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Saturday, 7 August 2010

What Has Europe Done For Us?

First of all, it's given we lucky people a brand new role-playing game:

They call it "democracy in action" and it's apparently inspired by World of Warcraft and Second Life; perhaps they should have called this one 'Third Way Life'.    I presume the avatar in the video is meant to depict one of the many EU officials employed to patrol the game, meeting "real people", answering questions, correcting 'mistaken' views and generally being a good facilitator.  MEPs will also be available online

It will cost roughly £230,000 to get the project off the ground as part of a £3.3m communications contract with the European Service Network, a Brussels communications agency that until now has mostly been responsible for producing EU brochures and websites. 

I know now why the EU is so fond of phrases such as 'actor' and 'player' etc.  I think I'd have quite liked the job of playing a helpful online EU official but I wasn't asked so I'll have to make do with a ski-masked avatar wielding a banner instead.

More nEUws:

Cost of privately educating EU sprogs soars
129m euros in aid to Syria for "economic & social reform"
30m euros in aid to Pakistan for those displaced on Af/Pak border
Errors in single payment scheme cost UK £188m in EU farm support
Hansard: EU regulatory costs £30.3bn
An extra £150m pa cost to British businesses
Government's One-in, One-out won't apply to EU rules & regs
Turkish nationals can only be denied the right to live and work in European Community states if they pose a "specific risk of new and serious prejudice to the requirements of public policy"
Merchant Navy under threat from EU
More Brits extradited to Greece under the EAW
2m more Hungarians will have right to work in Britain from 2011
The EU flag will be flown on 'the inferior' of the two flagpoles outside the Communities Department
A great article from Melanie Phillips about Tory back-tracking

The following is, I think, tenuously connected to the EU's regionalisation policies and spotted on the Hansard link above.  Is this in any way connected to the planned BBC move to Salford?

Ian Austin: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills whether he plans to relocate (a) civil servants and (b) Government bodies for which his Department is responsible (i) out of London and (ii) to the West Midlands; and if he will make a statement. [8292]  
Mr Davey: This Department is currently reviewing its location strategy and this will include future decisions on potential relocation opportunities. The initial review is expected to be undertaken over the next six months and no decisions will be made on any final locations until then.


  1. I read about this just a wee while ago GV. Idle hands and all that. Paid for by us of course.

  2. To answer your question GV.



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