"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

'You're Next,' Assange Tells Bankers

After months of allegations against him Julian Assange indicates in an article in Forbes Magazine that he's not going to give up any time soon. With US threats to bring criminal charges against him, China carrying out DOS attacks on the site and Sarah Palin saying he should be 'hunted down like Osama bin-Laden', he seems to be keeping a fairly low profile in London.   FM has returned to an interview he gave recently and is speculating that the bank in question might be the Bank of America:
Assange: If you think about it, we have a publishing pipeline that’s increasing linearly, and an exponential number of leaks, so we’re in a position where we have to prioritize our resources so that the biggest impact stuff gets released first.
Me: So do you have very high impact corporate stuff to release then?
Assange: Yes, but maybe not as high impact…I mean, it could take down a bank or two.
Me: That sounds like high impact.
Assange: But not as big an impact as the history of a whole war. But it depends on how you measure these things.
From the Daily Mail:
"It will give a true and representative insight into how banks behave at the executive level in a way that will stimulate investigations and reforms, I presume.You could call it the ecosystem of corruption but it’s also all the regular decision-making that turns a blind eye to and supports unethical practices: the oversight that’s not done, the priorities of executives, how they think they’re fulfilling their own self-interest."
I'd have preferred to see this first, before the so-called US Cablegate documents. I also hope Assange has a strong team around him and is arranging protection - although some are already saying it's bluff and double-bluff in the murky, stinky political world.  I prefer to think Assange is one of the good guys in all this.   Let's hope Wikileaks doesn't turn out to be Pandora's Box.

UPDATEVlad Tepes has more info, including the news that Assange has been granted asylum in Ecuador.

Stop It! Stop It Right Now!

This whole homeland security business in the name of 'protecting the people' has gone too far.

An American actor, Mark Ruffalo, has been placed on the US terror watchlist for screening an award-winning documentary, Gasland.
The film won the special jury prize at this year's Sundance Film festival and chronicles how communities have been affected by a boom in natural gas drilling.
Can anyone tell me how he poses a terrorist threat?  What of the judges at the SFF or the audiences who watched the film, the director, the producer?  Perhaps they should also be on the terror watchlist.  And let's not forget those who refuse TSA's scanners or object to intrusive pat-downs, or those who prefer to grow/rear their own food, or smokers, drinkers, Vitamin C-poppers ... ...

It's absolutely ludicrous.  Welcome to 21stC McCarthyism.

"Don't Get Spastic"

It's easy to see from the above comment that not everyone pays as much attention to their choice of words as the British do. Imagine the outcry if it had been William Hague who'd uttered these words on an international platform; he would have been denounced, hounded by all sections of the media and, at the very least, had to apologise.

Dutch foreign minister Uri Rosenthal, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be under the linguistic cosh. How strange and out of place it seems to see that word in writing.

Rosenthal was discussing the reaction to the drips from Wikileaks and he has a point.  Prime Ministers, Presidents, state officials have all indulged in overblown rhetoric in the past 24hrs ("de-stabilising the whole world").  So far, nothing that has been released via the msm has warranted such a hysterical reaction. If Wikileaks can cause them to go into sanctimonious meltdown over a string of embarrasing revelations how will they react to a real threat?  Wait until the analytical bloggers get their teeth into the cables - then they can meltdown.

EU Observer has opened a special section for articles relating to the EU: The EU Files

Monday, 29 November 2010

Anjem Choudary Gets Own Ch4 TV Slot

Yes.  Sit down, rub your eyes, open, blink, then rub them again.  Sorry, the post title is still there.

Anjem Choudary, who was involved with al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK which planned a protest march through Wootton Bassett, will have free reign to give his views during an edition of the channel's daily opinion slot, known as 4thought.tv...The format of the short programme allows guest presenters to give their views unchallenged.

Channel 4 receives a percentage of the obligatory licence fee/tax we pay to the BBC.

See also Taliban 'spiritual mentor' speaks in House of Lords and this, Britain 'fears islamic fury' over Wikileaks.

We're In The Money

I'm using the word 'we' in the same way that Cameron & Osborne use it: 'We're all in it together', ie selectively.  Here's one who was guaranteed not to be 'in it':

The headline says he's back but that's misleading because to my knowledge he's never been away. He's constantly on tv/radio, writing books/articles and dropping his crap everywhere.

"... he is to chair Global Counsel LLP, with the support of one of Britain's biggest blue-chip firms.  FTSE 100 marketing services giant WPP Group has made a significant investment into Global Counsel, which is expected to advise multinational firms.  Reports also suggest that Global Counsel - which will be run by ... long-time cohort Ben Wegg-Prosser - will look to expand through exploiting growing markets in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe."

Nasty piece of work.

A Step Closer To Food Wars?

Urgent call to action on Senate Bill 510 Food Safety Modernization Act - video

The US Senate will vote on the bill this evening. Further info can be found HERE.

Britain doesn't need laws like this - we already have fines from council jobsworths and health & safety rules to keep us in our place.   What have we become?

Three days ago in the EP Dan Hannan spoke against the EU's regulation of herbal medicine and vitamin supplements. It may seem unconnected but it isn't. It has everything to do with who controls what we choose to put into our own bodies:

This photo shows US troops on a role-playing exercise recently.

UPDATE: from Dot Connector, 'Surviving the coming food crisis'

Leslie Nielsen, RIP


Wikileaks: Those Cables

Search their database: Wikileaks

There's no point looking in the msm for juicy tidbits or anything we didn't know/guess already because of the D-Notice slapped on them  by the government so it's best to check for yourself.  The release will be a gradual process taking roughly two weeks.

'Latest' from The Guardian and The Telegraph

UPDATE: Katabasis has analysed and put together a superb piece about Turkey's accession to the EU and the grave misgivings felt by almost everyone except Cameron.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Tinkering Tories

The Sanderson review of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party was published last week.  Another investigation into why the Scottish Tories didn't win more seats at the last general election and only managed to cling onto the one they already have.

