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Friday, 22 October 2010

Well Done, Tower Hamlets

With just over 50% of a 25% turnout, Ken Livingstone-backed Lutfur Rahman has been elected as the Mayor of Tower Hamlets on an Independent ticket thus gaining control over a £1bn council budget.

The politics of Tower Hamlets is corrupt, mired as it is in allegations of vote-rigging, intimidation, libel and close links with extremist groups such as the IFE  ("... transforming the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed… from ignorance to Islam.”)
"After he secured the leadership with the help of the IFE, millions of pounds were channelled to front organisations of the IFE, a man with close links to the IFE was appointed as assistant chief executive of the council despite being unqualified for the position and the secular, white chief executive was forced out. Various efforts were made to “Islamicise” the borough. Extremist literature was stocked in Tower Hamlets’ public libraries ...
"It was the execution of a careful and sophisticated plan by a small, well-financed and highly-organised cabal to seize control of a London borough. It deployed not just volunteers from the IFE and other bodies but also people paid to campaign by Lutfur’s business backers. Someone also paid for tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of copies of the most pernicious literature ever seen in a British election, in which Mr Abbas was falsely smeared as a wife-beater, a bankrupt, a racist and and an insulter of Islam..."
At the weekend, Rushanara Ali (the Labour MP for Bethnal Green & Bow who campaigned for the Labour candidate) said: "The stakes are so high. We do not want the people of Tower Hamlets, and especially the Bangladeshi community which I am so proud to be a part of, to be known to this country for the wrong reasons."

The Labour chickens are beginning to come home to roost and this one will be followed by many more.

More on Rahman's election here and more background here and here.

Part of a documentary in March 2010:

Video from wilderssupport

UPDATE: Archbishop Cranmer has a good article on Rahman's election.


  1. Ha, Ha, Ha.

    I hope Labour choke on it.

    Welcome to the hell Labour created.

  2. There has to be an investigation. This has got to be a joke. They're not seriously going to allow this?

  3. "This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds"

    Fuck off youtube, I'm from England why is this blocked?

  4. This presumably was the long game result of their concentrating in certain arears?

  5. Let’s be clear about this, we knew this was coming eventually. That the rest of the country is still too stupid to see it can only be regretted.

    This is the first and it will not be the last, how to combat it, I don’t have the answer. As long as the people vote for the same three parties of traitors these invaders are going to call the shots.

    The political class will not admit to their stupidity and so we are set on a path to violence, it is inevitable. I have come to believe that this was how it was planned to be.

    There is no compromise between western civilization and burying women up to their necks and throwing stones at them. These people have an entirely different mentality.

  6. The people who created the problem don't have to live with it day-to-day, they're too busy writing their self-aggrandising autobiographies while waiting for a job at the UN/WTO/ECB/IMF ... ...

    When you see the ineffective response from successive governments, the apparent fear of causing offence (anyone remember Lord Ahmed's '10,000 muslims will march on Whitehall if Wilders is admitted & Fitna is shown in the HoL'?) it's obvious that there's a lot of appeasement going on. There's been plenty of vote-rigging too on behalf of both Cons and Labour councils.

    I don't see how anyone concerned about the infiltration of politics by subversive elements can vote for any of the LibLabCon. There are rumours of a break-away Party forming from the disaffected Tory Right, mainly because of EU issues, but it will only fragment the vote even more.

    We're stuffed on the EU and we're stuffed on immigration and because no mainstream Party is willing to tackle the issues I agree with anon: there will be violence. Civil Contingencies Act here we come.


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