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Friday, 13 August 2010

What Has Europe etc etc

Leading the show - former journalist and PR man who served as an EC press spokesman, as an advisor to Commission President Barroso and, briefly, as head of the Commission's External Relations department is the new ambassador to Washington.

Niles Gardner: "I hope that David Cameron and William Hague are taking note, and will forcefully speak out against this arrogant power play by Brussels. It is essential that the message is sent loud and clear to Mr Vale de Almeida and his political masters in Belgium that only the British government speaks for the British people, and that the Anglo-American alliance is not up for negotiation."

November EU-US summit  "Not being a problem does not mean we should not be a priority.  There’s untapped potential in this relationship ... We can co-operate better on foreign policy, from Iran to Pakistan, to the Middle East and the Balkans.”   Vale de Almeida added that the two blocs should also co-ordinate more over their positions in forums such as the G20 and on climate change.

The ECJ   "In a European legal community in which there is no clear hierarchy between the ECJ and national constitutional courts, and the implementation of European law has depended largely on the co-operation or "acquiescence" of national judiciaries, the potency of German legal threats cannot be understated: they have the potential to stop European integration in its tracks."

European Voice reports that there are plans for 'only' a 2.9% increase in the EU budget. At present 76% of the EU's budget comes from contributions from member states with the rest from the current system, a share of VAT receipts and import duties, BUT member states opted to leave the commission's own proposed spending increase for the EU parliament untouched with a budget of €1.7 billion - 5.5% more than last year.

Spain, Poland, Austria, Belgium support EU taxation plans

Calls for an EU disaster reaction force   He [French junior minister for EU affairs, Pierre Lellouche] noted that the current EU crisis response tool, the Community Mechanism for Civil Protection, has not been triggered so far ...The Mechanism for Civil Protection helps EU countries to co-ordinate bilateral relief efforts through a special office, the Monitoring and Information Centre, in the European Commission's aid directorate.  As if we don't already have enough forces, agencies and units - take a look at the post labels in the sidebar - it's EU this, European that and a whole string of initials that no-one understands.

The excellent Open Europe has published a report outlining recent developments and moves towards 'economic government'.

Four out of five jobs in May/June went to foreigners "Under the cap, the numbers of skilled and highly skilled workers who can come to the UK was limited to just over 24,000. However, yesterday's figures cast doubt on its effectiveness as more than half of the foreign workers - 77,000 - would have been exempt because they come from within the EU".

UK diplomat appointed EU envoy to Sudan   The EU has "a moral obligation"  to the Sudan.

MEPs on free Viagra and who knows what else including heroin replacement, penis enlargement and mild electric shock treatment. I think we could tweak with the latter therapy and come up with an ideal solution all round.

Can't we do this here? Austrian bank chief arrested   It seems to me that there isn't the political will to do anything constructive in Britain.

AND, good news from America:  GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb & Eli Lilly are amongst big pharma being investigated by US and Canada.


  1. On the EU Ambassador item GV, you beat me to it - one of the items I was going to post about - and still might.

    Look on the bright side though - means we could get rid of one useless politico, namely Hague!

  2. He's a Yorkshire-man if you don't mind, Mr W :-) but, on that basis,I don't know what he's doing in this government that seems to think diplomacy means appeasement.

  3. Re your last bit GV, exactly - he needs a lot of Trueman and Boycott in him. In other words a spine!

  4. Ah, the holy trinity of Boycott, Trueman and A N Other.

    I fear that the only thing that will give any government a spine, Mr W, is feet on the street. I also think that that is what they're waiting for.

  5. A N Other - Brian Close? As you can see - bit of a 'cricket nut'!

    Re 'feet on the street' - agreed, but then the govt enact the Civil Contingencies Act and we are back to square one!

  6. Sometimes, Mr W, I wonder why we care about their laws. They obviously don't care about us and pass laws despite our opposition.

  7. "They obviously don't care about us and pass laws despite our opposition."

    And that, GV, is why politics in our country must change and change pdq!

    Which in turn begs the question: where is the bill about referenda? Bet that is one of the last they enact.

    They have even skewed that, on a national level, in that all any referendum petition would ensure is that it gets 'debated' in the HoC - and even then only about a dozen or so MPs will bother to turn up!

    All of them have one common denominator - their parentage is in question!

  8. That's a lot of words to say they're b@st@rds, Mr W!

    Politics won't change unless we make it change - and I don't mean by having a referendum on the Alternative Vote.

    People are catching on and it may be at the 11th hour but there's still hope.

  9. GV, this comment link is getting to be like a personal chat-line!

    "That's a lot of words to say they're b@st@rds, Mr W!"

    I do try so hard, being a gentleman, not to use bad language where ladies are present!


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