The bluntness of the review suggests that the Tory peer and his colleagues understand the depth of the hole the party is in and the major changes needed to haul the organisation into the 21st century.  It also notes that 'many people outside the party believe that Scotland needs a strong centre-right political force'.  I too agree with that statement because it would create a healthier balance in the Scottish political scene.  The SNP, Labour and Libdems are all fighting for the centre-left ground and any serious probing of government is non-existent. 

While many people may concede that a centre-right party is needed, the trouble for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party is that people don't think it should be the Tory party.

The review undermines the current leader, Annabel Goldie (pictured), by calling for a leadership contest after next May's Holyrood elections when they will decide who should be handed control over the range of power bases that current exists.  It rejects proposals to change the party's name or logo, concluding the real problem was the 'failure to convey clearly and consistently what it believes in and stands for'.  I don't think that's the problem at all.  The problem for the Tories is that people don't like what they stand for and believe in.

No matter how much they try to break through into the modern Scottish psyche, the damage was done years ago.  For me, the final nail in the coffin for the Tories in Scotland was watching Michael Forsyth, the then Scottish secretary, solemnly walking up the Royal Mile behind a piece of stone, which was resting on a velvet cushion and borne by a glass topped limousine.  To top the ludicrous event, Forsyth later, in Edinburgh Castle, gave a speech in which he implied that if all Scots weren't grateful for his goodwill gesture of returning the Stone of Destiny, then hell mend them.

Now the Tory party want a 'distinctly Scottish leader' who must have the power to appoint the Scottish party chairman, a job currently in the gift of UK party leader David Cameron.  But, despite arguing that the party needs to put Holyrood front and centre of its daily business, the review says the leader need not be an MSP.  How they intend to have a leader who may be unable to represent the party within the Chamber is beyond me.

Also recommended in the review is a radical overhaul of its candidate selection, financing, membership recruitment, policy formation and relations with the UK party.

This is all too little too late I feel but my suggestion would be: disband the present Tories, build another centre-right party which has no affiliation to any UK party and drop their determination to be a unionist party.  Many tories vote SNP in this part of the world, possibly because we have an excellent MSP but also because they do believe in Scotland taking charge of her own affairs.  Any tories who feel they cannot support an independence party can move to Labour or the LibDems.

The Tory brand is toxic in Scotland and no amount of tinkering will make them less so.  Better to cut and run then rebuild with policies more akin to Scotland's culture.  There have been other attempts by former Tories disillusioned by the party to create a new home, but with little success.  The Scottish Democratic Alliance does not intend to select candidates for any election until Scotland is independent.  The Tories could do worse than look at their vision for Scotland.

Post Of The Week

It has to be this one from Vlad Tepes who has the full text of the call to arms by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.

UPDATE: video has now been posted.

Extracts only:
Our basic freedoms have long been guaranteed ...These rights include the freedom of individual conscience, the right to assemble peaceably, and the right to practice our religion freely, or to have no religion at all. And, perhaps most importantly of all, they include the right to voice our opinions freely and to publish them without hindrance.

Yet freedom of speech is under attack today here in Denmark, as it is in my own country Austria, and indeed all across Europe. Today, in 21st century Western Europe, our right to free speech is being shut down quietly and systematically with an effectiveness that the commissars in the old Soviet Union could only dream of.

A milestone in this ominous totalitarian trend will be reached tomorrow, 28 November 2010, when the member states of the European Union are required to implement an innocuous-sounding legal provision known as the “Framework decision on combating racism and xenophobia”, or, more fully, the “Council Framework Decision 2008/913/JHA of 28 November 2008 on combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law.” According to the final article of the Framework Decision, “Member States shall take the necessary measures to comply with the provisions of this Framework Decision by 28 November 2010.”...

In other words, if the dhimmi Austrian government objects to a cartoon published by Kurt Westergaard here in Denmark, Mr. Westergaard may be extradited by the Austrian Ministry of Justice to answer to hate speech charges in Austria. The European Arrest Warrant guarantees that the Danish government cannot legally interfere with such an extradition, and the 800-strong “European Gendarmerie Force” would be available to fetch Mr. Westergaard out of his bed and bring him to Vienna — with impunity.

As of tomorrow, the above scenario becomes a real possibility. It is not a paranoid fantasy. These legal provisions are detailed in the EU’s public documents, and they will enjoy the full force of law in all EU member states as of midnight tonight...

What were formerly our nations will become regions with indistinct boundaries, populated mainly by people of foreign cultures and administered by corrupt totalitarian bureaucrats...

This is our time. This cup will not pass from us...

It has become obvious that to tell the truth about Islam is now considered “incitement to religious hatred”.  It is now clear that non-Muslims who reveal the tenets of sharia law to the public are “denigrating religious teachings”.  If we meekly accept these rules, then we are acquiescing in the imposition of sharia law in our own nations. And I, for one, will not sit silently while this happens.  I don’t want my daughter to live under sharia.

Our time is short. If you and I do not envision an Islamic future for ourselves, then we must speak out now.  If we wish to preserve the right to speak and publish freely, then we must exercise it now.

I wish this need not have happened in my time. But it has.  We must make full use of the time that remains to us.

The UK has been at the forefront of implementing repressive measures; we are the testing ground and we will all suffer because we were too lazy to get off our backsides, unfreeze our stiff upper lips and said, "Mustn't grumble."   This chap knows where he stands now.

