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Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Islamification Of Our Food

What the hell's going on when meat from animals slaughtered by the halal method of throat-cutting is secretly served up to the nation? We need to stand up and say "NO" to this barbaric method of slaughter and the deceitful islamification of our way of life.
...schools, hospitals, pubs and famous sporting venues such as Ascot and Twickenham are controversially serving up meat slaughtered in accordance with strict Islamic law to unwitting members of the public.
The article makes for painful reading and the video below, with the pitiful cries and screams of the animals, is stomach-churning.  We have the right to know what we're eating.

In case anyone's wondering, I avoid Kosher meat for the same reason but after this MoS investigation I may embrace lentil-munching full-time.

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  1. It is just distgusting , i cannot watch the video it would break my heart and give me nightmares. How can you stand there and watch that or even film it? These people have hearts and souls of stone. I would not trust any of them. I have cut meat out of my diet just from what i have read and seen on the internet, the general public are unaware of the truth and that is done intentionally. This method of slaughter is creeping into mainstream food in Australia eventhough we have very few Muslims per head of population. To make matters worse it is not always stated on the packaging. A new pizza shop opened at the bottom of the road near here, which is halal, i refuse to buy from there. This is taking all the hard fought for animal welfare laws backwards . THe powers that be do not care.

  2. I do not know what happened to my last comment i posted so i will try again.
    I cannot watch the video or read the article it would break my heart and give me nightmares. These vile , distgusting human beings who have no trouble watching and filming this are psycopaths. The animal welfare laws that have been hard fought for , are pissed up the wall because it is their culture. The only way i have of avoiding this sadism is to cut meat out of my diet. The food labelling laws are a joke and halal meat is not obvious by the packaging . Thank you for posting this, the general public needs to know where their food comes from . The corporations and supermarkets have no intention of informing the masses. I do not buy any corporate fast food , and if i do fancy a takeaway it is fish and chips from a local family run shop.

  3. I have written to my MP about my concerns regarding meat that is slaughtered using the Halal methods being passed off for general consumption. Parts of the animal are deemed 'unlean' and are sold off and although slaughtered using Halal methods are not classed as Halal. I think it's a disgrace that we may inadvertantly be eating products that could have been slaughtered without pre-stunning which in my view is inhumane.
    I was fortunate to receive a letter back from the Minister of State for Agriculture and Food who stated that the EU are looking to bring in welfare inidicators on food labelling. He also stated that it was unclear how religious slaughtering can be reflected in the new labelling. Quote "You may be aware of the recent vote in the European Parliament on the provision of food information to consumers and the proposed requirement to indicate the method of slaughter where and an animal has been slaughtered without prior stunning". No I wasn't aware and The Minister is also looking to "canvas views more widely" before finalising the UK's position regarding the European proposal.
    So yes they're looking at it - bedger your MP! Oh and stick to pig products or don't eat the stuff if you're worried. I stopped eating meat years ago but my family are all meat-eaters. I wouldn't have Halal in the house if I knew it was Halal. I want the freedom to choose.

  4. Hi AG - 'heartbreaking' is the word. This is a two-pronged problem: the slaughter itself and the secretive way it's been introduced into mainstream food. Many people with concerns about animal welfare in farming are buying and eating halal-slaughtered meat unaware. Also, the underhanded way it's been introduced and now seems widespread across the UK is alarming.

    Factory-farming and 'normal' slaughter methods were enough to make me change my food-buying habits but halal is many steps beyond that. The EU is introducing labelling laws next year but that doesn't even begin to address the real issue here which is the method of slaughter itself.

    Companies argue that it's more economical for them to have animals slaughtered in one way rather than catering for all tastes. As you say, tptb don't care and animal welfare laws are being ignored and going backwards. No-one will address it for fear of being labelled islamophobic.

  5. Thanks for that Nicolalala - you're right, we must badger our MP about this. What it effectively means is that, labelled or not, concerned meat-eaters will be severely limited in their choice of restaurants and, if they boycott the head company and all it's subsidiaries, coffee shops, take-aways, pubs, clubs and so on. It's a ridiculous state of affairs and I doubt our politicians will do anything at all about it.

  6. I'm appalled that this is being foisted upon the general public without either their knowledge or consent ..

    I believe I have a legal right to know whether that is the case and will now make a point of specifically asking if my meat has been prepared as either Halal or Kosher & will refuse to buy it and will boycott those supermarkets or establishments where this is the case ..

    I do not want my meat prepared in this way ..

  7. If we all ask the provenenace of meat I think we'll find a growing list of companies and products to boycott, CH. The deeper we dig, the worse it gets. Anyone who cares will either have to kick up a stink or go vegetarian - a modern twist on 'let them eat cake'.

  8. Indeed GV ..

    But in this instance, unlike the French peasantry, we have the spending power to make our case stick ..

    Hit these companies & establishments, in sufficiently large numbers, where it hurts most ie in their profits and they'll soon come to heel ..

    For me, its not so much a case of animal welfare, though that's not to say it doesn't matter .. its more a case of the fact that I'm neither Jewish nor Muslim ..

    I want my meat prepared in the traditional English way, by traditional English methods ..

  9. There are many reasons people might complain CH - ethical, the stealth with which it was introduced, fear of islamification are just three. As long as each person in each group actually does something positive about it the message should get through.

  10. Anything sound familiar?

    "'Indian Mutiny', 1857-1859
    The 1850s saw a deterioration in relations between the British officers and the Indian other ranks in the East India Company’s Bengal Army. Many Indians believed that the British were seeking to destroy traditional Indian social, religious and cultural customs, a view shared by the sepoys of the Bengal Army, a substantial number of whom were high-caste Brahmins. Discipline, administration and command in the Bengal Army had for some time been inferior to that in the Company’s other two armies and matters were brought to a head by the introduction of the Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle. The rumour spread that its cartridges were greased with pig and cow fat, thus offending both Moslems and Hindus"

  11. Hi Harry, true enough, I'd forgotten that story. Many Britons already believe that our social, religious and cultural customs are being undermined and destroyed - tptb didn't need to add sharia-compliant halal food to the mix as well. One way or another they seem to be asking for trouble.

  12. I'm particularly fortunate in that where I live, there is a good, old-fashioned English Butcher's shop ..

    I bought a 3lb, boneless leg of Pork joint last week, which I took down to my daughter's in Suffolk .. to turn into Kebabs for barbecuing at a family get-together .. it was fantastic in both flavour & tenderness & not a scrap left ..

    He sources all his meat locally, knows the farms where it was reared & the abbattoir where it was prepared ..

    In fact, I rang him this morning to thank him for such a superb piece of meat .. I'll be getting my locally reared joint of Topside for Christmas from him too ..

  13. I don't blame you, CH, but everybody isn't as fortunate as you. Provenance and labelling are very 'iffy' particularly in supermarkets. Even Muslims are complaining that meat labelled halal, isn't halal. You're lucky you've got such a good butcher.

    Whatever you do, don't eat out :-)


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