"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Friday, 12 November 2010

A Convenient Tool

I know I'm re-stating the obvious but I think it's allowed.

The Muslim 'protesters' at yesterday's Armistice commemoration and their like-minded brethren are a convenient tool for the government, of whatever stripe, to restrict the freedom of the majority.

Why would thousands of people from an alien culture be so readily imported yet no effort made to assimilate or integrate them?  Why are radical mosques left untouched to preach against the people and their way of life?   Why are they allowed separate schools where English is not spoken and the Koran is taught as a way of life?   Why are there Muslim bookshops selling hateful anti-Christian/anti-Jewish/anti-democracy material?   Why are some areas with a high proportion of Muslims no-go zones for others?   Why do the police either refuse to acknowledge the problem or say they are powerless to act?  Why are some Muslims allowed to infect our streets with mindless and vile bigotry? 

The government isn't stupid; it knows what's happening but uses double-speak, throws its hands in the air and says it can do nothing  It insists that freedom of speech must be allowed in our western democracy but at the same time it restricts yet another ancient freedom of the indigenous people.

Governments need control and all government is big government in some way - they like to influence the opinion and behaviour of the crowds; they like to make their mark.  They can't help themselves, power is their drug of choice.  Successive governments have certainly left a legacy - they will be remembered.  Muslim terrorists and hate-mongers have given them an excuse to tie us up in chains of censorship in a way the IRA never did but there's always a weak link and those chains will snap.

I note that the Coalition still hasn't announced a date for the Grand Repeal Bill to be read in the House.  I suggest the Civil Contingencies Act is as good a place as any to start, to be followed closely by the Digital Economy Act and too many Terrorism Acts to count.  All of them have opaque powers and can be used against the law-abiding many rather than the targeted few.

Governments will take what the people won't defend; they're not stupid but they think we are, and that's a weak link.


  1. tbh it was the previous Labour government that allowed unrestricted immigration from practitioners of the Religion of Peace in an attempt to rub the "rights" face in multicultural diversity. I don't think they anticipated the reaction from their traditional core support.
    Whether the current government is smart enough to do anything about it is still out for discussion, though like you I doubt it, unless it's to further their own ends rather than what's best for the country, a difference a lot of politicians struggle to comprehend.
    The rise of the pressure group the EDL has also come as a bit of a surprise to them as well.

  2. When I wrote 'government/s' it was generic and meant to encompass every govt of whatever ideology over the past decades, QM. I agree that Labour's unrestricted immigration together with the unwillingness to properly police the borders has played a huge part in the mess.

    I think the coalition's reaction was demonstrated by the police yesterday who "escorted" the protesters to a place of safety where they could shoult abuse about our Armed Forces. If they do anything about it, it will be something that affects the rest of us too.

    I have no first-hand knowledge of the EDL but that might change that before too long if I can go to one of their demonstrations. I'll keep you posted.

  3. I think the EDL will grow far beyond what they are now, I hate the fact the press always describe them as far right wing. I to will try to get to there next march and I am far from being right wing. What must our forces feel when they return from Afghan and have to tolerate that shit, must make them proud to serve such a country eh.

  4. That's my thinking too, George. I think the protesters have made their point, they're becoming tiresome and it's time they shut up shop and went home.

  5. I agree, GV, the EDL are quite obviously not as described by our limp, Lefty politicians or their compliant media..... nor are they in the slightest bit "racist", the other favourite Lefty bleat - their diverse membership clearly demonstrates that.

    The Lefties are losing the argument and they know it.

  6. Not everyone who disagrees with the govt's stance can be a neo-nazi, far right ranter, can they, Spidey? I'm sick of people being labelled something they're not just because the msm find it more convenient to peddle the same old lines. Let's hope you're right and the likes of the SWP/UAF are being seen for what they are - though Cameron is still listed as one of their supporters. Unthinking and uncritical idiot.

  7. They have Marches in Preston and Nuneaton on the 27th of November. In Harrow against halal meals in schools on the 15th of January.A protest in Luton on the 5th of February.

    Information can be gained at the EDL forum


  8. Thanks, QM. I already visit EDL boards to find out what's going on and have decided that the only way to truly find out is to go on one of their demonstrations for myself. Please don't post links like that.

  9. You are so right same as in the USA when Bush was going for second term Bin-Laden was on hand with a tape.
    They want all this friction and hate serves them well to control the rest of us.

  10. Yes, I remember that tape, Anon. It's a strange world - we call politicians puppets yet our strings are constantly being pulled too. Divide and conquer has always been a favourite tactic.


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