Sunday Reflection

Gerald Finzi

Sunday Round-up

Poll: 57% of Irish people say 'Default!' "...it was learned last night that the Irish delegation negotiating with the EU-IMF last week raised the issue of default. "The Europeans went completely mad," a senior government source said...The ECB f**ked us."
Fury as EU nationalises Bank of Ireland "Ireland will also have to provide part of the bail-out funding itself from its National Pension Reserve Fund and will have to pay interest on the loan of above 6%, higher than Greece's 5.2% average interest rate."
Q & A analysis of the eurozone dominos "Reports have suggested that the European Commission is pushing hard for Portugal to follow Ireland and ask for a bailout. Portugal has denied this, but then so did Greece and Ireland. Belgium's problems, however, have taken the markets by surprise, with Citigroup predicting a bailout – along with Italy and Spain – next year."
Minimum pricing for alcohol comes a step closer Ministers are also to review the duty paid on beer, with a view to creating a new higher tax "bracket" for super-strength brews.
Defence cuts trigger army resignations Colonel quits and "... it is understood that two highly respected Brigadiers, one of whom also served with the Special Forces, are considering their positions. Senior officers have warned that many more high calibre officers are expected to resign in the coming months "
Housing benefits cuts postponed "It is understood senior Liberal Democrat members of the Coalition demanded the concessions to avoid the possibility of protests next April, which could have fuelled a damaging political row just before the May local elections."
Fewer public sector jobs to be cut Higher tax returns and better than expected growth mean we can keep the stasi bin spies and multi-culti diversity & gender equality bods.
1bn people to lose their homes; 3bn to lose clean water "Devastating changes to sea levels, rainfall, water supplies, weather systems and crop yields are increasingly likely before the end of the century, scientists will warn tomorrow."
Cameron: UK will go it alone "Britain's efforts to tackle climate change by pursuing a green economy must not be downgraded because of spending cuts and austerity...Britain is prepared to act unilaterally against climate change, setting a shining example domestically for other countries to follow."
MP threatens constituent with legal action over expenses' comments Anti-censorship campaigners criticised the MP for adopting a heavy-handed approach and accused him of attempting to stifle democracy and free speech.
Govt runs up record parking fines "Penalties average more than £1,000 a month, despite the PM's edict that departments should switch to public transport as much as possible. In the first six months of the coalition, the bill came to almost £7,400..." Taxpayer foots the bill.
Whitehall continues to hire 'motivational' speakers The Home Office talk took place in October 2009, while Labour was still in power. However, the practice of bringing in celebrity motivational speakers to address civil servants has continued under the Coalition.
Breathe properly, stand up straight Officials and diplomats from the FCO attended courses at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art...The RADA course was originally a two-year contract running from February 2008 to February 2010. In November 2009, under the previous Government, the FCO extended the contract to February 2011.
Warning: Baby at work Workplaces should offer mothers private rooms where they can breastfeed their babies or express milk for them, ministers will urge this week...new mothers should be given more flexible breaks to help them express and breastfeed and fridges in which to store bottles.
Ranting, foul-mouthed, scummy politicians & their back-room deals Another day, another book exposing 'pillars of the community'. Sarkozy: "F@ck the British"; “The English are the big losers.” Ain't that the truth, how's that shared defence policy coming along?
Fast food chains advise govt on healthy eating In response to the Government's decision to work with fast-food chains, supermarkets and food and drink companies of public health policy, an editorial in The Lancet said: "That the companies who have profited the most from the epidemics of obesity and alcohol misuse should now be responsible for setting the agenda on public health simply beggars belief."
LibDems in peerages for perks scam Raj Loomba's links with Lord Dholakia.
Spanish bank wants British homeThe first the couple knew of the bank’s move against their home was when an interim charging order – a first step towards a possible forced sale – was posted to them by a county court. They have been told they cannot appeal against the order in the UK. European law allows them to challenge it only in a Spanish court, which they cannot afford to do.
2nd-home owners face council tax hike
Campaign to save St Athan
Portugal warns against EU/CET time change

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Don't Speak, Don't Think, Just Obey

The police are proving to be delicate little flowers lately.  An EDL supporter has been found guilty and fined £200 + £200 costs + £15 'victim' surcharge for chanting "threatening, abusive or insulting" words that were likely to cause "harassment, alarm or distress."

He pleaded not guilty and defended himself, saying that he was in a crowd of like-minded EDL supporters and that no-one likely to be offended was within hearing distance.

"I went to an EDL demo and was in an area which was isolated away from everyone else. The only people that would have heard were the EDL. I was not aiming it at anyone. No-one around would find it offensive. Otherwise, I wouldn't have said it. I was just voicing my opinion at an EDL meeting with just EDL people around."

The magistrate, Rick Moore, said, "It is a fact you were with others chanting and police were within hearing distance but there is no evidence of non-police officers within hearing distance. It is likely that a police officer or officers hearing the words would be likely to be alarmed and for that reason we find you guilty of this offence."

Full article HERE

The police are also seeking powers to close websites (eg FITWatch) on suspicion and without due process. Whatever happened to policing by consent?

UPDATE: I missed this from Big Brother Watch. They have the Nominet story and also reference the Digital Economy Act, Mandelson's pet project.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Heart Of Gold

Positive Money UK

If you can get over the incredibly boring delivery, this is worth watching:

How Money Is Created can be seen here together with videos about fractional banking reserve and lots of other videos that I haven't had time to watch.

If you want to know more about the Bank of England Act & the organisation behind these videos go to Positive Money.

What Has Europe Done For Us?

I think I might change the title of this regular slot to 'Rats in a Sack' because that's what the EU is now.  One official says one thing and another, another.  There are so many contradictory statements coming out from governments around Europe at the moment it's difficult to know who's telling the truth - but that's politicians for you.

There's to be a new framework for 'mutual assistance' for recovering, taxes, duties "and other measures." It looks as though HMRC will be expanding to include a central liaison office, if they haven't already jumped to attention and done it by now.

'Sacrifice yourself,' says euro-zone to Portugal.  The Portuguese govt already has problems with its Opposition Parties who are telling anyone with ears to hear that the govt has fiddled the figures and their GDP/debt/deficit figures are greater than publicly acknowledged.

Five hours later, despite German press reports, Merkel, Schaeuble, Old Uncle Tom Cobley & All scrambled to issue a denial. Given that Taoiseach Cowen's blustering denials are fresh in everyone's memories I think we can be forgiven for not being convinced.

