"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Monday, 6 September 2010

Went The Day Well?

I suppose the answer to that depends on whether you've read the newspapers or heard tv news yet.  My day was going well (decorators in, haircut - well, the haircut wasn't fine, it's actually a disaster -  flat yet pineapple-ish with a hint of chav) until I checked out Barroso & Pals.  Then I heard fat toad Tom Watson (Lab, West Bromwich East), slimewort Alan Johnson and that contemptuous, pompous old fart Frank Dobson spouting oh so self-righteously in the Commons on their first day back.

Nothing gets better with the EU. Every day there is a stream of announcements and new directives coming through and every single one drives me to deeper depths of despondency.  The Great Unelected are so remote, inaccessible and ignorant of the way ordinary people feel and live their lives that you may as well bang your head repeatedly against a brick wall.  Of course, they'd say they know exactly how ordinary people feel and that that's why they're in politics, to make our lives better. I just wish they'd fuck the fuck off and leave us alone. Please excuse my French.

They discreetly take our money and spend it on glitzy, self-promotional campaigns telling us how good and honourable they are but they're not; they're just lying, thieving bastards (pemf) with a power and control fetish.

I wish I could say I felt better after that mini-rant, but I don't.  Here's the latest from the scheming scumbags in Brussels (or Strasbourg, depending on what month it is).

Talking of the forthcoming EU supervisory legislation for the financial sector the EU Commissioner for Internal Market, Michel Barnier, has said, "No actor, no product, no sector, no territory should no longer be able to escape sensible and intelligent regulation and supervision". (There they go again with one of EUspeak's favourite words: 'actor'.; What the heck is their concept of 'an actor'? Do they mean you and me? And that use of the word 'territory' - I assume he means 'territories' formerly known as sovereign nations).  There's more about the nitty-gritty of the proposals from Open Europe eg:
The new European supervisors will be granted binding powers over national regulators in seven broad areas and will be given the mandate to interpret, apply and enforce provisions in over 20 separate EU laws. The supervisors are also likely to become more powerful over time, with several proposals already in the pipeline to extend their powers.
 God, I loathe these people and their artificial political construct.

The EU Budget Commissioner, Lewandowski, is in the news again:
"The British rebate  has lost its original justification.  The structure of the EU budget has changed substantially.  Farm subsidies - the main reason for the rebate - have decreased, while the per-capita income of the UK has increased substantially since the 1980s.  There will be very difficult negotiations.  We will need the acceptance of London in order to come to a result.  My role in this business is that of an honest broker."

Lewandowski also said that "the level of farm subsidies in 2020 has to be lower than today, in order to free more money for research, development and global ambitions".

Something gave me a laugh though, or perhaps it was more of a wry smile:
Lady Ashton, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, has been urged by David Cameron to rein in the budget for the new European diplomatic corps amid worries the project could clash with the era of austerity dawning across Europe.
Of concern to Mr Cameron, according to people familiar with the matter, was a request from Lady Ashton in July for €9.5m (£7.9m) to hire an additional 80 senior-level staff for External Action Service delegations.
I don't know why but I don't fancy his chances.  I read this cr@p issuing from the EU and I feel like running into the garden and howling at the moon.  I may as well for all the good any other method of registering my dissent will do.  A referendum; what's that?  'Okay, you can have one on AV which is a p!sspoor voting system just to give those of you who are actually bothered about the illusion of democracy but you can't have one on something that really, truly matters - get back to your 24hr drinking laws and your dumbed-down tv & press with its non-investigative journalists.'

Speaking of journalists, according to Open Europe, in 2009 over €8m was directly spent on entertaining, training and 'informing' journalists. This included spending €351,800 on Irish journalists and Lisbon Treaty related seminars in 2009,  €710,000 on journalism competitions and prizes and €7,500 on two (yes, two!) cocktail parties.  Blogs went wild about the EU descending on Ireland at the time of their second referendum - the visits, the speeches, the hospitality but what do I know.

As if all that wasn't enough to have me biting my pillow and spitting feathers, there's more news on INDECT:  Following criticism of this EU-funded project,  which includes the "monitoring of various people clusters and detection of abnormal behaviour and situations of danger", INDECT's Ethics Board (oxymoron alert) has decided to reduce the amount of public information available, citing "a possible threat to the reputation of the parties involved".

That's what they do.  If something is criticised (like the Freedom of Information Act itself) they try to change the rules and make it more difficult to find out what's going on.  Our surveillance state.

The more I read the more I know that it/they aren't going to go away willingly.  We are, at some point, going to have to grasp the nettle and boot them out ourselves because our elected representatives, the politicans and government, sure as hell aren't going to do it.

Here's a woman who would have approved whole-heartedly of the EU, so much so that she'd probably be sleeping her way around Barroso, van Rompuy et al and pleading for funds for the UAF.

Went the day well? We died and never knew,
But, well or ill, freedom, we died for you.'

(A translation of the poem by Simonides (557-476BC) written to commemorate the three hundred who fell at Thermopylae (480BC)


  1. I'm glad to learn there is another pillow biter on the planet. My socks have taken a beating as well.

    The only thing to do is to ignore it all, while reserving the right to pick up a torch when the mob forms outside one's window.

    I've taken up fish-keeping.

  2. I think that's the best route, Lorne. I think I'll take up crofting and apply for a gun licence at the same time. Having done that, I can then just go away and forget about it all until the you know what hits the fan. Thanks for dropping in.

  3. Don't worry, GV, this tinder box will ignite ere long.

  4. How can it not, OR? How can tptb not know that it's a path to confrontation? Why would they want such a situation? This is just Act I rather than the Finale.

  5. Now now, GV.

    Sit yourself down, put on some soothing music, have a cup of tea or something stronger if you like, and wallow in the knowledge that the heart of the Evil Empire is rotting in its own poison.


  6. Nostradamus's cat (only one life left)September 08, 2010

    The "ancients" wrote it all down, even gave us a calendar when it will come to the boil. 2012 is the date for the end of the world (according to the History Channel). Better get your spaceship ready for immediate departure.

  7. You may not be so far from the truth Nostradamus's cat. If the Queen dies in 2012 there'll be huge upheavals - so while the world itself won't end, the world as we know it in Britain might. Her death would provide an ideal opportunity to further downgrade the monarchy and weaken what's left of Britain's sovereignty.

  8. Oh please let the people of Britain have sufficient backbone to at least sign the petition supported by Hannan and Carswell (which I see you have also posted on your blog, GV!)

    Superb rant. Love it!

  9. Thanks Fausty - we really need to push this petition, it could be our last democratic chance. As for my mini-rant I can't be the only one who gets a tight little knot in the middle of my chest after reading about the latest from the EU.


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