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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Pot, Kettle

I normally have no time for Chris Bryant (MP for Rhonda and former Europe Minister) but he certainly puts Kay Burley in her place in this clip. The fun begins when Bryant says phone-hacking has been endemic in the newspaper industry at roughly 1:39 in.

Burley: Do you have evidence for that?
Bryant: Sorry, for what?
Burley: Do you have evidence that it is endemic not only at the News of the World but other newspapers? Pretty strong claim if you don't.
Bryant: Well, the Information Commissioner produced a report which if you had listened to the debate earlier yourself then you would know, or if you had read that report then you would see that he referred to more than 1,000 cases in various different newspapers. I think it was something like 800 – I've not got the figures with me now – 800 incidences in the Mail alone.
Burley: So you are in a position to have listened to the debate and read the report and as a result you are content to say that on telly.
Bryant: I have just said that. You seem to be a bit dim if you don't mind me saying so.

It quietens down for a short while only to kick off again at about 3:48 when the words 'Madam' and 'lie' are bandied around. It's not quite as spectacular as the Boulton/Campbell spat but still entertaining.


  1. Kaye Burley is such an easy "f@ck" as she is a bubble head.

    How did you record this from the tele then?

    Did you record to your video wioth your left hand with the right firmly clamped on a chalice of red biddy?

    That would explain the camera motion as you slurped? Or were you up to something else?

  2. I have no time for any of them, least of all the Common Purpose trained Chris Bryant.

    Besides, this creep and his cronies didn't mind poking their noses into every crevice of our affairs when they held sway.

    Drama Queen!

  3. I can't stand Kaye "thinks she knows everything" Burley.She is dim,she realy hasn't got a clue.She really is a msm whore.I cant stomach her when she's on the news.

  4. It's not my work, Bugger - it was on youtube. Thanks to Ollie I now know enough about leads, scarts and video cards to sort something decent out when I come home.

    Hi anon - he's a nasty piece of work. I think he had it in for her before the i/view started but it's time she was put in her place.

    Yes, I can't stand her either, Fraser - she irritates me with her smug, patronising questions so it was nice to see her put in her place - even if it was by Bryant.

  5. -and here was me thinking you were normal, like me.

  6. I'm not sure I'm anything like you, Bugger - as for being normal, that's not for me to say :-)

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