Still with EU Observer, this one made me laugh at the brass neck of it: Putin proposes EU-Russia integration. "From Lisbon to Vladivostock." It's interesting that the man from the country that subjugated and murdered millions for the sake of an ideology should be so attracted to the European Union. I wonder why?

Spain, Portugal 'hammered'  Politicians can't control money markets.  I'm glad they're getting hammered and I won't complain if Britain's Sterling gets hammered too.  It's a relatively small price to pay for freedom from this corrupt institution - freedom's never free.

Bluff and double-bluff: Africa threatens to pull out of trade talks and accuses the EU of using 'pressure tactics'. Well I never, who'd have thought it...

A cross-Party alliance of MEPs have called for a harmonised corporate tax rate of 25% which smacks of bloc protectionism at its worst.

One can only hope that AEP's analysis is right when he says the crisis threatens Germany. A two-tier euro seems to be what everyone is talking up at the moment. My only reservation is that if a split were to happen the UK would find it harder to remain outside Germany's Northern tier. Being a member of the EU entails a commitment to join the euro-zone at the earliest possible date.

A 'European standard' on halal food is also being discussed, endlessly. Apparently there are roughly 16m muslims in the EU and sales of halal food are worth E600billion pa.

It will all be over by Christmas.  The EC wants to crack on with a compromise and ensure that budget disagreements are resolved before the end of the year.

Osborne writes to his counterparts in the EU regarding bankers' bonuses and EU-wide transparency rules.
Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne's decision to hand the issue over to Brussels follows intense lobbying against a more transparent regime that would force banks to disclose details of bonus payments, the Financial Times said.
Remember this when it comes back to us in the form of another directive and bankers receive bonuses and huge pay-outs this Christmas.

The Assembly of European Regions met  in Turkey, of all places, to discuss cohesion in the regions.   I wonder who spoke on behalf of the Disunited Kingdom of Nations and Regions?

PS  France doesn't seem to have hit the radar yet but how long can it be before she too is affected by the eurozone and bankers' ponzi scheme?   France owns a great deal of the debt.

I have a question for anyone who happens by: if it wasn't Luther, who was it who said, "Here I stand. I can do no other"?

Sinn Fein Set To Take Donegal SW

Final tally results, with all boxes opened, show the Sinn Féin candidate [Pearse Doherty] on 39.7%, Fianna Fáil candidate Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill on 21.2% and Fine Gael's Barry O'Neill on 18.4% .
If, as looks likely, SF win this by-election, Fine Fail's majority in the Dail will be cut to only two - and two Independents at that. I think that's a fair indication of how angry many Irish people are and it's beginning to look doubtful whether Cowen can last until Christmas, despite what the hustlers in Brussels are warning.

Irish Times

Baroness Uddin Suspended

We really need an effective mechanism to rid ourselves of these unelected pariahs who were appointed to the House of Lords as a reward for services rendered to political parties.

Thanks to Blair's half-cocked efforts at 'modernisation' it's now a disgraceful pig's ear of a mess and ineffective at performing its true role - that of scrutinising legislation and being a back-stop for any government's excess. Half of the 'noble' clique aren't up to scratch and not the slightest bit interested in the oversight of legislation or protecting the people from over-bearing government.

Baroness Uddin stole from the public purse but hasn't faced a criminal court. Instead, parliamentary authorities have suspended her for eighteen months and instructed her to repay £125k. An eighteen-month suspension is unprecedented and about as bad as it can get. Uddin claims she's "too poor" to repay the money so how about a spell behind bars?

After her thievery was exposed last year she even had the cheek to continue over-claiming, as did her fellow Peer, Lord Paul. Paul, a 'close friend' of Gordon & Sarah Brown, is one of Britain's richest men with a personal fortune of approx. £500m.

The promised clean-up of Parliament isn't happening. Uddin and the rest will keep their titles and she'll be back in the Lords in eighteen months if nothing is done in the meantime.

Other peers who ripped off as much as they could are Baroness 'so, sue me' Adams (link includes full list),  Baron Touhig, Lord Knight of Weymouth, Lord McAvoy and Lord McConnell.

I was a student once. I may not have the designer clothes or the high kicks of the current crop but I do have the anger.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bastard Brown, Cameron, Clegg - Hoons All

Conservative Home has an interesting piece about a book launch. On the face of it, it doesn't sound very promising but there are some revelations, including this:
In his last ditch offer to the Lib Dems, Gordon Brown offered Nick Clegg total control of European policy and Cabinet seats allocated on a 50:50 basis.
Sleazy, slimey, self-serving w@nker, prepared to irredeemably sell out this nation and its people lock, stock and eu directive, just so he could continue in his crazed delusions of power and bloody world domination. What a b@st@rd Brown was and still is.  I spit on him.

Thanks to Cameron, who was attracted to the idea of a coalition government some four years ago,  we now have Clegg as DPM and the LibDems began preparing for coalition in Jan/Feb of this year.  Told you it was a stitch-up.

Pop over and have a look.

"Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer"

All sorts of insults were traded this afternoon before Godfrey Bloom UKIP MEP was thrown out  of the European Parliament.  Wonderful stuff.

It was supposed to have been a high-minded debate on the Irish collapse and the euro crisis but instead the talk in the European parliament today degenerated into a screaming match about goose-stepping Nazis, Spitfires and Adolf Hitler.

PMQs: Verdict

Cameron paid tribute to Guardsman Christopher Davies, 1st Battalion Irish Guards, who lost his life in Helmand Province last week.

Miliband divided his six questions into two parts; the first three questioned the withdrawal of funding from the Schools Sports Partnership and the next three dealt with the disclosure of banks' salaries and bonuses over £1m.   Cameron effectively said that throwing lots of money at a problem doesn't improve it, something he should take on board re bank bail-outs/the EU.  In answer to the final three questions, Cameron said he was waiting for a general consensus in Europe (!) so no acquiescing there.

