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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Wilders' Trial Re-scheduled

Geert Wilders has won his second appeal against the judges after his counsel brought their impartiality into question and they have been dismissed.
His trial took a new twist on Friday after allegations emerged that a judge may have tried to pressure one of the defence witnesses... De Pers newspaper, disclosed that the witness, Hans Jansen, a retired professor of Arabic studies, had attended a dinner in the company of an Amsterdam appeal court judge... During "ill-manned and unprofessional" exchanges, Judge Schalken tried to "convince me of the correctness of his decision to take Wilders to court,"
The whole thing is nothing but a corrupt show trial.

Here's Fitna, again, this time courtesy of Daily Motion, the only video channel that seems not to have caved in to threats, unlike YouTube and LiveLeaks:

Fitna the Movie (English)
Cargado por Thanx-A-Lott. - Mira películas y shows de TV enteros.


  1. Of course you could use EyeTube.. they won't take anything down either.

  2. Is Fitna on EyeTube? It didn't show up in a google search but I'll have another look later if I have time. It's in my sidebar so if I find they have Fitna I'll post another link just in case DM goes missing.

    There's no word of when Wilders' trial will re-start so we'll just have to keep our eyes open.

  3. Nice one, GV, good find! I didn't even think to look for it as I thought that it had been censored absolutelyeverywhere! So much for the attempts to ban it completely, then.

    I've downloaded it for safety and I'm just about to upload it to Eye Tube - I'm sure it's only a matter of time until Daily Motion cave in too..... it didn't take them long to get rid of that Diane Abbott Rap video.

    And it will really piss off the UAF trolls now polluting Eye Tube - took them long enough to find their way to the site.... useless twats!

    I'll post the Eye Tube version over at my place with the usual hat tip and backlink, GV. ;-)

  4. Thanks Spidey - the more video channels that have it, the better. The thought of the UAF visiting EyeTube and watching the videos has me in stitches - I hope they choke on their self-righteousness.


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