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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

PMQs: Verdict

Cameron paid tribute to Guardsman Christopher Davies, 1st Battalion Irish Guards, who lost his life in Helmand Province last week.

Miliband divided his six questions into two parts; the first three questioned the withdrawal of funding from the Schools Sports Partnership and the next three dealt with the disclosure of banks' salaries and bonuses over £1m.   Cameron effectively said that throwing lots of money at a problem doesn't improve it, something he should take on board re bank bail-outs/the EU.  In answer to the final three questions, Cameron said he was waiting for a general consensus in Europe (!) so no acquiescing there.

He shows no sign of easing off on a pedestrian Miliband.  To the contrary, he seems to be enjoying slapping him down as hard and as often as possible.  He'd better be careful, Labour are three points ahead in the polls (can you believe it!?) and his approach could do him no favours.

He began with a joke in response to Miliband thanking him for a present for his son, Samuel.  "I know what it's like," said Cameron, "the noise, the mess, the chaos, trying to get the children to shut up.  I'm sure it's very good to have two weeks away from it all."

Burnham heckled from the Opposition front bench and was admonished by Squeaker Bercow while a slightly dishevelled Harman nodded and taunted Cameron & Co.   Frankly, I'm not very interested in what Miliband and his fellow travellers have to say at any time.   Clegg was there, not that you'd notice really.  He looked even gloomier than last week, possibly because he's been warned against riding his bicycle in the streets of London due to possible 'throwing of objects' by protesting students.

Did your MP ask a question?
Michael Connarty, Lab, Linlithgow & East Falkirk; David Tredinnick, Con, Bosworth;  Jackie Doyle-Price, Con, Thurrock;  Russell Brown, Lab, Dumfries & Galloway;  Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Con, The Cotswolds;  Jim Sheridan, Lab, Paisley & Renfrewshire North;  Bill Cash, Con, Stone;  Mike Crockart, LibDem, Edinburgh West;  Jeffrey Donaldson, DUP, Lagan Valley;  Julian Huppert, LibDem, Cambridge;   Yasmin Qureshi, Lab, Bolton South East;  Gavin Williamson, Con, South Staffordshire [ruled out of order];  Denis Skinner, Lab, Bolsover;  Jonathan Lord, Con, Woking;  Elfyn LLwyd,  Plaid Cymru, Dwyfor Meirionnydd;  Charlie Elphicke, Con, Dover;  Luciana Berger, Lab, Liverpool Wavertree;  Eric Ollerenshaw, Con, Lancaster & Fleetwood;  William Bain, Lab, Glasgow North East;  Mark Pawsey, Con, Rugby;  George Howarth, Lab, Knowsley;  Mark Spencer, Con, Sherwood;  Sian James, Lab, Swansea East; Andrew Bingham,  Con, High Peak;  Yvonne Fovargue, Lab, Makerfield.

Questions asked:
Tips as a component of the minimum wage; removal of protesters in Parliament Square;  bail-outs/G20/budget deficit.  Immigration; the Irish bail-out; quangos; kow-towing to the EU and not repatriating powers; growing moustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer; PTSD in the Armed Forces;  benefits of student immigration;  sports funding for schools;  bullying in the workplace [ruled out of order]; EU and non-EU immigration (Turkey);  Len McCluskey/"no such thing as an irresponsible strike";  PTSD & homelessness amongst ex-Armed Forces;  the 50p tax rate;  student tuition fees;  children's charities in Nigeria;   disability living allowance;  local authority house building;  pupil premium/educational maintenance allowance;  funding of charities by local authorities;  closure of  Identity & Passport Information Office in Swansea ;  the High Peak bypass;  the collapse of Farepak.

Cameron - Miliband

Video from MegaSpliffster who also has a ten minute clip of Labour's Chuka Ummuna (MP for Streatham) trying to be too clever by half as he questions Osborne at the Treasury Select Committee.

Here's The Daily Politics which incorporates PMQs or it will be available shortly here without the chat.  Both are on BBC iPlayer and can only be viewed if you're in the UK.


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