He shows no sign of easing off on a pedestrian Miliband.  To the contrary, he seems to be enjoying slapping him down as hard and as often as possible.  He'd better be careful, Labour are three points ahead in the polls (can you believe it!?) and his approach could do him no favours.

He began with a joke in response to Miliband thanking him for a present for his son, Samuel.  "I know what it's like," said Cameron, "the noise, the mess, the chaos, trying to get the children to shut up.  I'm sure it's very good to have two weeks away from it all."

Burnham heckled from the Opposition front bench and was admonished by Squeaker Bercow while a slightly dishevelled Harman nodded and taunted Cameron & Co.   Frankly, I'm not very interested in what Miliband and his fellow travellers have to say at any time.   Clegg was there, not that you'd notice really.  He looked even gloomier than last week, possibly because he's been warned against riding his bicycle in the streets of London due to possible 'throwing of objects' by protesting students.

Did your MP ask a question?
Michael Connarty, Lab, Linlithgow & East Falkirk; David Tredinnick, Con, Bosworth;  Jackie Doyle-Price, Con, Thurrock;  Russell Brown, Lab, Dumfries & Galloway;  Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Con, The Cotswolds;  Jim Sheridan, Lab, Paisley & Renfrewshire North;  Bill Cash, Con, Stone;  Mike Crockart, LibDem, Edinburgh West;  Jeffrey Donaldson, DUP, Lagan Valley;  Julian Huppert, LibDem, Cambridge;   Yasmin Qureshi, Lab, Bolton South East;  Gavin Williamson, Con, South Staffordshire [ruled out of order];  Denis Skinner, Lab, Bolsover;  Jonathan Lord, Con, Woking;  Elfyn LLwyd,  Plaid Cymru, Dwyfor Meirionnydd;  Charlie Elphicke, Con, Dover;  Luciana Berger, Lab, Liverpool Wavertree;  Eric Ollerenshaw, Con, Lancaster & Fleetwood;  William Bain, Lab, Glasgow North East;  Mark Pawsey, Con, Rugby;  George Howarth, Lab, Knowsley;  Mark Spencer, Con, Sherwood;  Sian James, Lab, Swansea East; Andrew Bingham,  Con, High Peak;  Yvonne Fovargue, Lab, Makerfield.

Questions asked:
Tips as a component of the minimum wage; removal of protesters in Parliament Square;  bail-outs/G20/budget deficit.  Immigration; the Irish bail-out; quangos; kow-towing to the EU and not repatriating powers; growing moustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer; PTSD in the Armed Forces;  benefits of student immigration;  sports funding for schools;  bullying in the workplace [ruled out of order]; EU and non-EU immigration (Turkey);  Len McCluskey/"no such thing as an irresponsible strike";  PTSD & homelessness amongst ex-Armed Forces;  the 50p tax rate;  student tuition fees;  children's charities in Nigeria;   disability living allowance;  local authority house building;  pupil premium/educational maintenance allowance;  funding of charities by local authorities;  closure of  Identity & Passport Information Office in Swansea ;  the High Peak bypass;  the collapse of Farepak.

Cameron - Miliband

Video from MegaSpliffster who also has a ten minute clip of Labour's Chuka Ummuna (MP for Streatham) trying to be too clever by half as he questions Osborne at the Treasury Select Committee.

Here's The Daily Politics which incorporates PMQs or it will be available shortly here without the chat.  Both are on BBC iPlayer and can only be viewed if you're in the UK.

Reminder: PMQs

Links to Live Parliament and Guido's live chat, both from twelve o'clock.


MEPs cheered when EC President Barroso told them that proposals for 'self-funding' were going ahead as planned and would be presented by June 2011. 'Self-funding', of course, means taxpayer-funded by direct EU taxation.  Self-funding my @rse.  I can't believe the b@st@rds cheered.  Well, no, I can actually.  Once they're elected they completely forget they are supposed to represent the people.  All they do is represent the self-interest of the EU - which they have to do if they want to hang on to their pensions if/when they leave.   Not forgetting all those lovely perks such as reduced income tax or immunity from prosecution.  Europe's unemployment figures would fly through the roof if the EU ever dissolved but that's something I'd gladly pay to see.  Maybe we could have chain gangs of thousands of ex-eurocrats snaking across the continent digging ditches and building roads and every time a member of the public walked past they'd have to stand to attention and tug their forelocks as a small act of penitence.  B@st@rds.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


It looks as though Cameron  is beginning to realise how unpopular the measures to bail out banks and the eurozone via Ireland are.  Instead of Osborne's 'friend in need' we're now told that all the Irish will be coming over here with their dual nationality to take British jobs.
The Prime Minister raised the prospect of thousands of Irish job seekers flooding over the border, putting strain on unemployment blackspots in the UK. 'We have to ask the question, what would the consequence be for Britain... if the Irish economy failed.  An enormous migration takes place between Britain and Ireland. If the Irish economy collapsed, that would have a huge impact on Irish people coming to the UK for work'.
What a lowdown and base sentiment to express in an attempt to persuade Brits that the bailout is 'the right thing to do'. Maybe they will come over - and why not since the world and his mother is already here living on benefits, running trafficking rings and building luxurious homes in Romania. Personally, I'd rather have the Irish. Cameron knows what's going on with the banks, the EU and the IMF. Keep on running, Cameron. We're just getting started.

There's to be a huge rally in Dublin this Saturday. The Irish can teach the French a thing or two about demonstrations.

Eight Weeks Ago...

...Caroline Atkinson, the IMF's director of external relations (?) said this:

Yesterday, as British banks lost billions in value on the back of the political turmoil in Ireland, George Osborne confirmed that Britain would play 'a leading role in the international bail-out' with a direct loan worth several billion pounds.
The loan will add to this country's record government debts.  British taxpayers will also contribute to rescue packages from the European Union – after an agreement reached by Alistair Darling, the former Chancellor, and the IMF.  In total, Britain may offer more than £7 billion, and possibly up to £10 billion...
The structure of the deal could also mean British taxpayers have to contribute to any bail-out of Portugal, Spain or other eurozone countries.
So, the asset-stripping of the country will continue.

