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Monday, 11 October 2010

Musings On The EDL

Actually, the heading isn't quite right. I've been trying to find out if a report of six squaddies being set on by a gang of Leicester's finest, mentioned by a commentator in  the Guardian ('Motorvating' @ 2.33am), was true.  I could only find two reports but they were both from the same source and and one Facebook reference so I'm no further forward.

I wanted to know more about what happened in Leicester over the weekend and really should have learned by now not to go to mainstream media first if I don't have time to waste reading between the lines.   Next time, and there will be a 'next time', I'll go straight to the EDL Forum.

I'm used to the ways of the BBC but Sky has surpassed them in their reporting of EDL members attacking their van and the reporter and crew being so frightened they had to lock themselves in. This video, taken by a member of the public overlooking the site, shows no such thing. It shows a lot of people milling around (hardly "swarming" as the caption says) in a fairly leisurely way.

It's been another 'round the houses' couple of hours and I stumbled across these stories too:
ITN reports on 'counter-jihad'
Egyptian State Security behind anti-Church demonstrations
Athens: attacks fuel racial tensions

I also discovered some great analysis of the weekend's events at Gates of Vienna  and Musings of a Durotrigan so I'll leave it at that....

...except to say, contrast the puzzling behaviour of the police in these two clips:

@ roughly 2:55:

All 9:54 of it:

Videos showing both sides of the day's events, rather than only what the media allows, can be found at fdesouche.com


  1. That ties in nicely with the video shot I put on of the same event taken from a flat. The police had a massive operation yet couldn't stop a small group of locals... and UAF looking for trouble.

    It was far beyond incompetence

  2. My own investigations into the EDL constantly show a series of lies, misinformation and an anti-English agenda constantly put to the fore. God knows the EDL aren't saints, but compared to the UAF and the extremist Islamic's behaviour they are very well behaved. Even a check on the arrests in Bradford showed that the majority were locals and UAF, only one of the 19 was an EDL member. They lack political savvy though and need to be getting their message across a lot better than they do.

  3. You're right, RFB, it's the same incident, different angle. I don't understand the attitude of the police, it's as if they've been told to turn a blind eye to certain things, a bit like the NUJ.

    Yes, QM, the EDL have been given a bad press since their inception and the biased reporting is shameful really. Many articles make sweeping statements and leave the impression that the EDL begin any violence when in fact it's invariably the UAF. The only thing you can trust these days is the evidence of your own eyes.


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