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Thursday, 21 October 2010

MEPs Given Extra Powers

I hope everyone knows who their MEP is because that's where the action has been for a long time now (it's why our own Westminster government is, on the whole, so damned useless) and there's no sign of it slowing down as Brussels steadily accrues more powers to itself and votes for more and more taxpayers' cash.

The latest news is that the EC has arbitrarily given MEPs extra powers over and above what their countries have conferred.  Through something called an 'inter-institutional agreement' all MEPs have been given more rights over international negotiations and greater access to classified documents.  This gives them more rights than our own Westminster MPs - you know the ones I mean: they're the ones who knock on your door and smile once every four or five years and are less familiar to you than the local Jehovah's Witnesses.

The former sovereign nations that now comprise the territories/institutions of the EU are slightly miffed by this new development which apparently came out of the blue.  They're threatening to take the EC to court - that would be the European Court of Justice, the EU's dogsbody.  Good luck with that.
Portuguese centre-right MEP Paulo Rangel, in charge of drafting the parliament's position on the agreement last week said he was confident the legal threat would not materialise.
"Every institution interprets in its own way their new powers given by the Lisbon Treaty and tries to maximise their positions. I don't think this means there is a conflict within the institutions," he said.
While we're in Brussels, let's see how the budget negotiations are getting on:

MEPs have voted by a vast majority to increase next year's EU budget by 5.9%
The 2011 EU budget proposed by MEPs would include €142.65 billion in commitments and €130.14 billion in payments. The negotiations are the first to take place under the new Lisbon Treaty format, handing parliament a greater say and allowing for only one reading. 
Naturally, they didn't forget to take into account their own necessities of life because they doubled their budget for champagne.

Is there anyone, anywhere (apart from you and me) who isn't on this gravy train?  I looked at the secretarial posts available and a bilingual PA can earn a minimum of 3,000 euros per month plus the usual perks - oh, to be 21 again.  Sod the FCO.  Who, in their right mind, would turn down a job with these people?  No wonder the FCO is so pro-EU these days - they're all waiting in the first carriage of the EuroStar to Brussels.

If Merkel/Sarkozy insist on transferring powers to Hague's "new areas" then Ireland may get a third referendum.  I think we're looking at more sleight of hand here, more re-wording rather than another treaty.  The risk of referenda is too great for tptb.

Tsk, tsk!  Naughty Greece  The UN has said that Greece's portal for immigrants into the EU is "inhuman, degrading, appalling, dysfunctional".  I suppose that puts our own into perspective.

Deep joy: the European External Action Service aka Diplomatic Service, is to be launched on the anniversary of the Lisbon Treaty.  I hope you've washed your flags and will have a clean one ready (I take it you do rotate and keep one constantly fluttering outside your home/Town Hall?)

All well and good except the lying, deceitful, manipulative b@st@rds already had fifty-four embassies up and running in the first six weeks of this year.  Goodness knows how many have been added since then.

Everything was in place, ready for the Lisbon signing - it was already agreed and they had ample time to work behind the scenes.  That's what got me/this blog going in the first place: the lies and manipulation behind the scenes of the EU.  I hate lies, especially when the liars smile and say, "Trust us."

Before another FOAD moment comes upon me there's just time for an oldy but goody:
Delors-Merkel: Are you still true to EU values?
"I am not motivated by nostalgia saying this, I'm just a militant today addressing Germany, which is celebrating its reunification, which all member countries are celebrating. Are the values which we inherited from the fathers of Europe still present, still dominant? The legacy which was transmitted to us is mostly about 'why do we want to be together?' more than treaties and inter-institutional arrangements."
 It's just as well he's not asking me.

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