One commitment the Cowen government had previously made as a gesture to 'all being in it together' was overturned at the weekend: they've now decided to keep all their security, their limos & police outriders.  I wonder if Westminster will be stepping up its security in the coming weeks, as Germany has already done at the Reichstag under the guise of prevention of terrorism.  It's all looking very nasty.

Here's what's been happening in America this week:


Monday, 22 November 2010

Joke Of The Day

Ladies and Gentlemen, performing in front of his own home crowd and with a great future in stand-up before him, I give you... ...German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.

"If we now find the right answer to the Irish problem, then the chances are great that there will be no contagion effects."

Meanwhile, away from the 'Komodie Verein', others expressed a different view.

Peter Chatwell, rate strategist at Credit Agricole CIB in London. '" I don't think this does anything to take Portugal and possibly Spain out of the firing line."

Carsten Brzeski, economist at ING. "Will it prevent contagion? In the short-term, but not in the medium term. It only calms down markets and gives the other countries some room to breathe. Particularly, Portugal is not off the hook yet."

Edro Schwartz, economist at San Pablo University in Madrid.   "If Portugal is forced to take a bailout then they'll turn their attention to Spain and I don't know what the government will do."

The second prize goes to George Osborne who had us all in stitches by repeating the same words over and over again for more than two and a half minutes but not actually say anything of consequence at all.
"International bail-out... very, very close neighbour... national interest... friend in need....shared border... international interest...Britain's national interest... deeply connected... national interest... our interests... international effort... national interest...  ..." 
He also got brownie points from the judges for implying that any bilateral agreement was part of a wider agreement when in fact Britain will be contributing to Ireland's bankers and government three times if the bilateral deal goes ahead - we've already contributed via the IMF and via the EU.

RTE has the video with the bits other media left out:  RTÉ.ie Extra Video 2 - RTÉ News Player

WhoHe warns of 'drastic conditions'
Cowen's party begins to desert him

Cuckoos All Year Round

Once upon a time, in a land far away, hearing the first cuckoo of an English Spring was something to note and welcome. Those claiming to hear it first debated at length on the letter pages of newspapers up and down the land and were as much a sign of spring as the cuckoo itself.  Now they needn't bother.  As one species declines, another is becoming more commonplace and the cry of the cuckoo can be heard every day.

There are forty Muslim weekend schools in 'Britain' at the moment, teaching the Saudi curriculum to some 5,000 children.  I've put Britain in quotes because you can bet your life that the overwhelming majority of the schools are in England.  The Saudi embassy denies any connection but it's well known that Saudi Arabia provides funding to fuel Islam in the West: Financing universities (2008)
Universities that have accepted donations from Saudi royals and other Arab sources include Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, University College London, the London School of Economics, Exeter, Dundee and City. Prof Glees says Government policies "push the wrong sort of education by the wrong sort of people, funded by the wrong sorts of donor." ... the Government is expected to call for the opening of more Islamic study centres at British universities. Last year, ministers declared Islamic studies a "strategically important subject" and put aside £1 million for the teaching of the subject, as part of a counter-radicalisation drive.
And do you remember this? (2007)  At the King Fahad Academy, West London:
"...give examples of worthless religions... such as Judaism, Christianity, idol worship and others"; "explain that those who die without adhering to Islam will go to hellfire".
Whenever this sort of thing is exposed the cry goes up, 'But it's taken out of context, we are the victims here'.   I don't think so.

Weekend schools aren't inspected by Ofsted.  Education Secretary Michael Gove is apparently looking into the current situation:
‘I have no desire or wish to intervene in the decisions that the Saudi government makes in its own education system. But I’m clear that we cannot have anti-Semitic material of any kind being used in English schools.
Ofsted are doing some work in this area. They’ll be reporting to me shortly about how we can ensure that part-time provision is better registered and better inspected in the future.’
Yes, right!  As you can see from the links above, we've heard it all before.

On the curriculum of these 'British schools':
  • Homosexuality should be punished by pushing off a cliff, burning or stoning.
  • Thieves should have their right hand cut off (diagram helpfully provided), repeat offenders to have both feet amputated.
  • Jews are pigs and apes intent on world domination.
Here's how three newspapers report the same story:

The Guardian
The Telegraph
The Daily Mail 

British Schools Muslim Rules, tonight 8.30pm, BBC One.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

You Couldn't Make It Up

Behaviour placement finally arrives in Afghanistan with the news that a new tv series, sponsored by Canada & the EU and endorsed by NATO, is being scheduled.
"The Afghan National Police has an often deserved reputation for manned by unruly, hashish-addled thieves rather than firm-but-fair pillars of the local community".
Enter, PC Dixon.

It's a clip that the EC might like to watch as well, together with a fair few of our own thin blue line.

Irish Minimum Wage Cut?

As the bail-out goes before the Irish Cabinet rumours are flying that the minimum wage will be cut as part of a renewed 'austerity drive'.  So, it's all going according to plan..
"[Brian] Lenihan admitted for the first time the banks had become too big a problem for the country to resolve on its own."
Businesses/shops folding, job losses, wage cuts, home repossessions, further loss of sovereignty and all so the country can borrow from banks to give to banks.  No-one can tell me that financial & political corruption isn't at the heart of all this mess.

I never thought I'd be on the side of a trades unionist but Jimmy Kelly of Unite has a point when he says:
“Our government has finally surrendered control after two years of what can only be described as incompetence and lies yet still they go to cut ribbons and profess anger at being questioned on whether they are ashamed of their performance.
“They have treated the Irish people like fools and must step down immediately.  We have heard that it is the market’s fault, that the banks lied to them and that it was somehow our fault for questioning them and undermining confidence.

