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Monday, 8 November 2010

Standing Shoulder To Shoulder

The old meaning of the phrase 'standing shoulder to shoulder' seems to have changed, in England at least.  I used to think it meant people helping or supporting each other through difficult circumstances but according to leaked EU documents  it just means packing people in like sardines and standing room only.
Up to 20,000 information technology workers a year are to be handed British work permits as part of a deal between Brussels and India ... Under the pact, Britain would be expected to accept 20,000 workers, while German would take 7,000 and France 3,000.
Cameron delivers his latest 'pledge'

It hardly squares up with Cameron's promise to cap immigration to 'the tens of thousands' and also seems at odds with Duncan-Smith's work-for-welfare reforms which the government says are 'to build the confidence of the unemployed and restore their self-esteem' in order to get them back into work.
MigrationWatch chairman Sir Andrew Green said: ‘This looks suspiciously like a side-door to Britain for 20,000 Indian IT workers every year.   ‘It is even more astonishing coming at a time when British IT workers are finding it increasingly difficult to find employment and there is a 17 per cent unemployment rate among computer science graduates.  It is time to end the secrecy and for the Government to come clean with what is going on and what, if any, safeguards are being put in place.’
I think we all know the answer to that one.  None.

Part of the problem has been the steady decline of our state education system which has seen barely literate or numerate children leave school with no sense of direction and an inability to compete for jobs.  Large-scale manufacturing industry is either foreign-owned or already gone abroad where costs are cheaper and there's little in the way of red tape.  I'd like to see how India, Brazil or China's manufacturing sectors would compete if they were shackled by the chains of EU bureacracy and the Human Rights Act.

In other news Cameron has said the government will 'tear up agreements' and begin the deportation of foreign national criminals.  That will be a cold day in hell.  If he truly believed it was possible he'd make a start on these people by withdrawing their British passports and citizenship, but he can't.  He can't even deprive Abu Hamza of his and he can't extradite him to face charges in America either.  What the hell can they do?

How many times must we be told that there will be no referendum on the EU?
On Wednesday, MPs will be asked to approve revisions to the Lisbon treaty that will enable the EU to oversee the budgets of member states.
And on Thursday Hague will introduce his European Union Bill (I won't be around for either of these main events but there's a link to Live Parliament in the sidebar for those who want to watch them).

As if to prove that the new boss is only the old boss in a better fitting suit, the coalition wants to carry out another Labour policy and grab our bank details.
The Government is to change the law to require the banks and private companies to hand over details of earnings by millions on out-of-work benefits and tax credits.  The scheme will eventually be extended to cover all people in work.
What a mess.  What a shower of self-serving, manipulative deceivers.  Surely nobody can continue to vote for the Lib/Lab/Con con, although, having said that, with the next General Election not scheduled until 2015, there's a lot more damage that can be done in the meantime.  It's time to turn out in force at every local by-election and vote UKIP/BNP/English Democrat/Independent - anything but the Lib/Lab/Con.

UPDATE:  Sir Andrew Green has an article  at Conservative Home and the comments also make interesting reading.


  1. Very well put Iv been saying in comments about UK immigration that when the government closes one door they open two others.
    What has passed under the radar in the last few weeks is these Indian IT workers were given UK Visa by the EU.
    No body seem to care any more an item about X Factor will have over 1000 comments yet immigration 30.
    Lets face it the truth is the UK no longer exists as an independent country.
    The Tories bluffed while in opposition about how bad the EU was but as soon as they got power the became EU window lickers.
    Just look at Cameron in China reminds me of some sort of snake-oil salesman.

  2. Hi anon, I find it interesting that before the GE Hague & Cameron spoke a great deal about increasing UK relations with India/China etc and now we know it was only because it was already in the general EU policy pipeline.

    Conservative activists/grassroots aren't too thrilled with him moving to the left and it could lead to a split. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will but I still think the coalition was deliberately engineered via the drip-drip of soundbites and msm 'analysis' for months before the GE.

    Everything is linked: immigration, unemployment, cost of welfare, education, high level of taxation on the taxpayer, pressure on NHS and infrastructure. All unsustainable at current levels. I see a committee of MPs has 'warned' rail commuters that overcrowding will become intolerable - I suppose that's why they cling to their own travel perks and chauffeur-driven cars.


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