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Monday, 13 September 2010

Woolas In Court

Slimeball Phil Woolas (Lab, Oldham East and former Immigration Minister) could be about to get his come-uppance at a specially convened Electoral Court this week.  He's been accused of peddling lies about his LibDem opponent at the GE in order to win the 'white vote'.
Emails between members of Mr Woolas’s campaign team, obtained by Mr Watkins’s lawyers, detail their alleged plans to claim falsely that Mr Watkins supported Islamic extremists and was “prepared to condone death threats” against Mr Woolas to secure their vote. Pamphlets sent out by Mr Woolas also falsely suggested that Mr Watkins was receiving illegal funding from abroad and had lied about where he lived, it is claimed.
Mr Woolas is accused of breaching the Representation of the People Act 1983, in which it is an offence to “make or publish any false statement of fact” about an opponent. Mr Watkins’s legal team claims that “Mr Woolas exploited the privilege of free speech in order to demonise his opponent and to mislead the electorate… the false statements were devastating and far-reaching, and were made in an exceptionally marginal constituency”. 
Woolas won the seat by only 103 votes and if he's found guilty he could be disqualified from sitting in the House of Commons and will, no doubt, face deselection.  Perhaps a re-run of the election would also be in order?

Full article HERE 


  1. That such a slimeball was ever a Minister is horrendous.

  2. Liebour 'strong' on immigration, what a farce!!!
    Jail him please judge!

  3. Captain HaddockSeptember 13, 2010

    Tee-Hee .. Fucking good oh .... :):):)

  4. Let's see what the verdict of the High Ct judges is first :-( I'd be surprised if he's convicted of anything but he should be, along with quite a few other MPs who are still sitting in the HoC because they were voted back in again by idiots.


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