“There is no place left at the table for disgraced politicians that have only thought of themselves.  They should be forced to step down immediately, relinquishing their fancy cars and crazy expenses and allow the people to decide who it is to negotiate our way out of the mess they have created.”
And so say all of us.

Just as it didn't end with Greece, it won't end with Ireland: Portugal

Sunday Reflection

Sunday Round-up

The powers of EuroPol Msm catch up at last. Laws governing freedom, security and justice are established in the treaty as a ‘shared competence’. This means EU law can now suppress existing legislation in justice and home affairs in a member state and replace it with European legislation...The Commission intends to forge a ‘common European culture of policing’ by ensuring that over the next five years one-third of all police officers and border guards are trained in European affairs.
UPDATE: And then we kill them
After helping themselves MPs might now serve themselves The report, 'Initial Savings for Consideration', which must be approved by MPs, proposes plans to "change the style and range of service offered, such as moving away from full table service in some catering outlets".
Another coalition u-turn The minimum/maximum sentence was put forward by the Conservatives as a manifesto promise. The intention was to end the situation where, for example, a criminal sentenced to six years in prison is automatically released after three.  Clarke reaffirmed his support for the reform in a post-election speech when he declared that he would seek to "restore public trust" in sentencing by pressing ahead.
Government axes Schools' 'Sport for All'  Gove said, would from now on be able to decide their own sports policies, free from a "centralised government blueprint". But also free of the £162m of funding.
Raze it to the ground before it's awarded an EU Heritage Label. The ex-PM envisaged that his personal effects would prove such a popular draw that the museum would generate a profit, to be distributed among good causes. Even Sir Edward's friends concede this looked like an act of hubris.
'Princess Europa' schmoozes the Estonians Smiling enigmatically, viewers watched as she journeyed across a computer-generated bridge symbolising how the currency brings peoples together. Then the commentary explained the currency's security features, such as the watermark and the metal strip, as "Princess Europa" wandered through a shopping centre.
'Fianna Fáil and Brian Cowen have no authority left' There is a real danger of Irish society being hollowed out, with a discredited political elite holding nominal power and no legitimacy while an angry, disoriented, heavily indebted and increasingly poor population chase dwindling jobs.
Foreign nurses cost NHS “The UK is first on my list. They have this locum system, to replace doctors there, so you can keep your position here too. In two or three days of being a locum there, I can earn what I would need to work three months for in Romania.”
I agree with Ed  Mandelson should be ‘packed off to an old folk’s home’.  In response Mandelson suggested Miliband was devious and had secretly plotted against Tony Blair & he contemptuously dismissed him, saying he had ‘never seriously thought of him’ as a leader.
Overpaid, over-rated, over there  £60k for 50 minutes. Critics of Brown questioned if he was the right person to lecture Indians on how to prevent a future economic crisis since he could not prevent the worst recession in a generation in the UK.
Latest on 7 December pan-european anti-bank protest "Our call has been more successful than we dared think. Our action is a people's movement... we're not seeking to destroy anyone in particular, it's the corrupt, criminal and moribund system that we have decided to oppose using what means we can, with determination and within the law."
UK mercenaries to take on pirates Acting as "mentors" the ex-SBS men will be allowed to accompany the new crews on patrols going into action in armed encounters with the gangs. The plan is particularly sensitive because previous attempts to train Somali military recruits have seen them swap sides and join the pirates or Islamic insurgents, taking their weapons and equipment with them.
NATO's 2014 withdrawal questioned He [Nigel Thomas, former interim head of the EU's Afghan police mission] said officers are given only six weeks' training – 95% of which is "how to stay alive". Problems remain with local prosecutors being "bought off" and Taliban infiltration of the police. He added: "You have to accept there will be infiltration because of the easy access into an organisation desperate for numbers."
Milking the public sector compensation cow A woman has been paid not once but four times – winning a total of around half a million pounds – after she accused successive public-sector employers of discrimination, unfair dismissal or sexual harassment.
Howzat! "The English have never really had to assert their identity, as they are the senior party in the UK," said Professor Richards. But the problem of defining the national identity of a country of more than 51 million people is complicated by mass immigration, which has made England one of the most multicultural countries in the world.  It's simple:  if you have to ask, you're not.
NO! to euroclockification
Old but relevant: Israeli airport security
Sold for £53m but sellers pocket only £26m after fees & tax
Dog blessed by CofE vicar
The BBC's panem et circenses

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Did WW2 Ever Actually End?

I'm staying in today, where it's warm, cosy and quiet, but need some reading and food for thought.

Hotel Maison Rouge, Strasbourg
link 1
link 2
link 3
link 4

Strauss-Kahn, again, speaking last night:
"It's the beginning of global governance. It was easier because of the crisis.... We are entering the 2nd phase of the G20. The 1st phase was the crisis phase, that was easy..."

Friday, 19 November 2010


I've had enough of this:

I can't bear the crowds, people talking or the noise of London any more and as if that's not enough I find they've given away my flipping Korg. I leave you with Handel & Betjeman until my temperature comes down:

On The Mend

I must be - I can summon enough energy to raise two fingers to all the following news reports:

An illegal immigrant for 64yrs
Wtf not?  Camilla could be Queen
Well, hello Goldfinger, and thanks for the bond, Bond
More bonds, more bankers, more bonuses
Tax doesn't have to be taxing in the UK, but it is
Listening to LBC, most people agree - so why is Cameron so angry?
Propping up Cowen
Eric Joyce, mouth of Scottish Labour, banned for a year or here

Plus anything to do with the most watched on 4OD, BBC iPlayer or ITVplayer.

Honestly?  I can't bear reading the papers anymore - the comments are even worse.  It's as though I've descended into a pit of envious, clawing people when I read them - and it makes little difference whether it's the DM or the Grauniad.

