty (capital punishment) has been amended.  Blair apparently discovered that the Act couldn't be abolished in its entirety so sought to mitigate it with a lesser punishment.  In line with his thinking, I suggest 50m lashes from one for half of the population  +10m for trashing our Constitution  +10m for the unfettered immigration  +10m for simultanously smiling and lying  +10m for being part of a conspiracy which has undermined our nation.

Sunday Reflection

Sunday Round-up

The mad, the bad and the quirky:

Britain's child sex slaves
Named: 23 MPs demanded £42k 'repayment'
Blairite Milburn could be in line for government job
Howard joins call for full Kelly inquest
When is a fightback not a fightback? When it's slavish compliance
Fraser Nelson's verdict on the first 100 days
Hookers, lap-dancers & 'holidays' on the taxpayer
Home ownership "increasingly untenable"
Pakistan facing cholera and riots
100yr old whisky found in the Antarctic
Obama: It started in Europe
America's lost generation: veterans' suicide "out of control"
Aussies fight extradition treaty with UAE
Man auctions daughter for alcohol
Tourists not grabbed by testicles
Fined for comparing official to Vichy collaborator
Crisis boosts European military co-operation
Russia deploys S-300s to block possible Israeli strike
Ashton concerned at deployment of S-300s
Brief glimpse: Anglo-Indian culture
Field test of thumbprint vending machines
Kuwait donates £10m to UK Islamic Centre
Afghan clerics call for Sharia
France & Germany bicker about insolvency rules

Good news:
3 children escape serious injury in N.Ireland
Ark Royal & Liverpool come home

The "Suicide" Of Dr. David Kelly


Former Tory leader Michael Howard tonight put himself at the head of a powerful all-party campaign to force a full inquest into the death of Min­istry of Defence weapons expert Dr David Kelly. Mr Howard, Conservative leader when the Hutton Report found Dr Kelly took his own life, said: ‘In view of the growing number of relevant questions that have arisen and cast doubt on the conclusions reached by Lord Hutton, I believe it would now be entirely appropriate for a full inquest to be held.

‘Recent evidence by the first police officer on the scene, together with new statements by doctors, raise serious questions which should be considered. This has been on my mind for quite a while and recent events have crystallised my view.’

Mr Howard, now a leading Tory peer, was backed by Labour leadership challenger Diane Abbott, two former Labour Defence Min­isters who served in Tony Blair’s Government and a number of senior Tory, Lib Dem and Labour MPs. They spoke out amid signs that the Government is prepared to act in response to the growing demands to resolve questions over the circumstances of Dr Kelly’s death.

It emerged yesterday that Attorney General Dominic Grieve is ready to meet the group of senior doctors who last week claimed Dr Kelly could not have committed suicide in the way described in Lord Hutton’s report. Mr Grieve has already indicated he is ready to ask the High Court to order a full inquest if he believes there is sufficient evidence to cast doubt on Lord Hutton’s verdict and Justice Minister Ken Clarke was yesterday urged by a Cabinet colleague to scrap Labour’s unprecedented 70-year embargo on releasing Dr Kelly’s medical records, including the results of the post-mortem examination. ‘If we are going to find out how Kelly died, the first requirement is to allow his medical details to be scrutinised,’ said the Cabinet Minister, who asked not to be named.

Full story here

Oh, hark!....... is that the high-pitched squeaking of Blair's sphincter I can hear?

Saturday, 14 August 2010


There's trouble brewing for the one-term President and no mistake:


Meet The New British Foreign Secretary

Joao Vale de Almeida is the first of the new EU ambassadors to be officially appointed, following the ratification of the controversial Lisbon Treaty which gave the EU sweeping new powers.

This man has now been formally installed as the EU's ambassador to the US, and has already suggested that American officials should regard him as their first point of contact for all transatlantic discussions. This will, of course, mean that this Portuguese man now 'represents' Britain on all foreign and security policies in America.

Meanwhile, the tax payers of Britain will continue to pay for this privilege without even being consulted and, presumably, the British Government will be relegated to discussing how British actors are portrayed in Hollywood ..... or some such shit!

Gotty ;-)

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Friday, 13 August 2010

It's A Wild World

Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam

Schway Schway, Catchee Monkee

 السلام عليكم   says William Hague so walaikum salaam bin gahba right back at him.

Ramadan mubarak indeed. Here is what David Cameron had to say.

I think we should be watchful.  In the meantime, I look forward to Cameron's Christmas message and an Easter Egg from William Hague.

What Has Europe etc etc

Leading the show - former journalist and PR man who served as an EC press spokesman, as an advisor to Commission President Barroso and, briefly, as head of the Commission's External Relations department is the new ambassador to Washington.

