"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Friday, 8 October 2010

What Has Europe Done For Us?

Sweet Fanny Adams is the usual response and today is no exception.

Even Gavin Hewitt of the BBC is asking what became of Conservative euro-sceptics:

The new intake of Tory MPs were said to have a "visceral" dislike of the European project. This was a party committed to repatriating powers from Brussels...Then came the election and coalition government and everything changed. The Conservative-Liberal Democrat nuptials were scarcely completed when the idea of "repatriating" powers from Europe was quietly dropped

Despite Libya's agreement earlier this week to monitor its borders more closely in return for cash the Libyan Foreign Minister is still demanding 5m euros in 'aid'.
La Libye a renouvelé sa demande de 5 milliards d'euros par an à l'Union européenne pour "stopper définitivement" l'immigration clandestine à partir de ses côtes, à l'occasion d'une visite d'une délégation européenne à Tripoli.
My translation:Libya has renewed its demand for 5m euros from the EU to 'finally end' illegal immigration through its borders, on the occasion of a visit to Tripoli of a European delegation.
Belgium collapses..  It is, as Farage said, "a non-country".  Read up on the' history' of Belgium.  Along with Britain it was chosen for experimentation.  Take it or leave it; believe it or not, but at least read up on it.

More French:  France opposes the lifting of visa requirements for Albanians and Bosnians.

£32bn+ needed to 're-wire Britain' because of an EU ruling. Thanks for nothing Cameron & Clegg.

Ireland is in the euro-mire.

That's enough for me for one day. The news makes me want to hide in music and books but tptb should know that we won't go quietly.  If you haven't yet got the message that our rules and statutes come from an illegally-constituted EU framework then you never will and we'll just keep voting in the same Lab/Con/Coalition.

I haven't even begun on AV but here's a warning: shame on anyone who votes for it.

There'll be more EU news tomorrow because my head just loves banging against a brick wall. If you're not aware that you've been stitched up, you should look around.


  1. It's all too frustrating for words. I'm speechless most days. How the f**k are they getting away with it?

  2. I've no idea, Sue. We voted in a 'different government' which has given us more of the same. If that doesn't teach us something, nothing will. I keep saying 'feet on the street', but no-one takes it seriously. All the bloggers I know have been saying it but nobody's bothered. No-one is listening.

    Don't feel 'speechless' - we all feel like that. Imagine what it would be like if you didn't have your blog. We need to keep up the pressure - if only to show how tptb want to monitor and close down the internet.

  3. Like all the best scams its run in plain sight and it works because people simply refuse to believe their heads which tell them that something their eyes and ears say is right is totally fubar. They choose to believe what the majority accept rather than stand out from the crowd.

    Think Derron Brown on a massive scale and you get the EU.

    As a slight aside and an antidote to all this mind control shit I recommend you go watch this video.
    It's 48 mins long and is made by Americans but it knocked me off my chair almost, especially when you hear what the cop says as he tales the stand after the lawyer has finished speaking to the class!

  4. Bill, thanks for the video but it didn't knock me off my chair and it didn't surprise me.
    Our country is in trouble and the govt won't recognise it. The problem is that we're under assault from three fronts: Inside, EU and Islam.

  5. GV the penny should drop when there are piles of dead people on the street. Then at last most should get the false EU construct. If the sound of machine gun fire starts again west of the Elbe then the time to reclaim the streets will be at hand. Until something as dramatic as that actually happens, when Fart Factor cannot safely have queues, god bless H&S, snaking for miles and miles because there is lead in the air. Only then will the spell be broken. Tavistock, Bernays, Freud, Frankfurt school, Chicago school blah blah, blah blah....all muppetry. Layer upon layer of foolishness stultifying free thought in the aggregate. Bloggers cannot cut through all that. However when the stinking edifice is demonstrably collapsing under the weight of its own presumption, when the free money stops, then reality will kick in.

    Fausty has a little giggle today about the Euro collapsing. Unfortunately I read that as a ChiComm maneouvre on the Squareheads. The Euro might get canned but the Renminbi, or another constriction, will take its place and UK plc is too weak to resist.

    The Mighty Dollar was originally Chinese after all.

    As I said GV, machine gun fire west of the Elbe. Then it is free fire time and old scores will get settled.

  6. I agree - we don't have the right of self-defence and so we will see 'piles of bodies in the streets' before our voice is heard.

    I hate this - I need music.

  7. E5m for Libya to keep its great unwashed? Bargain! Scoop up some loose change from the EU trough and send it straight away.

  8. Hi Banned, :-) If only. You're right that it's just loose change to them but don't forget that a gentleman's handshake is not his bond any more, never, whatsoever, anywhere in the world at all, including England (and never was in Libya or the EU). We're in the hands of governments and corporations now.


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