"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday Round-up

How Blair & Brown betrayed our troops General Sir Richard Dannatt: Brown was a malign influence and Blair lacked moral courage.
Commons to vote on timing of Afghan withdrawal To date, 332 British military personnel have died in Afghanistan since 2001, while 1,500 have been wounded in action. Many in Westminster now accept the only hope of a settlement is through negotiating with insurgents, not by pursuing ongoing military action. Tim Farron, LibDem MP and co-chair of the party's foreign policy group: "The crucial thing now is accepting that some of the people running at least part of Afghanistan might be a bit ugly."

Last night Liam Fox ordered an 'urgent review' into reports in The Sunday Times that 5,000 wounded war heroes classed as medically unfit would be forced out of the forces to cut costs.

FCO changed 2002 Iraq memo to follow government's policy   Dowse complains his department had been given "no forewarning" of a paper the SpAd used to brief the Parliamentary Labour Party and later the cabinet, which contradicted the official assessment of Iraq's nuclear capability. 
Queen could withhold honour from Blair  Leaders of Scottish descent are almost automatically given the honour after leaving office, so the Queen’s reluctance is sure to embarrass Mr Blair as he tours the world stage.   (*Warning: this page has an automatically-loading video of Blair).
Cherie launches legal action against Mandelson
LibDem aid quizzed by MI5 about KGB links
Councils carry out trades union activities while the taxpayer pays A survey of 77 English councils found that they spent around £11m last year on the salaries of individuals who were employed by the councils, but in fact spent their time on trade union duties.
Police Sgt found guilty of assault ‘It’s the kind of thing that might go on in a tin-pot dictatorship in Latin America, maybe, but not in rural Wiltshire.’ The case took two years to come to court.
More trouble for Coulson now Mandelson claims his phone was hacked too ...the revelations are beginning to place a strain on the coalition, with some LibDems, who were critical of Coulson's appointment as head of Tory media ops in opposition, scenting blood.
Hague & Myers: the story that won't go away Myers joined Hague and Osborne on the trip to Afghanistan in January. At the time, the Conservatives were in Opposition and Myers had no formal status.
Miliband (D) attacks govt for not imposing moratorium on deep-see drilling off Shetlands
Unions set out their conditions for backing Miliband (D)
Christopher Booker on Pachauri, the IPCC & the Climate Change Act Yet the IPCC is the body on whose authority our Parliament voted for the Climate Change Act, passed all but unanimously two years ago. This will land us, on the Government's own figures, with by far the biggest bill we have ever faced: up to £18bn every year for the next 40 years – £734bn in all – in order to cut our CO2 emissions by 80%, something impossible to achieve except by closing down virtually all our industrial economy.
EU PR drive means journalists' expenses will be paid if they accompany Barroso on foreign trips The news hits the msm at last. MEPs will also be fined if they don't attend all of his State of the Union address.
Mafia benefit from EU wind farm grants It is not just Italian criminals who have spotted the potential for corruption. Recent research by Kroll, the international corporate security firm, has discovered examples all over Europe of so-called "clean energy" schemes being used to to line criminals' pockets rather than save the planet.
EU gives big pharma licence to print money at patients' expense  Under EU rules ­introduced two years ago rare but ­effective drugs can be further developed and exclusive licences ­awarded.
BBC spends £18.2m on car hire & taxis in one year

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