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Friday, 10 September 2010

So Much About Nothing

I wasn't going to bother about this koran-burning business - one evangelist in Florida, with a tiny church and congregation of fifty on a good day, threatens to burn a  copy of the koran if the Ground Zero mosque goes ahead.  So what?

Where did all the media hype come from?  Who spread it around the world if not governments themselves (step forward, William Hague) and the msm who always like a bit of gothic drama to whip up the readership?

One for American readers of this blog:  How easy/difficult would it be for your government to amend your constitution?  I ask because that's all I've been hearing for the past two weeks - that your Constitution is at fault.  Be sure that if it can be changed it will be changed and all, ostensibly, to accommodate the threat of one pastor and millions of  sensitive Muslims around the world.

One man has already died in a protest in Afghanistan - and the koran-burning hasn't even happened!  I suppose this afternoon was always going to be a hot-spot though with everyone just finishing prayers at the mosque & overflowing with the milk of human kindness:  'Death to Christians'; 'Death to America'.   Note that the pastor is being blamed in this report, not the protesters for their own actions.

Half the world needs to take a chill-out pill and calm down - and, while I'm at it, let's have one rule for all of us.  We earn respect in this world, it isn't an entitlement just because we're born into a particular religion.  Stop burning our bloody flags and effigies of our leaders with one hand  (we're quite capable of doing that ourselves, thank you) while pocketing billions of our aid money with the other.

History shows that appeasement has never worked - never, ever, ever.  If we're all supposed to be equal (according to our own government) let's do away with all the special interest ethnic minority quangos and government advisers; end the short-lists with gays, women, black/asians, promotional tick-boxes and stop tippy-toeing around patronising everybody.  How's this for a novel idea?  Let's just have competent people in jobs they can perform to their best strengths.  No more pandering to perceived offences and sensitivities.  Some people need to learn how to handle the truth.

As the slogan in the pic above says: it's time Europe learned some lessons though, to be honest, I thought Britain had done that in 1939.

UPDATE: The DT has a more measured article HERE. "People almost from all city mosques gathered."  What do they preach in these mosques that after 'prayers' they turn out on the streets with such aggression?
Brigadier General Hans-Werner Fritz, the commander of German troops in Afghanistan, had warned on Thursday that the book burning "would provide a trigger for violence towards all ISAF troops,including the Germans in northern Afghanistan." 
He's been proved half-right, a German soldier in the NATO force fired the gun that killed the protester.


  1. Was a story ever more blown out of proportion?

    Shows how touchy it all is though.

    Islam is just gunning for a war.

  2. It's not just Islam gunning for war though Sue - western govts and media really jumped on this and seem to take a delight in whipping it up.

    They've got what they expected: millions of muslims on the streets, protesting, burning flags, dying and for what?

    I think this has more to do with govts than an eccentric evangelist in America.

    It's just more 'nudging'.

  3. I was just saying to someone today, its governments that cause wars. Wars mean big money.

    They're playing a dangerous game with our lives.

  4. Yes they are but the emotional, ultra-sensitive response of Muslims around the world hasn't helped at all. It looks like a lose-lose situation for people. More restrictive laws, more bombings... all engineered.


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