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Monday, 6 December 2010


I've been looking through old bookmarks about EU institutions and programmes.  It's amazing how many .pdfs are 'no longer available' ; some have even had their originating site taken down and replaced (eg eu-watch, which was once a very good website offering critical analysis of the EU's policies, has been replaced by a pro-EU climate change group).

One project which is still very much ongoing is INDECT, it was last updated two weeks ago.
"...construction of agents assigned to continuous and automatic monitoring of public resources such as: web sites, discussion forums, usenet groups, file servers, p2p networks as well as individual computer systems, building an Internet based intelligence gathering system, both active and passive..."
This is a leaked presentational video about the project.  It was meant to be shown only amongst those who have our best interests at heart and not to the citizens they wish to keep safe and secure.

The computer sciences department of the University of York is providing the UK's contribution by aiding in certain aspects of the programme.  In common with the majority of projects many member states comprise the tentacles of this EU octopus - forever intertwined and almost impossible to separate.  (Another example HERE).

In related news, senior police officers from across the EU are attending a five-day training seminar organised by CEPOL, the European Police College at Bramshill which  "failed to meet EU accounting standards" earlier this year.
CEPOL's mission is to bring together senior police officers from police forces in Europe - essentially to support the development of a network - and encourage cross-border cooperation in the fight against crime, public security and law and order by organising training activities and research findings.
And here's SIRENE. You have to wonder why all these security checks, surveillance and monitoring techniques are needed within an area which describes itself as a "Europe without internal borders".


  1. It will get ever worse, I'm afraid, GV.

  2. I think that's right, OR. It has to get worse before more people will see what's going on.

  3. You are waaay behind the times if this is the first you've seen *that* video.


    I found out about it over a year ago.

    What is worse, the head of INDECT's "Ethics Board" - and I use that term loosely - is a Deputy Chief Constable with the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

    Oh, and when they thought that CCTV on every street corner wasn't sufficient, they contracted a few Israeli defence companies to look at drone technology.

    Brian McNeil.

  4. Smartarse. It was leaked in February and the purpose of the post is to draw attention to something others might not be aware of. People are becoming more inquisitive as time goes on so repetition does no harm. Check out the tag 'indect'.

  5. It's also a good example of how universities and other higher education institutes are bankrolled and co-opted to work for Brussels.

  6. Yes, it is, TT - hence my problem with the current student protests. The EU's ideology has infiltrated all of our schools via Common Purpose/Third Way/ Communitarianism and it will take generations to correct.


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