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Monday, 1 November 2010


The invisible worm that flies in the night

Following yesterday's post (HERE) about the FCO's recruitment drive for EU institutions, in Hague and Lidington's own words, comes this email to Peter Oborne:
Peter, following the Spending Review, Foreign Office funding by 2014-2015 (GBP 1.3 billion) will be exactly half the amount envisaged for the nascent European External Action Service (which will have risen to Euro 3 billion by then, or GBP 2.6 billion).

This will reflect a fundamental shift in UK diplomatic influence and activity.

Civil servants and diplomats follow the money. It is one of the reasons why historically in Brussels the best quality civil servants and diplomats tend to come from Ireland and other smaller states – because the EU budgets far exceed their own home country’s ministry budgets. That was never the case for the larger countries in the EU, until now.

A young diplomat from the UK joining up in 2015 will be faced with option of joining the UK diplomatic corps or an EU corps with twice the funding. Which will the most ambitious opt for?

This revolution in UK diplomacy is taking place against a backdrop of a Foreign Office already thrown into internal confusion by David Cameron.

He has this year paved the way for a commercial-first policy for diplomats, saying that UK diplomacy should henceforth focus on trade interests. This is all very well, but it goes against the FO tradition of a mixed training and corps in which diplomats moved between trade and political appointments.

He also caused consternation by moving a non-career diplomat – Simon Fraser – to become the permanent secretary for the diplomatic corps as of July this year. Fraser was at the department of business before that. It was the first time a non-diplomatic background civil servant had got the job.

Interestingly before 2009 Fraser was on secondment to Brussels for four years where he was Peter Mandelson’s trade spokesman. He is a europhile. That will probably not give the FO much confidence as moves into a demographically weak position vis a vis its new European rival corps!

Yours, Jeremy.
I'm surprised it's taken as long as it has to be aired in the msm, albeit only one newspaper so far, perhaps the CSR has focused attention at last.  The winding down of British embassies under the guise of cost-cutting while we pour billions into the EU so it can build up its own overseas representation was evident in the run-up to Lisbon.  Our Armed Forces are going the same way.

Also worth reading, if your blood pressure isn't already high enough, is this:  The £1.2bn fraud of imaginary cows and lemon groves   As an aside, even the DT isn't immune from dumbed-down education - see the spelling in the headline.  See also the latest on the Anglo-French talks about joint co-operation (aka dependency) and 74% Tory members unhappy with Cameron/EU stance.

Tptb know exactly what they're doing and we can shout until we're hoarse or stamp our feet until we're footsore but they will not listen.  They're too busy working towards a sanitised, joyless world where everything is 'harmonised' for their convenience and control is their watchword.  One day it will be too late for them.  One day people will stop fighting their neighbour and direct their anger where it rightfully belongs: on those who laid the groundwork for a fragmented and fractious society.

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