"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Mon Dieu! The Price Of The Olympics

  • Officially conducted in French with English as a second language.
  • Related billboards in the Capital to be in French.
  • The Union Flag 4th/5th in precedence throughout the Capital.
  • Ceremonial appearance of HM Queen with guaranteed meetings.
  • "Behaviour modification" of residents, public and businesses.
  • 40,000 hotel rooms.
  • 700 dedicated cars and chauffeurs.
  • 400 pool cars and drivers.
  • The protection of corporate sponsors (see below).
"...draconian powers to protect sponsors such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds, from "ambush marketing" by rivals. London is required to prevent spectators from "wearing clothes or accessories with commercial messages other than the manufacturer's brand name." This would ban them from wearing football clubs' replica strips, which usually carry the name of the club's sponsor.

Games organisers must "attempt to confiscate any infringing ambush material" from spectators, although there are warnings against being "overzealous". The city authorities must also "obtain control of all billboard advertising, city transport advertising, airport advertising etc for the duration of the games and the month preceding." Olympic "brand protection teams" must "confront violators" and "conduct surveillance" across London. Police and customs officers must enforce sponsorship rules.

Britain has complied by passing an Act of Parliament which makes "ambush marketing" at the games a criminal offence and gives officials power to enter homes and seize "infringing material".
You'd better hide that football shirt or baseball cap under the bed then.  There's no specific reference to the zil lanes but they probably fall under  the behaviour modification of residents.  Was it really necessary to acquiesce to these demands in order to have the privilege of throwing billions at this event - an event that has left previous hosts in debt for years to come.



  1. Orwell, your prophesies fulfilled many times over. real students would protest these draconian measures, not their own selfish agenda.

  2. I am ashamed that a British government would agree to measures which place the interest of their own citizens behind those of international corporate fat cats and shady people making deals in darkened rooms. These measures are indeed draconian, but they also demonstrate the contempt the government has for the people of this country. These measures are more suited to China than a country which calls itself free. I object to the whole rotten enterprise, and to the way government treats its people.

  3. However wrong-headed the students might be, OR, and despite some admitting that they don't fully understand the issues (!) at least they are protesting. That they've been hi-jacked by the Left is undeniable but the Left is a student's natural home. At least they're having a taste of policing - though not yet on the scale of the Countryside Alliance protests.

    Welcome, Mrs P, and thank you for that - it's spot on. I recall businesses in the area being compulsorily purchased at knock-down prices in order to make way for the Olympic Village. I think those people would agree with you too. As OR says above, these are the things we should all be protesting about, not the misunderstood finer points of tuition fees.

  4. GV I tried to explain to my nearest and dearest that all the rumbling on the street was Foundation sponsored trawling for leaders. Kind of like defacing cricket creases and then appearing as a minister of HMG decades later. I was told to get on with the real work of arranging the Christmas lights just so.

    The banksters want leaders to guide us through this coming theivery and starvation, http://www.reuters.com/article/idUS74323412520101209?pageNumber=1, look at all those Foundation sponsored NGOs and not for profits. A boybitch and bitchboy RICO fest paid for by the banksters' largesse with our money. I notice the Jaguar worshipping fuppet can't put a coherent sentence together.

    As the gentlewoman from Barchester noted it is very ChiComm out there and very soon they'll be under our sheets checking on the issue of our juxtapositioning of pleasurable organs.


  5. It seems that the authorities will do ANYTHING to get the games, and of course having done that will fall over backwards to ensure that big business, friend of both the London Conservative government and the English Labour government of the time should have more rights than Londoners/Englishmen.

    Of course most students (apart from the Cameron/Clegg/Osborne, Oxford/Cambridge elite) won’t be able to afford tickets to the games, but I think that you may underestimate them OR. I have a feeling that they, like me will obtain Pepsi T shirts and wear them round London just to see if we get arrested.

    I imagine that some entrepreneurial figure will already be planning such t shirts (although he’s probably Lithuanian).

    I expect that, forgetful of the shock and horror expressed by London when all the beggars were rounded up in Beijing, the same thing will happen there.

    So every single one of us, even in the countries of the UK that have absolutely no interest in the Olympics, are paying for this, and all so that UK citizens can be treated even more crapply than they usually are.

    Julian Assange for KING.

  6. GV: I suspect that in every issue there has ever been, there are people who don't understand the finer points before acting.

    Can we assume, for example that all our MPs who vote in parliament have understanding of what they are voting about? Many don't even know the subject; they simply turn up on the division bell to vote they way they were told in the whip. Sometimes, I'm told so drunk they have to be pushed into the right lobby.

  7. I thought this was a piece of satire GV until I realised it was fact. OR is on the right lines. the students should be protesting about this because, if freedoms are so curtailed during the Olympics, then there is no doubt they will be curtailed far more frequently for more and more events.

  8. Yee, there's no getting away from it, Incoming - all roads lead to RICO. As a small example, look at Byers, Hoon & Caborn - they've committed a "serious" breach of parliamentary rules but have only had to hand in their Commons passes and apologise to the House. When it comes to our 'great & good' there's no such thing as just desserts.

    I've already read about plans to 'tidy up' London's homeless, Tris - and let's not forget last week in the HoC when Camereon confirmed that the protesters would be removed from outside Parliament in time for the Games.

    Btw, it was Ken Livingstone's labour council that agreed the terms, not Conservatives, so labour dropped us in it twice.

    And, yes, they vote like sheep - just lobby fodder for the Whips. Not one of them seems to have a conscience once they're elected to Parliament. If more of them actually scrutinised the legislation it wouldn't have been so badly drafted and open to abuse against the people it's supposed to 'protect'. I wish they'd all just go away.

  9. Yes, you're right SR. It all sets a precedent. Once tptb see how quickly we all fall into line it won't be long before they do it again under another pretext. We're being conditioned. Baaa-aaa.

  10. I never wanted this shite in London. Then again, I never gave my consent to mass immigration, Eunification or flawless wars... nothing changes, it just gets worse!

  11. No-one I know gave consent either, Jack, but somehow the deceivers are elected just the same. It's been another bad news day today - think I might take tomorrow off and go for a walk in the park & feed the ducks or something.

  12. Another good reason to be pleased that I left London a couple of decades ago and I don't watch telly so will be able to largely ignore the Olympics.
    The French have lost the competion to become top world language so It is only to be expected that they insist upon keeping the wooden spoon of being the Official Olympics language even if fewer and fewer people actually speak it outside of France.

  13. The thing about the language is that there have been exceptions when countries objected. I heard on the radio that Los Angeles was one and Vancouver complained because there ws too much English and not enough French! I'm not so bothered about the language though - it's the flags and the corporate protection together with what they call 'behaviour modification'. That's what I don't like :-(


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