"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Friday, 17 December 2010

The Good Old Days

Back in the good old days of a Labour government blogging was easy - everything they touched, said or did turned to dross; the ministers were unremittingly thick so blogging was easy and ridicule came naturally  Four or five posts a day on the latests policy pronouncements wasn't unusual.

Fast forward to the LibServative coalition and 7/8 months in I find I'm in a quagmire Labour would have been proud to equal.  I despise Clegg and hold Cameron in contempt.  Perhaps now, having seen the mash-up of policies and the wholesale ditching of manifesto 'pledges', people will see the pitfalls of coalitiion government and realise that the only ones who are "all in this together" are the three main parties.

I've been asking myself if there'll ever come a point where factions from different political spectrums and none will come together to protest on the streets as the voice of all the people, not just the SWP types.  Major constitutional changes to our country are being made and they affect each and every one of us regardless of political leanings.

Here's a sample of this morning's newspapers, each of which deserves a post in its own right but there just aren't the hours in the day and I'd find myself in a constant state of apoplexy if I tried:

A seriously deluded piece by Peter Oborne  "From now on, the focus will be on David Cameron, and it is the Tory leader who will be obliged to surrender his honour and his integrity on the altar of coalition government, and all the messy compromises it involves. It is he who will be forced to look shifty and dishonest, and brave the same charges of treachery and indecision that Clegg has already endured."  Too late, he already looks shifty & dishonest and the charges are already at his feet.
English students to pay higher fees at Scottish Universities   " Under the Edinburgh plans, Scottish students and students from other EU countries would still have all their tuition fees paid by the state. But English students could be charged more, in part in an attempt to address a deepening funding gap at Scottish universities."   England is a country and must have its own voice in any Parliament.  Scottish, Welsh and N.Irish MPs must not be allowed a vote on matters relating solely to England.
Fuel rationing   "...the Government confirmed that the situation could become “very serious,” with some households already facing waits of up to four weeks before they can receive supplies....Across the United Kingdom, a number of public bodies, including rural schools and hospitals, also depend on oil for heat."  And with petrol at £1.22+  and diesel at £1.26+ per litre this is a sign of a feckless government.
EU seeks closer ties to USA  "Ashton proposes that where European and American interests or policies diverge on certain issues, the EU should repackage its aims to make them more attractive to Washington, for example on climate change or on relations between the EU and Nato."  The farce of the EU has gone on long enough.  Ashton is nothing more than a quango queen who has never been elected by the people to any position at any time.
The IFS warns on child poverty  "In the next three years the IFS says average incomes are forecast to stagnate and this, coupled with deep cuts in welfare, will see a rise in relative poverty for children and working-age adults of 800,000 and a rise in absolute poverty for the same group of 900,000."  This is the think tank George Osborne described as 'independent' and 'much-respected'.
Pantomimes ruined by cultural change  " 'It's a bit biased against foreign students really,' said one audience member."  Oh, no it isn't.

And that's before we get to the Daily Mail with its daily diet of scum-related stories:

Why was she charged with manslaughter rather than murder?  "Witnesses heard her shouting ‘dickhead’ and ‘**** you’ as the kicks went in.".
92yr old targeted  "A 92-year-old World War II hero has been left unable to walk or talk after suffering a stroke when thieves broke into his home and stole his Christmas presents."
82yr old targeted "A grandmother died after a group of drunken thugs shoved her to the ground - and mugged her for just £2.20."
69yr old targeted  "An ex-serviceman wearing an RAF jacket was attacked by thugs who shouted at him 'Bomb the soldiers! Death to the soldiers!'  The 69-year-old was punched and headbutted by two Asian or mixed-race attackers who spotted him in military uniform."
ECHR promise bites Cameron  ‘No wonder asylum seekers are queuing up at the borders to get in when they see decisions like this.  They realise that whatever they do, be it burglar, rape or murder, they can use the laws to ensure they are able to stay in Britain. ‘The immigration judges have ruled he had a right to a family life.  What about my right to a family life with my daughter?   That was taken away in the most horrendously cruel fashion by a serial criminal who has never contributed to our society.’

Is there any wonder?


  1. Keep up the drip, drip, drip of blogging. It is working. Add Wikileaks into the mix and even the thickest of sheeples might wake up.

  2. Only two groups are organised to carry out protests, the SWP/UAF left. who are cukoos within the establisment and the EDL. Unless the EDL start focusing on other issues, it will be the left calling the shots come revolution day.

    It's time to get organised to stop the hard left; I can feel a project coming on... vendetta

  3. You're right, there is something in the air, OR. The last I heard the Met wanted to ban student marches and instead kettle them all in one area. I think we'll be seeing more tazers and more French 'flash balls' before too long, despite May's pronouncement on water cannon.

    Hi RFB, I agree - the left are in all our institutions now via CP/EU placings and so-called liberalism, which is anything but, pervades government. By the time the silent majority take to the streets we'll have water cannon in situ and policemen kitted out like continental robocops. These students are today's 'useful idiots' - helping to bring in more repressive laws against the majority that they say they fight against. It's time they looked around. And, yes, it's time to get organised. Countryside Alliance did it, SWP and anarchists do it, so why not EDL or the rest of us?

  4. "Oh, no it isn't."


    Ta for that one. I read it on dead tree and thought "WTF??"


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