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Monday, 15 November 2010

Crying Into My Beer

Actually, it's not beer, it's a delightfully fresh, lightly chilled, lunch-time Chablis (the way to a girl's heart) but the sentiment remains the same.

This is the one that started the tears of rage flowing  I've written before about journalists needing EU accreditation in order to report on its activities - say something negative or critical and, hey presto! your accreditation will be withdrawn - but this goes a step further:
The European Commission has launched a Call for Proposals to support investigative-journalism research projects across the EU. Deadline for submissions: 15 January 2011.
The Call aims to co-sponsor journalism projects, in any media, that approach subjects in a critical manner in order to:
  • Uncover and detect violations of laws, rules or norms of decency by organisations or individuals.
  • Review policies or the functioning of government, businesses and other organisations.
  • Draw attention to social, economic, political or cultural trends, so as to detect changes in society.
The projects selected must have a cross-border or European dimension resulting from a national, regional or local perspective. They must be carried out by a team of at least two journalists from different countries in the EU, however other journalists from third countries may also join the team if their presence is justified by the subject or the project’s geographic scope.
Talk about final nails.  To paraphrase Gordon Brown: There is nothing the msm can say to me now that I will ever believe.

Harking back to my earlier post this morning about politicians and tomorrow, here's a prime example: The coalition's promise to cap non-eu immigration and reduce it to the 'tens of thousands' is unveiled as a pile of shi'ite (pemf*). The 'cap' will be increased, not reduced. "The current limit of about 2,600 non-EU migrants a month is expected to be increased to allow more than 4,000 workers a month to enter Britain next year."

Ireland: We told you so.  The EU seems to be exerting pressure on Ireland, via a series of destabilising leaks and rumours, to accept a bail-out now even though its existing arrangements don't have to be reviewed until mid-2011ish.  Ireland's low corporation tax has long been resented by the EU and the quid pro quo for taking EU funds is, you guessed it, a raising of this tax.

EU Pimpocrats keep their jobs. Just what do they have to do before they're sacked?

Q. When is a paycut a payrise? A. When it's EU double-speak.

Liar, liar, pledge on fire "Among items that still need to be covered by the budget are payments to Africa, Caribbean and Pacific banana producers as part of a WTO trade dispute settlement, flood-relief aid to Pakistan, funding for the Palestinian territories and investment in ITER, a nuclear fusion facility." It's just postponing the inevitable - the budget will be increased next year to make up any shortfall and all at a time when auditors have refused to sign off the EU's accounts for the 16th consecutive year (ECA .pdf)

EP will relent on 2.9% budget increase. Oh, wait a minute - here's another quid pro quo coming up - but only if member states agree to sit down and 'seriously' address the implementation of direct EU taxation. I hope you didn't really think they'd relented... ...

What's going on here? This is already an EU proposal as I posted a while back. The EC has already stated that it wants greater access and 'communication' within national 'parliaments' with an exchange of members so I'm not sure what Hannan and Carswell are hoping to achieve.

The EC for Home Affairs will announce an internal security strategy allowing the EU to confiscate criminal assets across member states, analyse intra-European bank transfers and set up an analysis centre for cybercrime.

The EU fishing commissioner says there is "no room for debate or argument" and Britain must cut its cod fishing by 50%.

Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be spread: "The enlargement policy enables [us] to meet the challenges of a shifting, multi-polar world, in which we need to continue projecting our value-based system beyond our borders."

Now, where did I pack my ruby slippers?

 * pemf = please excuse my French


  1. I don't think Chablis is gonna do the job. Pass the whisky.

  2. Cameron is a traitor and a liar over EU promises. Fact.


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