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Thursday, 26 August 2010

It's Official

England is the most over-crowded country in the EU. I tend to think that when things like this hit the msm news it's because they're incontrovertible and avoiding mentioning isssues like this would cast doubt on the integrity and veracity of the media (*cough*).

England now has a density of 402.1 people per sq.km while lucky old Scotland has only 67.
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Also: Immigration increased by 20% in 2009
The figures are for the last full year of the Labour Government and raise serious questions over the effectiveness of its flagship points based system that was introduced to curb immigration. 
It also means more than three million foreign nationals were added to the British population under Labour's watch since 1997. 
Separate figures showed student visas have increased by a third renewing fears the route is being exploited as a loophole for both legal and illegal immigration.
The number of migrants allowed to the stay permanently also increased by a third while grants of asylum (4,190) hit their highest level for seven years, according to figures from the Home Office and Office for National Statistics (ONS).
And: Figures also revealed 25% of UK births in 2009 were to mothers born outside the UK
Today's ONS statistics show a 37% rise in immigrants granted settlement in the UK between June 2009 and June 2010. And the number of visas issued to students increased 35% to more than 362,000.


  1. The pressure exerted on infrastructure and the economy is crippling and set to get very much worse. "We must be mad".

  2. Globalization 101. They must change nations with strong self identities.

  3. Look -- errrh --- if we just -- uff - squeeze in here -- sorry, madam -- we can -- phew -- pack millions more in.

  4. Aye, most of lucky old Scotland's population is now in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

    And of course London.

  5. OR - you're right, too few people in Britain know what's going on and why. The country has been 'easy meat' for them, step-by-step since 1946.

    You're undergoing a sea-change yourselves, Trestin. I really wanted you to hold out but, no, America had to go and elect a Blair MkII :-(

    Hi Harry - from what I hear about London (where I'm shortly to land in 2/3 weeks) there's barely breathing space. Animal studies show that if you subject eg rats to overcrowding they turn on each other. Wonderful Frankfurt School & wonderful Fabians - their dream society is on its way.

    Conan, most of lucky old England's population is also there now, with the exception of London. Me? I'm thinking of taking up crofting :-)


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