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Monday, 13 September 2010

US/Saudis: Record $60bn Arms Deal

It never stops, does it?

Big Bucks, Big Bang
"In what is the largest ever US arms sale of its kind, Riyadh has agreed to spend $30 billion up front on top range fighter jets and helicopters, with the rest following at an undisclosed date. The two countries are also discussing an upgrade naval package potentially worth $30 billion.

...A Pentagon official said yesterday that the Saudi deal would include 84 new F-15 fighters, the upgrading of 70 more, and the purchase of three types of helicopters: 70 Apaches, 72 Black Hawks and 36 Little Birds. The total of 262 aircraft represents a quarter of the country's current air fleet.
...Talks have also reportedly begun to expand Saudi Arabia's missile defence capabilities, with the Americans encouraging the Saudis to upgrade their Patriot system and to purchase another system similar to the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Defence) sold to the United Arab Emirates.
...In order to assuage concerns in Israel, the Obama administration has already decided not to offer Saudi Arabia so-called standoff systems, which are advanced long-range weapons that can be attached to F-15 fighters for use in offensive operations against land- and sea-based targets. Israel is also in line to buy from the US the F-35, a more sophisticated fighter jet."
Nice to know that there'll always be winners when there's global instability.

Only Britain seems to be bucking the trend for tooling up: France wants to share our submarines.  We must be mad.


  1. GV,

    The bonus?

    When we go to war with them, we know their strengths and their weaknesses.

    For centuries we have been arming nations that, at some point, we have declared war on.

    And why wouldn't they buy the American hardware? Haven't we just had a seven year commercial that attests to their awesomeness and killing power...ness?

    (I really DO need to get my cynicism gland removed).


  2. You're not cynical this time, CR - just applying male logic. Australia is busy buying new toys too - Britain will soon be one of the few countries without a defence force worthy of the name.

  3. GV the terrible thought occurs that Ukplc might just be too far from the scene of carnage to need defence. A further terrible thought occurs, in that with all the missile defence parked out there in the region surrounding Iran someone expects the missiles to start flying soon. When the Juniper Cobra exercise finished all the hardware was left in situ. One further thought to really ruin the day. Saudi has an interest in having the Pak nukes they paid for used on their non-Arab neighbours.

  4. Hi Incoming, bloggers know there's been a huge build-up over the past year - it's just not mainstream reporting & there are plenty of domestic issues to keep our eyes averted.

    You're another one to apply male logic to the situation - I tend to come from the superficial & emotional angle ('peace good, war bad') so thanks for your thoughts.


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