"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What Has Europe Done For Us?

Yes, I know it's a fatuous title and it should read 'EU' rather than 'Europe' but it was meant as a humorous rebuttal to Monty Python's Roman sketch so... here we go again:

EU stokes up trouble with US "Officials familiar with US thinking said France’s position had antagonised Washington, which is worried that American hedge funds will be blocked from Europe, and that the row could undermine France’s upcoming presidency of the Group of 20 countries."

If you're interested in the EU's hubristically-named Galileo Project you'll find too many warnings to list. The BBC got it right when it called it "a political project".  The EU itself has finally admitted that this project will "make losses for decades to come". See also de Bild in July of this year (lost the link) when the newspaper applauded contracts going to Germany.

"The EU doesn't dictate to Ireland," says Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, EU Commissioner.
“Nobody here is living in an ivory tower and everybody recognises the amount of pain that people are going to have to take. I mean there’s a huge recognition and understanding of that and nobody even knows at this point what the final extent of that is going to be until the proposals are produced in November.”
Does that sound familiar?

Here are more examples of 'progress':

EU budget
EU budget2
EU budget3

EU-wide smoking ban mooted

Thanks to Open Europe for this laugh: France can't contribute more to the EU budget

I've always tried to report factually about the EU and the legislation but it's evident that the EU hasn't grown in intellect beyond the early days of the 1940's when it was a nest of toads.  Why has it managed to grow?  Why?  If you don't know why or what influence the EU has on the UK, shame on you and shame on UK governments for allowing this to continue.

It's still a nest of toads and that's why I loathe our Westminster MPs so much apart from a handful (Heathcote-Amory (gone), Davies, Cash, Shepherd (gone) ... add your own - Carswell, Redwood?) I can't think of many who didn't sell our souls and votes for their Party interests and a political life within a new European Union

I abhor the concept of the EU; it was borne after the war by politicians wanting to end all wars: there was nothing wrong with the original concept (who wouldn't want to end all wars?) but look where we are now:  ex-Hitler; ex-Mao; ex-Pol Pot and all the dictators we've ever known. Korea? Uganda? Tibet? Zimbabwe?  Look around and see how many 'skirmishes' we've had since 1945. (Suez, Bosnia?  Korea, Congo... ...) The EU is a continuation of the same old authoritarian philosphy and we should fight against it.

There's a struggle going on in your street/avenue/crescent and it isn't against your neighbour; it's against the way democracy has been denied by the self-styled political 'elite' in the European Union.  Local 'democracy' is fine but  I think we're falling into a prepared trap.

UPDATE: I'm sorry but 'Fascisti' is apparently verboten so I couldn't add a pic.  That's good to know - at least we won't have to look it up in the dictionary and go through it all over again.

Quiz of the Week:  What is fascisti?  What is a communist?  What is communitarianism?  What is 'the third way'.  Am I angry or annoyed?  You bet your sweet bippy I am.


  1. Is this where I say apart from roads, aqueducts, medicine...?

  2. Yes :-)
    Naughty Tarquin, where have you been?

  3. Working mainly, full time jobs suck!

  4. It's true - full-time job = full-time taxes = half-life. I'm finding it tough getting around fellow blogs as well at the moment and have had to rely on online msm late at night for a quick skim of the 'news', which is all gloom & doom as usual. I intend to make up for it tonight though! Good luck with the job - it may not be as much fun but it pays more than blogging :-)

  5. The EU does nothing for Britain except steal our money and make us subject to pointless lwas. The best MEPs and EU commissioners are dead ones, and Barrosso is a total arsehole - the only difference between him and Hitler was that Hitler was elected. The sooner Britain is free from our Brussels oppressors the better - as far as I am concerned foreigners start at Calais and thats the best place for them.

  6. Thanks Anon, given the state of the country, the SDSR and CSR, I can't say I disagree.


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