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Thursday, 16 December 2010

The LibDems & The In/Out Referendum

Open Europe has  a cable which shows the LibDems for what they are: unprincipled and opportunistic sleazeballs.
As Clegg sought to explain it to the public, the real issue for his intensely pro-Europe rank-and-file was not the Lisbon Treaty itself, but confirming UK membership in the EU once and for all. The Lib Dem official position therefore was to propose an alternate "in or out" referendum on whether the UK should remain in the EU, and abstain on the competing Conservative motion to hold a referendum on just the Treaty itself.

Who said the following just before the 2005 GE?
"The real reason, of course, why the government does not want to hold a referendum is the fear that it may lose... Nothing will do more damage to the pro-European movement than giving room to the suspicion that we have something to hide, that we do not have the 'cojones' to carry out our argument to the people."
Yes, it was Clegg and now that he's in bed with Cameron, another one with no cojones, the possibility of a referendum looks ever more remote.

Q. When will a treaty change not trigger referenda?
A. When it's 'limited' treaty change

Dan Hannan calls it "a Heaven-sent opportunity to walk away with a major set of concessions."
"So what will we ask for? Depressingly, it seems we have no bottom line. The only concrete request in the Coalition Agreement [is]that the scope of the 48-hour maximum working week be reduced. Yet our Brussels officials are too timid – or too committed to deeper integration – to push even for this paltry trophy."


  1. On my way to Tesco Metro this evening I popped into my nearest pub for a stiff whisky; I don't like that pub, it's new build in a shopping precenct and entirely devoid of character.
    It's very 'blokey' and not the sort of place where you would find single ladies or engage in conversation about politics but, to my surprise, there was a petition prominently on display on the bar "We demand the right to a referendum about staying in or withdrawing from the EU".

    I added my name and details to the dozen or do already on it.

  2. That's good let's hope it spreads. All three parties promised an in/out referendum and all three have reneged. I think more people are beginning to look around and question who our 'representatives' are actually representing.


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