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Friday, 13 August 2010

If You Think This Is For Your Benefit...

... you're wrong.

Cameron considers permanent BST

He says it's all for the benefit of the people, especially those sporty types who would like "a longer day".   Except it isn't, it's to align cross-border business hours and 'harmonise' us with continental Europe. Never take at face value anything that some politicians say.


  1. Captain HaddockAugust 13, 2010

    "Never take at face value anything that some politicians say" ...

    Surely, you mean ...

    Never take at face value anything that ANY Politician says ??

    Though he might have a fight on his hands if the Muslims get their way ..


  2. :-) Yes I thought twice about that CH but in the end decided not to tar them all the same - there must be one or two who are uncorrupted, surely?

    I read about Mecca Mean Time - can't see it catching on over here ;-)

  3. I hope this doesn't mean I've been brainwashed by the ruling elite but I'd actually prefer an extra hour of sunlight on wintry afternoons. I cycle home from work and would much prefer to do it in lighter hours. If a few sheep herders up north want their own time zone, then so be it. They have their own rules for everything else.

    Being good for business is not something we should be getting worried about.
    Good for business = more jobs = healthier economy.

  4. James, do I detect a note of sarcasm? What time do you leave for work in winter? Same time? Is it dark? It's called 'nature' - unless you advocate cutting working and school hours in winter to fit in with daylight it doesn't make sense.

    Cameron is just using the Scots as a decoy - something to attract the flak.

    Anyway, I know where you live and I'd have thought you'd prefer 24-hr daylight.

  5. Captain HaddockAugust 13, 2010

    Goodnight Vienna said...

    " ... there must be one or two who are uncorrupted, surely" ?

    Sorry to disillusion you GV .. but they're all bent .. they're part of a little "Club" .. anyone showing honest or truthful tendencies is regarded as being a "loose cannon" & therefore a danger to the rest of them ..

    Look at what happened to Martin Bell .. he didn't last long, did he ?

  6. True CH, but the British government is parochial politics - they don't matter except insofar as we're being ripped of twice and three times over by the same old political elite.

    You're not disillusioning me, read my blog.

  7. Captain HaddockAugust 13, 2010

    Too right GV ..

    To paraphrase .. "Never, in the history of mankind have so many been fucked around by so few for so long" ...


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