Niles Gardner: "I hope that David Cameron and William Hague are taking note, and will forcefully speak out against this arrogant power play by Brussels. It is essential that the message is sent loud and clear to Mr Vale de Almeida and his political masters in Belgium that only the British government speaks for the British people, and that the Anglo-American alliance is not up for negotiation."

November EU-US summit  "Not being a problem does not mean we should not be a priority.  There’s untapped potential in this relationship ... We can co-operate better on foreign policy, from Iran to Pakistan, to the Middle East and the Balkans.”   Vale de Almeida added that the two blocs should also co-ordinate more over their positions in forums such as the G20 and on climate change.

The ECJ   "In a European legal community in which there is no clear hierarchy between the ECJ and national constitutional courts, and the implementation of European law has depended largely on the co-operation or "acquiescence" of national judiciaries, the potency of German legal threats cannot be understated: they have the potential to stop European integration in its tracks."

European Voice reports that there are plans for 'only' a 2.9% increase in the EU budget. At present 76% of the EU's budget comes from contributions from member states with the rest from the current system, a share of VAT receipts and import duties, BUT member states opted to leave the commission's own proposed spending increase for the EU parliament untouched with a budget of €1.7 billion - 5.5% more than last year.

Spain, Poland, Austria, Belgium support EU taxation plans

Calls for an EU disaster reaction force   He [French junior minister for EU affairs, Pierre Lellouche] noted that the current EU crisis response tool, the Community Mechanism for Civil Protection, has not been triggered so far ...The Mechanism for Civil Protection helps EU countries to co-ordinate bilateral relief efforts through a special office, the Monitoring and Information Centre, in the European Commission's aid directorate.  As if we don't already have enough forces, agencies and units - take a look at the post labels in the sidebar - it's EU this, European that and a whole string of initials that no-one understands.

The excellent Open Europe has published a report outlining recent developments and moves towards 'economic government'.

Four out of five jobs in May/June went to foreigners "Under the cap, the numbers of skilled and highly skilled workers who can come to the UK was limited to just over 24,000. However, yesterday's figures cast doubt on its effectiveness as more than half of the foreign workers - 77,000 - would have been exempt because they come from within the EU".

UK diplomat appointed EU envoy to Sudan   The EU has "a moral obligation"  to the Sudan.

MEPs on free Viagra and who knows what else including heroin replacement, penis enlargement and mild electric shock treatment. I think we could tweak with the latter therapy and come up with an ideal solution all round.

Can't we do this here? Austrian bank chief arrested   It seems to me that there isn't the political will to do anything constructive in Britain.

AND, good news from America:  GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb & Eli Lilly are amongst big pharma being investigated by US and Canada.

Corruption & Destruction

This is from Michael Savage, who is still banned from entering the UK (latest is here).

If you haven't come across them before do try and watch all these videos if you can (the longest is about nine and a half minutes) and you'll build up a picture of how we've reached the political mess we're in. The fact that they refer to America or Europe doesn't mean the same conditions don't apply to Britain - in fact Britain has played a large part in disseminating this ideology to the world. As I see it, Britain is one of the main perpetrators, not a victim and that's why it's so difficult to get our country back on an even keel - the governing classes, media, civil service, have all bought into the theory.

PC, anti-fascism, immigration, cultural marxism, Frankfurt School
Herbert Marcuse in his own words
Eight minutes on cultural Marxism
Indoctrinating a nation through education & culture - Gramsci, Jack Straw's hero
Willi Munzenberg: We will make the west so corrupt that it stinks
The awful inevitability of it all:
Sarah Maid of Albion: The destruction of European culture

If You Think This Is For Your Benefit...

... you're wrong.

Cameron considers permanent BST

He says it's all for the benefit of the people, especially those sporty types who would like "a longer day".   Except it isn't, it's to align cross-border business hours and 'harmonise' us with continental Europe. Never take at face value anything that some politicians say.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Useful Idiots......

The video clips below give very interesting insight into the minds of many a loathsome appeaser.

In political jargon, the term “useful idiots” was used to describe Soviet sympathisers in Western countries and the attitude of the Soviet government towards them.

Useful idiots, in a broader sense, refers to Western journalists, travellers and intellectuals who gave their blessing – often with evangelistic fervour – to tyrannies and tyrants, thereby convincing politicians and the public of the Utopian (rather than Dystopian) nature of the society.

In part one (the first three clips) John Sweeney looks at Stalin’s Western apologists. In part two (the last three clips) he explores how present day stories of human rights abuses across the world are still rewritten by creatures such as the odious George Galloway who gave some Cock & Bull excuse why he didn't want to take part in the series when initially asked.

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