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Saturday, 16 October 2010

What Has Europe Done For Us?

Here's the latest from the British Government Inspectorate:

Someone called John Dalli is the European Union Health Commissioner and he's fronting a proposal for a pan-EU smoking ban
"In Belgium for example, home to the EU executive, patrons can still light up in cafes so long as the establishment does not serve food, while the Greek health minister last Wednesday admitted the effective failure of its 2009 smoking ban, saying that undercover inspections revealed that eight out of 10 bars openly flouted the law."
In a report to the [German] government published on Thursday, the institutes said that merely reinforcing the rules of the eurozone’s stability and growth pact – as proposed by the European Commission – would not be enough to prevent speculation against debt-laden member states from destabilising the currency union

Does anyone know what "new eurozone rules should also take aim at national rigidities that are incompatible with a currency union, like automatic indexation mechanisms of wages and pensions" means? If you do, you're speaking the same language as Yves Mersch, head of the Luxembourg Central Bank and have a bright future ahead of you.

Hello, Pakistan  "Oxfam on Thursday also criticized the West for not forgiving some of Pakistan's $55 billion international debt."

I'll finish tomorrow; trying to find EU news when Cat People is followed by Rob Brydon is more than  I can bear though you might like to have a look at van Rompuy's defence:  I am President of the EU

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  1. You know the Spanish as well as I do. Do you honestly think they're going to comply?

    They are not like the English. They will simply ignore the ban if it comes. The only places here that are non smoking happen to belong to Brits and now the winter is here, they're going out of business.

    I hope you'll carry on blogging when you get back!

  2. Thanks, Sue, I intend to keep up with the blog one way or another even if it's only to spit at the EU.

    As for this ridiculous smoking ban, I was at the Notary's office the other week and the furthest the staff travel for a cigarette is the internal stairwell. There's not a chance in hell it would be adhered to and I suspect the same goes for France and Italy.

    Around here even the enclosed cafes that display 'no smoking' signs allow it if no other customer objects - and they rarely do. Its time we Brits asked more questions instead of meekly accepting government diktats.


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