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Monday, 27 September 2010

Of Laptops And LBC

After a weekend of looking forward to this morning I readied myself and went to buy an Acer Aspire 5732ZG.  'Oh, yes,' said the assistant in the shop on Friday, 'They're in stock, come in on Monday.'   Grrrrrrr.

Every time this laptop has frozen or crashed I've consoled myself with the thought that, 'it won't be long now; say hello to my hammer.'   I was so dejected on leaving the shop that I didn't even bother to stop for a carajillo by the harbour and, since I didn't want the money in my pocket to vanish like confetti on the wind, I also avoided clothes shops, shoe shops and those places where tiny fish nibble your feet to smooth perfection ... ...  Puerto Banus, playground of flashy chavs.

When I got back home, lips compressed and acutely hacked off, I switched on LBC Radio.  I wish I hadn't bothered really.  I caught the tail-end of James O'Brien who rarely does anything to lighten my mood.  Capitalism, Milibands, marxism and something about Unions and workers' rights.

As I switched off I wondered about the recent sacking of Jeni Barnett and her replacement by Petrie Hosken.  I used to like Hosken's show between 7pm/10pm but now she's moved to between 1pm/4pm I no longer listen to her.   The line up is now Nick Ferrari, James O'Brien, Petrie Hosken, James Whale, Iain Dale, Clive Bull.  There are too many ranters in that list, too many doom & gloom merchants.  I never cared much for Barnett with her airy-fairy take on life and her 'talk to me, sweetheart' style but I'd rather LBC management had just left things alone; at least she was an alternative voice.

Mehdi Hassan, editor of the New Statesman, is another pundit who's been given a great deal of airtime on tv and radio since April.  He always pops up on LBC with his views on events and occasionally co-presents a show.

I switch off between 7pm/10pm as well as 1pm/4pm during the week and much more than I used to at the weekend.  Iain Dale should stick to blogging, he just doesn't have a voice for radio...zzzzzzzzzz ...and Mehdi Hassan can keep his ignorant, shouty rants to himself.  I love the silence and the thought of how I'm saving the world by not consuming so much electricity.

Ken Livingstone's weekend show now has David Mellor as co-host, presumably because Ken has declared his candidacy for London  Mayor and LBC don't want to be seen to be giving him a weekly self-promotional slot.  However, since being given his radio show, he's done nothing but run down Johnson and promote himself - I wonder if he still sits in on all the Assembly meetings.

I think it's time I switched back to Jazz FM.


  1. For even more comments about LBC, programme changes and the personalities, do pop over to Digital Spy. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=1354824

  2. Thanks. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who likes Nick Abbott's show.

  3. GV I used to like listening to Whale on LBC however recently their master's guiding hand has been too intrusive. Also the Air Traffic Controllers seem to broadcast just on the LBC FM frequency so I get instructions to holiday flights constantly interrupting Whale as I'm hoping he'll let fly. I've defected to London Greek Radio which broadcasts just down the High Road from me, so the signal is crystal clear. Don't understand a word they are saying but the music takes me back decades, fantastic. Hand me a couple of plates!!!

  4. LBC's all too predictable really - it isn't the station it used to be. Nick Abbott is good but he's only on three times a week. I used to live not far from LGR - tiny studios and definitely not enough room to swing a plate or two :-)


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