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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Labour Shadow Cabinet: Who's In + Updates

No Peter Hain, Diane Abbott, Ben Bradshaw, Chris Bryant, Stephen Timms, David Lammy.

Yvette Cooper/Balls, 232 votes, Shadow Foreign Secretary and Minister for Women
John Healey, 192, Shadow Health Secretary
Ed Balls, 179, Shadow Home Secretary
Andy Burnham, 165, Shadow Education Sec
Angela Eagle, 165
Alan Johnson, 163, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
Jim Murphy, 160, Shadow Defence Secretary.
Douglas Alexander, 160, Shad Work & Pensions Secretary
Tessa Jowell, 152
Caroline Flint, 139, Shad Communities Secretary
John Denham, 129, Shad Business Secretary
Hilary Benn, 128
Sadiq Khan, 128, Shad Justice Secretary
Mary Creagh, 119
Anne McKechin,117, Shad Scottish Secretary
Maria Eagle, 107, Shad Transport  Secretary
Meg Hillier, 106, Shad Energy Secretary
Ivan Lewis, 104
Liam Byrne, 100

Harriet Harman remains as Deputy Leader and has been appointed Shadow International Development Secretary

Roles will be allocated by Miliband tomorrow.

UPDATE: Updated Fri 8th to show the number of votes each received - roles will follow shortly.
Parachuted in:
*Peter Hain, Shadow Welsh Secretary*
*Shaun Woodward, Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary*

No news yet on Lewis, Byrne, Eagle A, Jowell, Benn & Creagh.


  1. fish...barrel..sawn off shotgun ...spring to mind, oh the heady days to come...

  2. The old faces, the culpable and the untried with only one thing in common - sanctimonious, class-based, envy-ridden, divisive politics. Oh, and they can't count either. I felt quite sorry for Miliband when I heard the list. No, not really :-)


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