This article though, had me laughing fit to raise my blood pressure: Strauss-Kahn says, "Cede more sovereignty to the EU."

For  pity's sake, what little do we have left?  Bloody corporatists/politicians/fascists.  I want my country back, you bastards; I want my life back - free of state intrusion.  I want it free from local government intrusion never mind that from Westminster or the three or four times removed European Union.  Get Off My Back.
In what are likely to prove controversial proposals, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF managing director, called on the European Union to move responsibility for fiscal discipline and structural reform to a central body that is free from the influences of member states.

In a speech in Frankfurt addressing the sovereign debt crisis engulfing Europe once again, he said: “The wheels of co-operation move too slowly. The centre must seize the initiative in all areas key to reaching the common destiny of the union, especially in financial, economic and social policy. Countries must be willing to cede more authority to the centre.”

Europe is plagued by crisis because member states put too much faith in banks and let their public finances run out of control. Greece has already been bailed out and Ireland is expected to agree a €100bn (£85bn) rescue within days. Portugal is also at risk.
I'm feeling distinctly hot & short-tempered and at liberty to tell them to just fuck off and leave me alone, the pig-stealing swine.

Excuse me while I go back to my Night Nurse and my hallucinations of John Betjeman.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Post Of The Week

It's more about Ireland, the debt, who racked it up, how & why, and who's paying for it.  Here's an excerpt:
Now across Europe the great blame game will rumble back into play.  Our banks, your banks, their banks, or is it your feckless householders or ours, certainly can't be theirs, they're still doing well in Germany.  Expect lots more national stereotypes to be wheeled out for ritual defamation.
So let's ask who it was took a dump in Ireland?

First, the suspects.

Ireland has three big insolvent banks and several other smaller, equally insolvent financial institutions we won't bother to mention by name.

Ireland also has a large number of subsidiaries of European, British and American Banks.These subsidiaries are often registered as Irish and therefore on Ireland's tab not the nation of the parent bank.  This often gets forgotten in the excitement. But it is KEY.
So, to the crime.

Some of this will, for legal reasons have to be done in generalized terms with names left out to protect the Innocent - me. But to start with let's be reasonably specific. Germany was and is very very angry with Ireland for ruining its banks.  That is what a German banker told me this week.
We, the people who were told nothing, were not asked nor consulted, whose laws were either ignored, set aside or re-written, we should not be expected to pay for those losses now.

They are bankers' losses.  It is NOT a question of Irish or German. It is question of wealthy bankers from all countries not just Germany (almost every nation, Germany, America, Russia, France Britain, we did dirty work in Ireland) and their corrupt Irish helpers versus the people....
It isn't something you'll find in the msm and you can read the rest of the unravelling, in full, at Golem XIV

"Islamic Extremism Fuels Far-Right...

... so it must be curbed," says top Police Officer.

Ha-ha - gotcha.  Of course he didn't say that.
Demonstrations by far-right activists fuel Islamic extremism, police said today.  The actions of groups such as the English Defence League can provide opportunities for recruiting Muslims to radicalism, according to counter-terrorism officers ... the West Midlands counter-terrorism unit said there was evidence that violence or damage towards Muslim property associated with EDL demos encourages extremist retaliation afterwards.
Naughty, naughty EDL.  This problem will obviously go away if only you'll stop protesting - oh and tell those nice UAF/MAC people to stop hitting you so much, it just looks so bad on camera and does nothing for the credibility of the msm.


See also: Azad Ali is Met Police adviser
Nat Assoc of Muslim Police blame 'far-right'
Go easy on Muslim extremists

And let's not forget this, from Barking Spider:

UK’s Bedfordshire Police’s rules regarding terrorists and dangerous criminals

If they’re non-Muslim:
• Consider the most opportune time of day to be able to arrest suspects with minimum resistance.
• Apply all necessary force to enter the premises and arrest suspects accordingly.

If they’re Muslim:
• Community leaders must be consulted before raids into Muslim houses.
• Officers must not search occupied bedrooms and bathrooms before dawn.
• Use of police dogs will be considered serious desecration of the premises.
• Cameras and camcorders should not be used in case of capturing women in inappropriate dress.
• If people are praying at home officers should stand aside and not disrupt the prayer. They should be allowed the opportunity to finish.
• Officers should take their shoes off before raiding a Muslim house.
• The reasons for pre-dawn raids on Muslim houses needs to be clear and transparent.
• Officers must not touch holy books or religious artefacts without permission.
• Muslim prisoners should be allowed to take additional clothing to the station.

On a related matter. MPs are now calling for tighter labelling after discovering that not only we plebs are eating halal meat  unawares.

Quotes, Questions & Cake

Off-shore banking cake

The quotes:
Taoiseach Brian Cowen: “I don’t believe there’s any reason for Irish people to be ashamed and humiliated."
IT Editorial: "We have made our independence more meaningful by sharing it with our European neighbours."
Christine Lagarde: "We all have our role to play."
Unattributed (ie I can no longer find the link but think it was Osborne): "The UK has a huge export market to Ireland."

The questions:
What does all this kerfuffle confirm about the EU stress-testing of banks?
Why does no-one mention that many EU exports to Ireland go via Felixstowe because Dublin has limited containerized capacity? These onward exports are included in Britain's own figures.
Where will any money for a direct deal between Ireland & the UK come from?
Who will lend to us?  The risk-averse bond/shareholders of the banks who we've already bailed out once?
How many more bail-outs will be sucked down this monetary whirlpool?
When will inflation kick in in Britain?
When will taxes rise in Britain?
How much money does the taxpayer have left?
How much longer can Ireland live in denial about its loss of independence?

Follow the cake:
The bond holders we're bailing out
The return of Super Mac
£200m+ spent since May on consultants, PR & marketing
Honours for Cash
Update on MPs' expenses 'rectification' deal
Big Pharma, big handouts

Here's a graphic from a post I made in May (click to enlarge):

None of it makes sense; it isn't logical.
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