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Monday, 13 September 2010

Swastika Cut Into Forehead

Sweden is going to the polls soon and the political campaigning is hotting up, so much so that 'anti-fascist campaigners' broke into the home of a Sweden Democrat candidate and tortured him.  Bricks have been thrown through windows, there have been riots in the streets and threats have also been issued against candidates and their families.

I don't recall reading about any of this in the British press or seeing reports on the tv news, perhaps that's because they covered them in as much depth as the last riots in Malmo - ie zero.

More details can be found at Tundra Tabloid.  Further incidents related to the elections, including vote-rigging, are at Gates of Vienna

UPDATE: 20 Sept - Sweden Democrats have won 20+ seats in the GE.


  1. It's disgraceful that this attack received no coverage in our media. However, today the Guardian has mentioned the attack, but it has done so in such a way as to make the victim the villain of the piece! See a rebuttal of the Guardian's stance here along with some analysis of Islamisation in Sweden and the prospects for the Sweden Democrats in tomorrow's election: http://durotrigan.blogspot.com/2010/09/sweden-democrats-to-make-poll.html

  2. The Telegraph also had an article 2/3 days ago about the Swedish elections and the rise of what they called 'the far right' with the usual rhetoric. They didn't mention this barbaric attack either but did have to admit to the widespread support the Sweden Democrats have - it looks as though they're on course to win 5/6 seats.

    I also noted that other politicians have said that if they are elected they will refuse to work with them. If I were Swedish I know where my vote would be going.

    Thanks for the link - it's good reading and I've added you to my blogroll.


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