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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Happy Days

Poor old EU elite. The more they declare their policies the more they are scrutinised and the more they are scrutinised the more they are vilified and held in contempt.

For anyone who didn't manage to catch yesterday evening's Dispatches programme, here it is: 4OD

There's also a great article in the DT about PIIGS and the euro.
Ireland has resisted growing international pressure to accept EU financial assistance amid concerns that this would lead to a surrender of political and economic sovereignty.
However, the German government is expected to signal today that Ireland may have to accept a £77 billion bail-out, along with a loss of economic and political independence, as the price of preserving the euro. Mrs Merkel said the single currency was “the glue that holds Europe together”.
Her words came as fellow eurozone members Portugal and Spain rounded on Ireland. They fear that international concerns over the euro will lead to so-called market contagion spreading to them.


  1. Ireland should quit The EU and admit it is a German-Franco lap dancing club. They are the customers we are the entertainment with any extras they decide they fancy, like aircraft carriers for their planes.

  2. And so it begins.

    Ireland will become a vassal state. Beholden to King von Rumpy and his Imbecile Collective.

    This should scare the bejesus out of the other 26 moronic countries that signed up to the madness.

    If it doesn't, it might just mean that the plan is coming together. As we lose our identity, our economic and political powers, the United States of Europe emerges.

    As planned by Uncle Adolph in the thirties.


  3. Just what I needed to fire up my heckles, GV.

    Ireland made a lousy decision to vote Yes in its second referendum. Let's see if it compounds that decision by opting to stay within the Eurozone.

    All those 'concessions' the EU granted Ireland seem to have come to naught - there's a surprise. I wonder if the Irish now realise that they were sold down the river.

  4. A lap-dancing club, OR? I haven't noticed anyone stuffing wads of cash down my frontage - plenty of hands grabbing for my wallet though :-)

    It's recriminations all round now, Cap'n. There have been rumours for days that the EU is deliberately leaking about Ireland in order to destabilise the markets and force it to ask for a bail-out. No-one seems to think Cowen has the cojones to reject the demands. The Irish people themselves are strong though - perhaps they can persuade Cowen not to surrender the final tiny pieces of self rule.

    Yes, Fausty, all those 'promises' and concessions that were added to Lisbon to reassure the Irish - we said they were worthless at the time. If they go for a bail-out they'll be operating under the same strictures as Greece. AEP has another good, biting article today:


    (I see you've already commented :-) )


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