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Monday, 22 November 2010

Cuckoos All Year Round

Once upon a time, in a land far away, hearing the first cuckoo of an English Spring was something to note and welcome. Those claiming to hear it first debated at length on the letter pages of newspapers up and down the land and were as much a sign of spring as the cuckoo itself.  Now they needn't bother.  As one species declines, another is becoming more commonplace and the cry of the cuckoo can be heard every day.

There are forty Muslim weekend schools in 'Britain' at the moment, teaching the Saudi curriculum to some 5,000 children.  I've put Britain in quotes because you can bet your life that the overwhelming majority of the schools are in England.  The Saudi embassy denies any connection but it's well known that Saudi Arabia provides funding to fuel Islam in the West: Financing universities (2008)
Universities that have accepted donations from Saudi royals and other Arab sources include Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, University College London, the London School of Economics, Exeter, Dundee and City. Prof Glees says Government policies "push the wrong sort of education by the wrong sort of people, funded by the wrong sorts of donor." ... the Government is expected to call for the opening of more Islamic study centres at British universities. Last year, ministers declared Islamic studies a "strategically important subject" and put aside £1 million for the teaching of the subject, as part of a counter-radicalisation drive.
And do you remember this? (2007)  At the King Fahad Academy, West London:
"...give examples of worthless religions... such as Judaism, Christianity, idol worship and others"; "explain that those who die without adhering to Islam will go to hellfire".
Whenever this sort of thing is exposed the cry goes up, 'But it's taken out of context, we are the victims here'.   I don't think so.

Weekend schools aren't inspected by Ofsted.  Education Secretary Michael Gove is apparently looking into the current situation:
‘I have no desire or wish to intervene in the decisions that the Saudi government makes in its own education system. But I’m clear that we cannot have anti-Semitic material of any kind being used in English schools.
Ofsted are doing some work in this area. They’ll be reporting to me shortly about how we can ensure that part-time provision is better registered and better inspected in the future.’
Yes, right!  As you can see from the links above, we've heard it all before.

On the curriculum of these 'British schools':
  • Homosexuality should be punished by pushing off a cliff, burning or stoning.
  • Thieves should have their right hand cut off (diagram helpfully provided), repeat offenders to have both feet amputated.
  • Jews are pigs and apes intent on world domination.
Here's how three newspapers report the same story:

The Guardian
The Telegraph
The Daily Mail 

British Schools Muslim Rules, tonight 8.30pm, BBC One.


  1. We've heard of it all before, all right. We've also heard it all before that no further powers will be ceded to the EU.

    But here we are, predictably, facing a further onslaught of the march of the Muslims and further erosion of our sovereignty by way of bailing out Eurozone banks.

    Judging by the articles put out by Con Home, of late, it appears that the conservative grass roots have finally understood that they do not belong to a Conservative party - they belong to a pro-EU party, come hell or high water.

    I hate these theiving, lying b@stards! Revolution, I feel is close.

    Hell, even loyal Dan Hannan has a plan! Look at his replies to the top postings!

  2. Agreed, Fausty. The comments are as interesting as the articles these days - people are beginning to realise what's happening and they've had enough. To read the DM's commenters you'd think we were only a day away from another Peterloo.

    I've been reading Jane's Police Product Review this morning to see what might be in store for us - more hi-tec uav, more 'less-lethal' (note, not non-lethal) guns & gases - just the usual sort of equipment that goes with a militarised police force really. All it would take for water cannon to be brought in is for, say, another huge riot in a Muslim area, for all the DM's readers to demand the police have them and, hey presto, we have water cannon by public demand :-(

    Totally depressing.

  3. Homosexuality should be punished by pushing off a cliff, burning or stoning.
    Thieves should have their right hand cut off (diagram helpfully provided), repeat offenders to have both feet amputated.
    Jews are pigs and apes intent on world domination.

    A wee bit extreme, well apart from the last one, which I think it would be hard to argue against!


  4. ! is there a joke in there somewhere, DL? It's ten past four in the morning and I'm not seeing too clearly.

  5. No, not really, but at least they got 1 out of three right. That's better than most politicians manage.


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