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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Something Isn't Quite Right

We seem to hear as much from Mandelson these days as we did when Labour were in government but I doubt Cameron will be concerned about this latest intervention:

Mandelson praises coalition on welfare, schools & Big Society
In a series of interventions the former Business Secretary went out of his way to praise the coalition for its tough action in tackling the deficit and wide-ranging programme of reforms.
He said the Government’s welfare and education reforms – both of which have been criticised by Labour – were moving in the right direction.
Mandelson would no doubt approve the government's introduction of auto enrolment in company pension schemes as well.  It's yet another Labour policy being adopted by the coalition.
Steve Webb, the pensions minister, will today announce that following a review of the plans, which were first proposed under Gordon Brown, the Coalition is going ahead with "auto-enrolment" from 2012.
As the Parties cuddle up in the centre ground the electorate who want something different are left with little choice except to look to UKIP/BNP, both of which have been labelled extremists, nutters and fruitcakes - oh! and racist, of course.


  1. I like the idea of UKIP becoming the UK's "Tea party". As for Mandy kiddy fiddler, he just craves the limelight.

  2. I'd like UKIP to up its game as well, OR. I can't see Mandy retiring quietly somewhere, much as I wish he would - and we're still paying his EU pension and transitional allowance.


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