"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday Round-up

Poll: 57% of Irish people say 'Default!' "...it was learned last night that the Irish delegation negotiating with the EU-IMF last week raised the issue of default. "The Europeans went completely mad," a senior government source said...The ECB f**ked us."
Fury as EU nationalises Bank of Ireland "Ireland will also have to provide part of the bail-out funding itself from its National Pension Reserve Fund and will have to pay interest on the loan of above 6%, higher than Greece's 5.2% average interest rate."
Q & A analysis of the eurozone dominos "Reports have suggested that the European Commission is pushing hard for Portugal to follow Ireland and ask for a bailout. Portugal has denied this, but then so did Greece and Ireland. Belgium's problems, however, have taken the markets by surprise, with Citigroup predicting a bailout – along with Italy and Spain – next year."
Minimum pricing for alcohol comes a step closer Ministers are also to review the duty paid on beer, with a view to creating a new higher tax "bracket" for super-strength brews.
Defence cuts trigger army resignations Colonel quits and "... it is understood that two highly respected Brigadiers, one of whom also served with the Special Forces, are considering their positions. Senior officers have warned that many more high calibre officers are expected to resign in the coming months "
Housing benefits cuts postponed "It is understood senior Liberal Democrat members of the Coalition demanded the concessions to avoid the possibility of protests next April, which could have fuelled a damaging political row just before the May local elections."
Fewer public sector jobs to be cut Higher tax returns and better than expected growth mean we can keep the stasi bin spies and multi-culti diversity & gender equality bods.
1bn people to lose their homes; 3bn to lose clean water "Devastating changes to sea levels, rainfall, water supplies, weather systems and crop yields are increasingly likely before the end of the century, scientists will warn tomorrow."
Cameron: UK will go it alone "Britain's efforts to tackle climate change by pursuing a green economy must not be downgraded because of spending cuts and austerity...Britain is prepared to act unilaterally against climate change, setting a shining example domestically for other countries to follow."
MP threatens constituent with legal action over expenses' comments Anti-censorship campaigners criticised the MP for adopting a heavy-handed approach and accused him of attempting to stifle democracy and free speech.
Govt runs up record parking fines "Penalties average more than £1,000 a month, despite the PM's edict that departments should switch to public transport as much as possible. In the first six months of the coalition, the bill came to almost £7,400..." Taxpayer foots the bill.
Whitehall continues to hire 'motivational' speakers The Home Office talk took place in October 2009, while Labour was still in power. However, the practice of bringing in celebrity motivational speakers to address civil servants has continued under the Coalition.
Breathe properly, stand up straight Officials and diplomats from the FCO attended courses at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art...The RADA course was originally a two-year contract running from February 2008 to February 2010. In November 2009, under the previous Government, the FCO extended the contract to February 2011.
Warning: Baby at work Workplaces should offer mothers private rooms where they can breastfeed their babies or express milk for them, ministers will urge this week...new mothers should be given more flexible breaks to help them express and breastfeed and fridges in which to store bottles.
Ranting, foul-mouthed, scummy politicians & their back-room deals Another day, another book exposing 'pillars of the community'. Sarkozy: "F@ck the British"; “The English are the big losers.” Ain't that the truth, how's that shared defence policy coming along?
Fast food chains advise govt on healthy eating In response to the Government's decision to work with fast-food chains, supermarkets and food and drink companies of public health policy, an editorial in The Lancet said: "That the companies who have profited the most from the epidemics of obesity and alcohol misuse should now be responsible for setting the agenda on public health simply beggars belief."
LibDems in peerages for perks scam Raj Loomba's links with Lord Dholakia.
Spanish bank wants British homeThe first the couple knew of the bank’s move against their home was when an interim charging order – a first step towards a possible forced sale – was posted to them by a county court. They have been told they cannot appeal against the order in the UK. European law allows them to challenge it only in a Spanish court, which they cannot afford to do.
2nd-home owners face council tax hike
Campaign to save St Athan
Portugal warns against EU/CET time change

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