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Friday, 8 October 2010

Defence Of The Realm

The defence of the nation and it's people is the first duty of government so what the heck is going on with plans to slash the size of the Royal Navy?  The cuts will take us back to the 16thC and the days of Henry VIII.
Under the plans, the number of warships would be cut by almost half to just 25, with frigates, destroyers, submarines, minesweepers and all amphibious craft scrapped.
Even if built, the new carriers could sail without any British aircraft to fly from them after admirals "mortgaged everything" to persuade ministers not to abandon the £5.2 billion programme. The ships could also be delayed for years and redesigned to save money, defence sources have disclosed.
Navy sources have said that the reduction would mean Britain would find it "extremely difficult" to protect sea lanes on which 90% of the country's trade relies.
If the report is true the reduction will still be a dog's dinner and solve nothing.  Who will defend 'our Island Nation' if not the RN?  Why don't we just issue our sailors with pedalos and armbands and the people with woad and pitchforks and have done with it.

I'm sure the fact that we're due to share the aircraft carriers with the French has nothing to do with the decision to retain them, oh dear me, no.  EUNavFor?  Never heard of it.  Move along, nothing to see.

EU NAVFOR Operation Headquarters - Sandy Lane - Northwood, Middlesex - HA6 3HP


  1. The true point of all government expenditure is to extract money from the taxpayers for the benefit of administrators, contractors and staff. Any achievement of the ostensible purpose of the programme or department is almost incidental. This is merely a particularly egregious example. If cost efficient defence was on the government's mind they might do better to close down the navy and airforce altogether and admit it, rather than continue the financial drain for the benefit of a few parasites.

  2. Long time, no see, Raven. I hope you've started blogging again - I miss your posts.

    It's true that, despite Cameron, government is still a method of extracting taxes from the masses. I've written before about how I feel like a mediaeval serf and that feeling isn't going away with this govt. I don't know why people ignore it.

    I differ from you in that I think if 'cost-efficient defence' was what they wanted, we'd beef up the RN and the RAF and bring the troops home.

    It's been in the planning for so many years but only now, after Lisbon, are we seeing the detail and it isn't finished yet, not by a long chalk.

  3. Thank you for those kind words GV. I still hve some personal things to deal with before I can again devote attention to blogging, but I am paying attention to what you and other bloggers write.

    Considerations of political expedience are likely to trump any rational and informed planning. I suspect one has to spend a lot before reaching even a minumum viable defenmce, and we are probably falling below that threshold; so in effect the military are just there for ceremonial functions (and contracts to the connected).Politicians can claim we do have defence forces, and shed patriotic crocodile tears over casualties whilst they pose for photo opportunities.

  4. I don't know what to say beyond what I've already said. Welcome to our English Theme Park: joyrides to the left.


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